Saturday, June 12, 2010

Those Elusive Spiderwebs!

I bet you thought I was never going to get around to posting these spiderweb quilts in progess! Well, it's only been a week...so here you go!

String Spiderweb Class NCQG 2010

The weather here in Maple Grove, MN has been quite rainy today, which didn't bother us a bit. We gathered at my Uncle's house where my mom, her siblings, and what cousins could joined for an indoor BBQ and lots of family reminiscing. When I come to MN, there is only one item that will do for BBQ...BRATWURST! My Aunt says her best way to cook them is to boil them to remove most of the fat and to cook them completely through...and then you put them on the grill until they are golden brown. OH YUM..they were so good!

This morning before the rain started I was able to get up early, put on my running shoes and go hit the greenbelt area that is around here. This is off the little bridge near my aunt's house.....what a peaceful morning!

This is the purple that greeted me on the pathway! I have no idea what it is, but it sure was vibrant and pretty!

The paved pathways wind through wooded areas, through wildflowers and trees, and I always look forward to coming here and spending time with the surrounding nature.

What's not to love about wooded shady paths, the sounds of birds, the smell of early summer in the air? (Even if it only was about 55 degrees when I was out there this morning! I passed several other walkers and runners (or they passed me) and there were bikers out there on the paths too. These paths go for miles!

At one point I crossed a bridge that went over the high way, and then down and into more woods on the other side.....there were power poles above, and I got a big kick out of this sign:

SENSATION OF STATIC ELECTRICITY!?? Well, I didn't feel anything, but it sure made me glad that I wasn't on a bike this morning! I did walk about 3.5 miles, and was ready for breakfast when I got back.

Tomorrow is my cousin's high school graduation...so it's been a fun family filled trip with lots of good memories as well as the more heart touching ones. We are all unwinding around here....my mom is popping popcorn (that was always her job, and she makes the best!) and we are settling in to watch the DVD of "HAIRSPRAY" with John Travolta. It's only fitting since we watched (and sang along!) to Mama Mia night before last!

Maybe I'll get some hand quilting done......or.....maybe not!


  1. Bonnie, your purple flower is purple vetch.


  2. I don't know what that purple stuff is either, but it's a weed and my yard here in Washington is full of it! But, since it has a lovely purple flower, it can stay....at least for now.

  3. Hi Bonnie, that lovely purple flower looks like what we call vetch here in the UK. one of my favourites even if some call it a weed in their gerden.

  4. When we lived away from "home" I always loved going home. It sounds like you have a wonderful family.

  5. I loved the purple spider webs. The landscape looks so blissfully peaceful!

  6. WELL ... I see I wasn't the only one who knew what vetch was! It is a member of the pea family. I have never seen it in a color other than purple.

    Maple Grove looks like a nice place to visit, off the ribbons of paved and high rise America.

  7. Bonnie, what a wonderful time you are having and I'm living through you. Family are wonderful. I don't have many left and feel the void terribly. We need to appreciate them while we have them and you are indeed doing that. ENJOY!

  8. Sounds like fun! Enjoy yourself. Oh, and thanks for how to cook the brats! My husband will appreciate that as he didn't do so well last time. :)

  9. I need to make exercise a habit like you do. You are inspiring me to get started on it...


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