Monday, October 15, 2007

Over Being Crabby!!

I had a fun phone call last evening from our Tazzie! It is always a delight to hear her voice. I don't know how Aussies feel about listening to American accents, but I am just enchanted with her Aussie one!

We were talking about the changes that our children go through when they hit those teenage years and go from sweet darlings to AUUUGHHHH! As we were laughing about this, I told her I needed to show her (or send her) the fabric that I used on the back of the latest string star quilt.

It's CRABS! I think this came from Fabric.com at some ridiculously low price and I was at the time charity quilt coordinator and was going to do children's quilts with it...but it just seemed to fit the crabby mood I was in this past week and so I used it to signify how even unpleasant experiences can be the catalyst needed to get those creative juices flowing again. How many of you find that you sew like a banshee and feel that creative frenzy when you are stressed? I know I do! The motions of cutting, ironing, playing with color, fabric, shapes, and designs is centering to my soul. Without my quilting time, I'm like Linus without his blanket!

So! As you can see...the string stars are quilted with baptist fans...the sleeve used up the last chunk of this bright huge dot fabric I had in the closet. The binding is on and ready to stitch down! I used red strips from the 1.5" strip bin in random lengths for the inner red border, and used more red strips in random lengths from the 2.5" strip bin for the binding.

I'm headed to Falls Church, VA on thursday do do a lecture/trunkshow and a class! I am so looking forward to this road trip. The weather has turned SO lovely, it finally feels like fall here in the Southeast. The quilt will come with me so that I can do the hand work in the evenings while gone. I've also got the crumby quilt that I made at Tonya's in January quilted and the binding is on it and in the sewing on process too. So you will get a pic of that one when it is complete upon my return.

Just remember, when life gets you crabby, don't get mad, get quilting!


  1. Fall Church is so nice... Are you doing the lecture, etc. for Quilter's Unlimited? Their show is so nice...

  2. Oh that crab fabric is so wonderful! Way too cute and perfect for your mood. I find when I get crabby I sew like a fiend also! It really gets me going! When I"m home and content and just happy I don't feel like doing anything - I just dink around!

    I really love that cheddar around those stars! And I LOVE those stars! Very beautiful!

  3. those fans look great on there and I love your crabby backing! can't wait to see the crumb quilt! great words to live by, don't get mad, get quilting!

  4. what a great material for the back! Now suited for any teenager, (and their parent) :-)

  5. arrrgh! At one time I lived in the Falls Church area, so near to where you will be, but now so far. Like about 2600 miles far. Have fun with the FC ladies.

    Your comment about quilting away the crabby feelings...isn't it so true! Mad, sad, glad--quilting is my therapy. I have heard it said that if quilts could only talk, the tales they could tell about the lives of the women who quilted them. Certainly, I have quilted my inner story into my quilts. I am thankful for this gift of quilting. --and for the means to keep up with it. AND for good quilting friends, both online and "fer real."


  6. It was fun chattering yesterday Bonnie. I did get into the sewing room yesterday, in fact I think I spent more time in there than in any other part of the house! That crab fabric is just super fun!

  7. I love the use of the random reds for the border and binding.
    Great quilt.

  8. Love that string star quilt and the crabby backing! The backing fabric really is cracking me up!

  9. I really love that strippy star quilt!! Any chance you will post the directions?

  10. Your work is so inspiring and beautiful!!!!!1

  11. I love the scrappy stars and your setting of them. I also love the back, I have some of that fabric. I think I bought it on one of my trips to Fabric Depot for their 40% off sale. Its original use was as one of the jars in my grandson's bug jar quilt (I figured there could be other things besides just bugs in those jars so I put in crabs, dragons, frogs and, my favorite, VW Beetles).

  12. Oops! forgot to say that I don't use quilting to get over being crabby - I do it to avoid getting that way! When this mom isn't quilting, ain't nobody happy!


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