Monday, January 30, 2012

Traveling in Style!

Usually when I go traveling by car, I’ll take either the Bernina, the Janome or the Featherweight. It depends what kind of work I'm doing -- whether I'm string piecing, paper piecing, precision piecing, or just crumbing along. Is the project big or small? I choose whichever accommodates the project, and what fits the amount of time I think I'll have to actually sew in the hotel room.

One of the hard things with hotel rooms is sewing surfaces ---usually desktop work stations are set up for laptop work, and by the time you put the machine on top of the desk, the chair won’t raise high enough for you to sit comfortably at the machine --- and you find yourself wearing your shoulders up to your ears….this is NOT GOOD!

In the past when DRIVING I’ve taken my Sew Ezi table and set up..putting the machine at perfect height and pieced myself into oblivion while watching reruns of NCIS and loving it.

Remember THIS POST on “Hotel Quilting” from a trip to Chatanooga, Tennesse? It was tight quarters, but I made it work!

And THIS POST from a trip to Alabama shows the BEST quilting room in a hotel I ever had! We could have had a whole retreat in here!

I’ve bought sew-ezi inserts for both the Bernina and the Janome --- but I was wondering what I could do to take the Blue Wizard with me this time.

It won’t fit the cut out area. It sets down too low….but….what if I leave it in its extension table…and just pop out the wooden knob legs?

vintagemachines 002

The machine is in its table…the table rests on top of the opening in the Sew Ezi. The sewing height is perfect…and I’m a happy camper!

If I put some of that rubber "waffle weave" shelf liner between the wood table and the sew ezi surface, nothing slides or slips....it's steady.

At this point, I think all systems are go for my trip up to PA and MD!

I need to spend some time today and tomorrow kitting some stuff up. I’m not sure what I want to do on the borders for MIdnight Flight, but I can grab the stuff I need for Floribunda and finally make a dent in that --- AND. It would be pretty easy to kit up the fabrics I need to make a “Brother’s Choice” version of Sister’s choice – that’s been on the drawing board for a while now.

I’m pumped…road trip with a machine! Stops at antique malls ---just do me a favor and keep the weather mild!

PS – if you have a question on the wooden table, I ordered them a long time ago on Ebay from a guy who we’ve been unable to reach. I was told he may have passed away, so I don’t have any further info on the extension tables for these vintage babies. I was lucky enough to get one for a full size machine, like the one above….and one for a 3/4 size machine, like my Singer Spartan ((Which really also should be let out to sew a bit too!)). There might be someone else making them, but I don’t have the info.


  1. If my husband saw it he could copy it. I think any good woodworker could so that is always an option.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM EST

    Great idea! I'm wondering, though, if the machine table needs to be secured in some way. When I sew with my machine on my kitchen table, somehow it seems to travel across the table (I guess it's the vibration). So I'm hoping your Blue Wizard won't travel and fall. That would be a tragedy!

    Diane D.

  3. have fun on your trip. I have a sew ezi table as well and I have the cut outs for my featheweight and the Janome. The only problem I have is that the featherweight doesn't set level to the table and I'm not ordering all those little things to make it level - too much work, you have to take the whole table apart. I have found that if I stack a certain amount of quilting books under the featherweight and then a piece of the waffle weave it comes up to the correct level area.

  4. I love my SewEzi table. I have two inserts for machines and the solid surface insert to convert it to a table. My SewEzi table is my sewing table now that we have down-sized. I was excited to find the vendors at the Road to California show this month and guess what???? They now offer a solid surface extension table that will butt right up to the SewEzi. It is exactly what I need to create a better sewing area so I ordered it immediately. It also has the wheels and sturdy carrying case. Just thought you would want to know.

  5. Bonnie, I just got your latest book and love it! There are 3 I want to start right now. I'm also dreaming of Cheddar Bow-ties and Floribunda. But, I can't seem to find Floribunda. Is there a link somewhere?

  6. Where there's a will there's a way....and quilter's are good at figuring things out. Have a safe trip and have fun.

  7. Anonymous7:33 PM EST

    Bonnie: Have you seen the new 160th anniversary singer that is modeled after the 221? It is a beaut.

  8. Anonymous8:17 PM EST

    Or, you could start your birthday quilt!

  9. So I'm reading your post, and I head over to the link of the hotel room that was huge, and what is on that post, but the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake Bars! Holy Cow! They look awesome, and I got so caught up in the recipe copying that I totally forgot to keep scrolling to see the hotel room pics! HA! My brain is on foodie stuff....always! lol

    1. LOL ... great minds (or stomachs) run in the same direction! I did the exact same thing ;-)

  10. I bought one of those wooden tables for my Featherweight. He had to make me another one as it did not fit. I think he ended up not making anymore because the sizes were off and he was loosing $$ big time. But the one I have is great!
    XOXOXO Subee


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