Monday, July 25, 2011

From Small To Tiny!!

How small do YOU consider as TOO SMALL!

I was working away on my border section for my hexagon medallion during show and tell-- before my lecture on Friday night…and one of the quilters in front of me held out her hand, uncurled her fingers around what she was holding, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

She handed me that tiny little hexagon rosette sitting there next to my thimble. And then she showed me the whole piece she had been working on.

The one thing she said that she had to pay attention to was SCALE…the fabrics really can’t have the design spread way far apart, and the size of the motifs has to be fairly small or all 6 petals around the center will look too different from each other.

I love how she's fussy cut the yellow centers to include those tulips! PRECIOUS!

Don’t they make my hexies look HUMONGOUS?!

stormlakeIA2011 051

And mine are 3/4” per side…fairly on the small side!

stormlakeIA2011 119

I know THIS doesn’t look like much….but it’s the bottom edge…..((But guess what? I just counted and this much is 126 hexes!! Oy! So far to go yet!)) There is a row of Red units that will go up the side too, It’s been weird figuring this out because things don’t always turn corners the way you want them to…so I balanced it out in the centers of the borders..and let the ends fall where they may, thanks to the inspiration from antique mosaic quilts.

stormlakeIA2011 120

There is just going to be a whole LOT of neutral hexies that will be filling in big open areas. But I think the quilt needs that space to balance out how busy the center is. Neutral hexies…hundreds of them…guess what I’ll be working on all the way to Alaska and back?!

I’ve spent the day catching up on stuff…The pet sitter Deby came by, and she and Sadie got along famously. She’ll take care of the cats, bring in the mail, water my ONE plant…..and this is a huge load off my mind!

Renting a car in Alaska costs an arm and a leg! But it’s a trip of a life time. Same with hotels…I’m sure it will be “PRICELESS” in memory, but it sure hurts to book it!


  1. Hiya Bonnie!

    What do you use for your hexagons to stiffen them, paper or cardboard or plastic? I know there are some precut hex's you can buy---I was just wondering what you thought was the best kind (or do you make your own?) I have the makings of a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that was started 50+ years ago by a great aunt that I would like to finish, but the hexagons always scared me away! I am good at hand sewing though, so I think if I just get started on it, it'll come together easier than I expect!



  2. Leslie...check here: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2010/10/hexagon-tutorial.html I wrote about it earlier, including pictures!


  3. I think your hexie quilt when it's done will be my absolute favorite quilt you have made to date. ---hugs-- sandie

  4. I would really love to do this but till now I am a bit wary of all those paper hexes and then to remove them. Firstly I will have a hard time cutting so many.

  5. Wow her whole flower is as big as one of your hexies! Tiny, Tiny, Tiny is right! I am jealous of your road trip in Alaska. One day I will get there. One day!

  6. Oh you will love Alaska! My hubby and I took a 50 day RV caravan through Canada and Alaska four years ago. I could not stop exclaiming about all the water we saw. It is amazing! Be sure to take warm clothes. We wore sweatshirts and jeans most of the time, and it rained almost every day. The wildlife is wonderful too. We saw bison grazing right along the highway, and moose, deer, and bear. You will absolutely love it!

  7. Definitely small! Of course a small hexie means just a couple of stitches and you're on to the next one! Now there's a positive note. Better than thinking about how many of those babies you need to fill a quilt! It's so pretty. I love the fabrics.

  8. I love your Hexies Bonnie! I have been playing with them myself lately, and they are fun and addicting! I would love for you to come to my shop for a workshop, class, or lecture sometime!

  9. oh my - enjoy Alaska... and your hexies are fabulous!!

  10. Those are the tiniest hexies I have seen! My fingers would be tripping over each other trying to sew those little things--but I love them!
    I confess I have a hexie project I have been working on off and on (more off than on) for over 10, maybe 12 years. You, on the other hand, are making amazing progress on yours. Can't wait to see what you have done when you get back from Alaska.
    Enjoy the trip--sounds so fun.

  11. 'How small do YOU consider as TOO SMALL'??? I consider these gorgeous, but too small! LOL. As my eyesight starts to fade I have to conserve it for stuff I can see :-), but I do love hexies so I think they are very cute and I think yours will be awesome!

  12. We used to say Alaska has 4 seasons. June, July, August and winter. Then we said yes, we have warm summers. It gets to around 70 for 2 weeks. Water in the swimming lake rarely got over 50 or so degrees. But the best part is that it hardly ever gets dark so your days are LONG. We went to the drive in at midnight and sometimes had a hard time seeing it in June/July.

    With climate change it gets a little warmer. But layering is the way to go. There are a lot of biting bugs so take your favorite bug lotion. We used Army products due to the heavy duty nature of the mosquitoes. Try to get to the art and Native museums as possible. The art in AK is wonderful.

  13. Are these 1/4" hexes? Oh, my! I draw the line on anything smaller than my thumbnail! ;)

    Road trip to AK? Definitely this will be the trip of a lifetime.

  14. Oh, how I love the tiny ones. I'm working with some that are 1/2" on a side and that's small enough for me. I love the fussy cutting and will need to try that soon.

  15. They are lovely!!! I'm working on some 1/2-inch hexies with CW fabrics and thinking about trying 1/4-inch (The Sundae Quilters challenged me :o)

    Do you have to take your passport with you to Alaska? My inlaws did but maybe that's because they were on a cruise.

    Take care!

  16. I truly love my hexagon quilt.. I am FINALLY on the quilting process.. (by hand) which I love as well but at this point I kind of want it done now. I cannot imagine doing something with pieces so small. I hope it is a pot holder LOL. http://runtomomma.blogspot.com

  17. que bonita la combinación de los colores, me encantó! Saludos desde Argentina.

  18. Quilting Insanity...those are wonderful little hexies but I wouldn't be brave enough to attempt. Enjoy Alaska, I have a white on white wallhanging I took with me while cruising Glacier Bay, looking at it takes me right back to sitting on the ship hand quilting while enjoying the view.

  19. Have a great time in Alaska. One of our employees just returned. She said it was beautiful. They were on a cruise, though, and didn't get as much land time as she would have liked to have. The hexagons are beautiful!

  20. Alaska will be worth every penny. I spent 4 weeks there a few years ago and would go back again if I had the money/time.

  21. Oh those tiny hexies are just sooo cute. I love seeing your hexies grow. That is going to be just a show stopping quilt when it is all done.

  22. I buy my papers @ Paper pieces. com--they are the best with service and are friendly and helpful--now, I just bought a bunch of 3/4 in hexies for a project I am going to start (everything already cut) when I complete my baby quilt....those are small--however I love working with half inch--I am thinking those compared to yours are 1/4 inch? I have some but havent tried to play with them yet....how big are you going to mka4e your gorgeous *hood ornament*? is this the one that goes to Alaska and back :-)? *~*CAROLE*~*


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