Monday, August 08, 2005


Things here have gotten interesting!! My 15 yr old son Jeff has a friend who just graduated highschool. Cullen is the son of a single parent mother, and his mother just relocated (I think there is a boyfriend involved, and that is why Cullen was reluctant to go too..not sure yet) out of town. Cullen has a steady job here and wants to go into the military, so needs a temporary place to stay until he gets his ducks in a row. So...I now have an adoptee son added to the household! Cooking for 4 isn't any harder than cooking for 3, and he is a great kid and I'm glad to have him here. So is Jeff. I think he has missed having his big brother around since Jason moved out a few years ago. (Jason is 21, will be 22 in nov..)

My friend had an extra twin matress, so the massage table came down in what WAS the office/massage therapy room, and Cullen can have that room for as long as he needs it.

The Eureka part of this post is.......here I was knocking my head feeling like I couldn't get interested in another project, where did my steam go, etc? Guess what I discovered? It shouldn't be much of a revelation, but......I had been trimming and cutting scraps down, and there was this little pile of leftovers that weren't long enough to be strings, weren't big enough to be strips or squares, and I couldn't chuck them. Still, I'm talking SMALLER than 6" long and some really narrow stuff here. So....I cut some 4" foundation papers from the deli papers I use for string piecing, and I started piecing string blocks with them. They are so cute and will finish at only 3.5". I remembered a pic of an antique quilt that I had seen and tried using a comon fabric for down the center of the block. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY centered, and it looks more charming if it IS a bit off....but still, I think the pink that I chose is either a) too narrow, or b)too light? Any comments? I really didn't want to go BLACK or RED..it seems like red is a neutral in lots of my quilts as it is :)

So what was the Eureka lightbulb? I loved piecing on these because the pieces were already cut and I could do LIBERATED things with them....letting things be wonky. The problem with my mitre boxes blocks? I had to pull stash and cut 1.5" strips from YARDAGE! ACKKK! 4 strips for every two blocks....unfold, cut, refold, put away, pull new....matching fabrics and trying to get variety? Now I know why I love my scrap bins so much...it's all there, I just need to sit and sew! So what will happen to the mitre box blocks? I think I'll still keep them on a back burner. I'll cut strips for them from other things I am cutting, like when I am cutting bindings or borders etc...or trimmings from backings...I'll have a mitrebox strip bin and pretty soon I CAN just sit and sew without having to pull 4 pieces of yardage and cut for every 2 blocks. I think being a scrap quilter has spoiled me! I can sit and sew instantly if I am working with bits and snips.

I read a quote from another quilter that rings so true to me, and it IS a moment of realization. Jamie Wallen wrote:
"I came into quilting from a fine art background and the age-old curse of forgetting what you already know kicked in and held me prisoner for a minute (OK months). Then I remembered the rule I've always lived by, "If the train doesn't stop at your station, well then it's not your train."

I think alot of us want to quilt like "so and so" and try so hard to go in avenues that are just not our train!

Really arty abstract quilts are not my train. Baltimore applique is stunningly beautiful, but is not my train either. All are so beautiful to look at, but that isn't the music my instrument plays. Oh, how I love two fabric quilts....I love the blue and white, and the red and white....gorgeous...could I piece one? Kicking and screaming maybe! (maybe not!) I've got to have alot of different fabrics and colors and textures going in my fabrics (size and scale of print, geometrics, stripes) to keep my mind from going numb with boredom.

So the moral of the story is, if you find yourself stuck in a rut and can't find out WHY you can't get excited about that next project....maybe it just wasn't your train! Never fear, there'll be another one along in a bit that might just be perfect for you....I hope you enjoy the ride!


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Sunday, August 07, 2005

My baby sister Mary had her first baby this week! It's a girl! They named her Mackenzie Faith. What a sweetie! I put together these left over swap blocks into a little quilt and sent it off to her. Mary and I are "book ends". I am the oldest child of 8, and she is the youngest. We are 20 years apart. I got to be there with my mom when she was born. My infant daughter had passed away 5 months before, so being there for my baby sister was such a healing experience for me. Anyway! I am so proud of Mary and so happy for her and her hubby.  Posted by Picasa

Scrap Sorting...

It's been so hot! (yes, I've said this before and I'll say it again!) It kind of takes the wind out of wanting to sit and sew and work with an iron close at hand. So....I've spent time each day the past few days sorting through a bin of scraps that was kind of accumulating. Leftover strips of borders, and trimmings from quilt backings mostly. I've got them stripped down into different sizes of strips from 1.5" to 3.5" and put in their little individual bins, and I've got a handful of pieces to trim to either 2" or 2.5" squares. Sometimes when doing this, it gets my fuel going again so I have the desire to sit and sew with that hot iron!

It seems when people know I sew, and sew charity quilts, they are always bringing me THEIR cast offs to guild and sending them home with me. This is a mixed blessing! Sometimes (and I haven't figured this out yet) it is more fun to sew with someone else's cast offs than it is to sew with my own yardage! Maybe they sent me fabrics that I've never had in my collection before, or a different style or color than I am drawn to, and they add so much interest to my scrap quilts, even the easy ones I am donating. Alot of our charity quilts go to children, and I'm not drawn to buying brights and novelties, so when they come in, it is fun to sew with them.

Then there is that rule of "if it's still ugly, you just didn't cut it small enough"....I love log cabins made from 1.5" strips and EVERYTHING goes in there, and the uglies just either blend in or add a spark. Not much showing to identify a fabric is ugly by the time you take those seam allowances.

I set aside some full width of fabric 1.5" strips from these trimmings I've been doing to use in the mitre box blocks. I'm hoping I can get organized and get back to them. This week I have a quiz, a term paper, and a midterm practical exam. I think my brain is so frazzled that I am having a hard time concentrating on piecing. So this is where the whizzy whacking down of scraps at least fits the bill and accomplishes something for now!


Saturday, August 06, 2005

ARgh Again!

I think something is up with my website, because I can't get it to open. I can't get the webhost services homepage to open either, so maybe it's a universal thing with whoever has pages hosted by global space solutions? I tried to peek at my FTP files to see if everything was there....I can't get that to connect to the server either, but I did get mail to download. Something is fishy! This makes me feel rather panicky...Mhhhhmmmm! I think it's time I get one of those USB port data storage stick thingies. The good thing is, I have been with global space since 1997 and have NEVER had a problem with them. I'm hoping it's just weekend maintenance or installing new servers or SOMETHING *fingers crossed*

So...because of this, anything I have uploaded to my blog FROM my webserver is not showing up because they are stored there, not in blogspot. Lesson to be learned? Upload pics TO blogspot, not have them linked somewhere else. I"m sorry for the pictures that have gone awol, hopefully they will be back when my web server gets whatever maintenance they are doing done. (At least I hope that is what they are doing!!!) That also means I am missing side bar stuff like the sign my guestbook, view my guestbook, email me links...*sigh*


Friday, August 05, 2005

Comments, Guestbooks and noreply-comment@blogger.com

I had a lady sign a comment on my page....and because I have email notifications that someone has left a comment, her comment shows up in my email. In my haste, I reply to it, and only as it's sending do I realize that it will be gone with the wind because the address was noreply-comments@blogger.com Auuughhhh! (*&@#&(*&!

I wish blogger would tell you WHICH post they were commenting on when they send you this little notice. I had to scroll through everything on my blog trying to find which one she commented on. What if it was clear back in the archives?

So..I find her. I click on her name, and it tells me she has no page and no email address. I think she joined blogger just so she COULD comment? But how do I reach her back with answers to her questions? I posted a comment in reply to her comment, on a post I made long ago. I hope she can come back and find the answer :c)

It is easier for me to reply to someone who doesn't HAVE a blog if they just sign the guestbook because there is a place to put their email address if they want me to reply. I can't do telepathy. I don't know their email addresses unless they give them, and I can't send telepathic messages with the answers to their questions unless I have a way to reach them back.

Now that THAT is off my chest....I'm back to cleaning the quilting room. I bought a litle 5 drawer plastic cart thing at Sam's Club today. I put my overstock of cone thread for the quilting machine in it, and the top drawer has templates and gadgets and some idea books for the long arm as well. Can one ever have too many plastic organizer thingies? I don't think so!

A while ago someone had given me a box of thread because they thought it was what I would use in quilting. Now someone will shoot me because I just made room junking this stuff....it was HUGE HUGE HUGE industrial cones of WOOLY NYLON. Doesn't work with my kind of quilting! Oh, who knows, maybe it would in a pinch, but I don't think I want to hang on to it to find out. I need the room! Are the fiber-art police going to come arrest me? I need to condense, downsize, organize and shift things around in here. Besides that, it's just too darn hot!!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another week, Another exam!

Okay...for the second time I'm writing this! Take this lesson from me and do NOT back page while you are composing on blogger's composer page..you will lose EVERYTHING! :c/

I had an exam today in anatomy. Weeha, I only missed 3 and the ones I missed were what I consider trick questions. Don't you love it when your choices are:

a) this
b) that
c) this and that
d) none of the above

:c/ I think I chose this, when the answer was this AND that...see what I mean? Oh well, when it comes to real life, will that matter anyway that I got the answer half right? Who knows. Right now it is just getting down to crunch time. Midterms in a couple weeks..study study study..where is the time for quilting supposed to fit in?

I did finish a top I posted here earlier. My friend is undergoing chemo, and I thought she might like something to drag with her to her treatments and to snuggle up with when she feels blah. This is the one I called brick bowties because that's what they kind of looked like to me:

The quilt is so busy with all the scraps that it worked really well with the over all tossed feathers quilting:

I put a lable on it and will drop it off tonight.

I added another customer's quilt that I just finished to my customer quilts page...it's a stack n whack star done in oriental fabrics, very pretty. It's fun sometimes quilting on fabrics that I'm not usually drawn to. It exposes me to alot of different styles and tastes, colors and textures, and keeps me from feeling like I am quilting the same thing over and over and over. If you want to check it out, go here:
Customer Quilts

Lets see, what else? I got Jeff registered for 9th grade today...and the fees were $56.00! I suppose I got off cheap because I didn't have to buy alot of school supplies and he can use his last year's back pack, but sheesh....I can't believe how fast the summer went, he'll be back to school on the 11th.

Trim is STILL not done in the family room, but we've been gone and I guess I'm in no hurry. Hopefully this weekend we can get all the 1/4 round put down and move the furniture back from the living room to the family room.

NEED to find some time to sew! I get really cranky when I don't get it....more school tomorrow, maybe over the weekend I can squeeze some in.


Friday, July 29, 2005

Whew, what a week!!

Where has the quilting time gone this week? It's been a few days since I've posted. Wednesday and Thursday are the days that I'm at school, and here we are friday.

It has been SO hot and humid the past week or so. This is my 3rd summer in South Carolina, and the hottest by far! The rain did come last night,thunder and lighting in the middle of the night. I remember vaguely waking up to acknowledge it, and then falling right back to sleep. For some reason, I can sleep really well through a storm, I love the sound of the rain and the thunder, and even the flashes of light.

I spent the day finishing a customer's batik bear paw quilt that I thought turned out JUST beautiful. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and I hope she thinks so too.

I have added a page to my website called

Customer Quilts

I plan on adding more note worthy quilts to it in the future.Take a peek at the batik bear paw there! I also found a free program that makes thumb-nails in any size you need them, so this was my first experience with thumb-nails linking to bigger images. I keep learning!

I also monkeyed with the template for my blog page a bit...I found that I could make better use of the page if I didn't have so stinking much margin. So I changed the page width! And then I changed the page COLOR, and then I found I could link all sorts of little graphics. FUN!

Now I am toying with typing this whole entry in netscape composer, and then just pasting the html into the 'add entry' thing for blog spot. I'm hoping it will work and that way I can get more than one pic per post in.

I've got 8 whole mitre boxes blocks done, so that means I've only done 4 sets since you get two blocks from a set. See my new laminate floor! Pretty pretty..I shouldn't have cropped the pic so close so you could see more of it. I like these blocks and the method, just need more time to sew, which I haven't had this week.

We are headed to Charleston for the weekend, hoping to spend some nice relaxing time on the beach, maybe a bit of window and touristy shopping. There are a couple quilt shops down that way, but I really don't NEED more fabric, and i haven't been inspired by any patterns out there. I am more inspired to search ebay.com for pics of antique maverick quilts...I've got a whole folder full of pics I've saved for inspiration. Oh, another good thing...School starts in about 2 1/2 weeks, so my 15 year old will be out of summer-teenage-retirement! YES! I can't tell you how happy that makes me!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

If my house burned down...

I was trimming some "quilt leftovers" this morning, and thinking to myself...If there was a fire, what would I save? I think the scraps and the fat quarters are more valuable to me than the yardage on the shelves.....The scraps have memories of other things I have made with them, there are alot of years in collecting this odd blend of scraps I have in my drawers..I couldn't duplicate it if I tried! I could go to a quilt shop and start a new stash, but I could never duplicate the mix of scraps I've accumulated over 20+ years... Old, ugly, out of print, outdated...they are mine and pieces of my life are attached to them. I came across a scrap of pink calico as I was digging and it was like visiting an old friend... "echos of an old rendition of 'I remember you' playing through her head".

Now I don't know if that is exactly philosophical thinking or not, or how do I apply those thoughts to the rest of my life. Maybe it's the same kind of thinking that people have when they lose everything..it's the pictures and momentos they miss most, not the furniture or clothing or anything that can be easily replaced.

I was looking in someone's webshots (I almost typed webshits...terrible what typos can make you giggle, pardon me!) album the other day, her quilts were beautiful...except each one was a carbon copy of some other quilt somewhere. "This quilt made with all Thimbleberries" "this quilt made with all authentic civil war reproductions" "this quilt made with all Aunt Gracies" and I thought to myself "Where are the memories?" Am I the only one that feels this way? I mean, these quilters who quilt "kit" quilts eventually have to build up a REAL scrap stash from the leftovers, don't they? Is there hope that in the future their next project might be to make something that just says SCRAP HAPPY and doesn't have to "name-drop" a fabric manufacturer in the process like Hoffman, Moda, Benartex?

I think I'll go play with some of my lowly leftovers and all their memories :c) I've got an idea for a quilt in the works....Sew 4 strips together, cut them into triangles with the long side of the triangle along the edge of the strip...you can get two blocks from each set of strips...4 triangles of one kind, 4 of the opposite. Lay them out all together with the tips pointing in and sew them into a square with an X. It looks like a log cabin with 3 rounds around it, but instead of 12 seams around one center square, this makes two blocks with 9 seams total! Weehaa..I love stuff like this. I'm calling them "mitre boxes" unless I can come up with something more interesting.

This is the cool idea I was thinking of yesterday. Usually my scrap quilts use shorter cuts, but this one needs a full width of fabric cut, so strips are 1.5" X 44" (or close) I sewed the 4 strips together and pressed them in one direction, then used the wondercut ruler to cut triangles from the set. You get two opposite blocks from one strip set, so cut 8 triangles (there will be a bit left over, but not much!) Posted by Picasa

Two sets of 4 and a bit left over! Posted by Picasa

Two opposite blocks from one strip set! This could be a cool quilt, and so much easier than building log cabins with strips round and round... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Can you find the invisible dog? If it weren't for the black nose and the long pink tongue, I think he blends into the forest floor pretty well! This is Buddy, and he is 5. Best dog ever! We love to go hiking in the state forest that is near us. I'm waiting for fall when the weather isn't so dang hot, humid, and oppressive! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

I am a junkie for trying new techniques and styles with my quilting. I needed a practice piece to try this all over freehand swirling feathers design, so I chose the green 9 patch quilt top I finished a few weeks ago. The jist of the design is that you start somewhere not too close to an edge, quilt a question mark, feather around it....letting the feathers fill the area, then take off, quilt another question mark, feather back, etc....supposed to be called "A flurry of angels". This thing stumped me so much and I found myself quilting myself into dead ends! So..I am calling this one Broken Wings instead of "flurry of angels!" I do like how it turned out, thank heavens the piecing is busy enough not to show any speed bumps that I hit along the way! It's trimmed, I just need to put the binding on, probably start on that tonight. Posted by Picasa

Cose up and side-lit view of the "broken wings" quilting! My main problem was trying to not make the machine stitches too big when doing the bigger plumes....I tend to get smoother results wtih wide sweeping movements, and I was outrunning the stitch regulator on the machine :c/ Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Does anyone realise that this drives me crazy that my posts are in reverse order? Are you scrolling down the page and reading UP? The red calico in the borders is deteriorating, the brown for the cornerstones I think was a home dyed fabric. Whatever the dye was, it was caustic and the brown fabrics are shattering worse than any...but the greens, other reds, and blues are just as bright and vibrant as they were 100 years ago. I wish I knew who this maverick quilter was, and what others thought about her one blue maverick block in this very intricately pieced red and green quilt! Maybe someone will wonder about my funky quilts some day....who knows..... :c)

Green framing the star. Isn't this an interesting block? I have never seen another one like it. I've called it Little Mountain Star because I found the quilt in Little Mountain SC Posted by Picasa

Why was only one block blue and red? Did she run out of green? Some of the blocks have green framing the star, some of them have red framing the star...but there was only the ONE corner block that had BLUE. And why was that one placed distinctly in that corner? :c) The world may never know! Posted by Picasa

The poor quilt was falling apart in places....but it was the traditional reds and greens and chrome yellows of the mid 1800's. My heart was pounding! My nose was also scrunched up because of the old old smell! I don't know where this was stored, but it was bad..*LOL* Unfolding the quilt brought a bigger smile to my face...amongst all the red and green blocks (and the piecing is quite good, and the quilting stitches small and precise) was ONE lone blue and red MAVERICK BLOCK! Oh quilter-long-gone...I don't know who you are, but I like you already! Posted by Picasa

Thunder is rumbling outside, it's 7:30 pm on a thursday evening. I've had an 'airing of the quilt' here for the past couple days, and before I brought the quilt in, I thought I'd take some pics, and write about it's story.

Up the road from me about 20 miles is the tiny little town of Little Mountain, SC. I don't know why they even call it Little Mountain, because there IS no mountain there. However, there is a great antique mall and I love to wander the aisles and touch history. Not alot comes home with me, but one day I did happen up on this quilt....folded under a stack, all I saw was a bit of red and green calico and I had to dig further. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Picture, just words...

I've been cranking on customer quilts which has left me.....cranky! Big exam in school tomorrow, should be studying. I have been binding on a couple things, and I did get the baby quilt sent off to my sister Mary, who's baby is due any day now. Sometimes I have so many things going on at once I feel like I'm just bailing out a leaky boat...not making much progress as it keeps filling back up again!

I did take some time to do a search for other quilt blogs. I seem to have missed the blog-trend by about 2 years according to the inactivity on most of them. And.....there weren't many that caught my eye. There seems to be a TON of knitting blogs, and quite a few art quilt blogs....but they just aren't me. So who am I? As a quilter?

Oh here we go, let's get deep! I feel a great connection to antique quilts and the women's hands who created them in the past. I look at the fabrics, trace the hand stitches....and wonder what their lives were like 150 years or so ago. I bet they never thought their quilt would travel this far this long into my hands.

I love making traditional quilts, but they have to have a ZINGER to get me to stay with them. I think that is why I like scrap quilts so much, lots of options to keep me from getting bored. I quilted a quilt for a customer that was 110X110 and contained only 3 fabrics. It was beautiful, but it looked preprinted it was so organized, know what I mean? Repeat, repeat, repeat...It was so HARD to force myself to keep quilting on it. It's GORGEOUS....but lifeless.

I like things a bit wonky, a bit crazy, a bit primitive, a bit outside the lines, and a bit maverick! But still recognizable as a QUILT and that is why I don't fall into the art quilt category. So out here in the midlands between traditional quilt making and art quilts....can be a lonely place to be...not quite a square peg, and not quite a round hole.

Are you this kind of quilter..if so, let me know I'm not alone out here! If you have a blog, invite me to come over. I'd love to see what else is out there!


Monday, July 18, 2005

The laminate flooring is DONE! All that is left is the trim and then we can put the furniture back Yehaww! While the boys were working, I retreated to a distant corner and finished the quilting and binding on Whirlygig Logs. I like it! I think it will have an 'older' feel after I wash it, but for now it is DONE DONE DONE! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The flooring project downstairs has expanded into the familyroom! It's looking great, but there is no place to sit, all the furniture is crammed into the other living room, and the construction noise is pretty horrific so I am retreating to my quilting room! A Few weeks earlier I posted a pic of 1/2 log cabin quilt top that I had finished. I decided it would be a good candidate for quilting with an all over feathered frenzy. I've quilted whirly-gig feathers in the dark pinwheel areas, and butterfly shaped feathers in the lights. So far so good..lots of texture! I still am not happy with this quilt and how all the logs don't line up with eachother. I need to let that go and be more liberated, but that said...when it comes to log cabins, I think I'll stick with the purposely wonky ones, or regular ones where the logs go all the way around the center. 1/2 log cabins may be easy to construct, but they are not easy when it comes putting them together right! Posted by Picasa


~ Errata~
[i-rah-tuh, ] –noun
1. pl. of erratum.
2.a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigenda.
Origin: 1625–35clip_image002

Here you will find little corrections to the patterns found in my book patterns. Sometimes it happens and mistakes are made, even with several people going over every detail, working on the book and patterns together.

We hope you forgive us and understand that things happen! We admit we are not perfect and hope you will continue to enjoy our patterns - even though we overlooked a typo or misread the final draft before printing.

Please note that errors are corrected in subsequent printings and not all books contain these errors.

Scraps & Shirttails
Shirttails Pattern, page77:
  • The center square for the Union Square block should be cut 4-1/2", not 4". 4" is the finished size.
Perkiomen Daydreams Pattern, page 93:
  • 400 blocks are required for the diagram as shown on page 96. It only says 100! (oops!) You can tell by the pic that the quilt is set 20X20, not 10X10.

Adventures With Leaders & Enders
Scrap User's System, page 11:
  • The page says to cut bricks 2.5" X 3.5" and it should read cut bricks 2" X 3.5". The second size 2.5" X 4.5" is correct.
Hopscotch, Butterscotch, Page 67:
  • The strip set strips for the rectangle rail units should be cut at 14.5" instead of 13". The extra 1/2 inch is to give you enough to square up your strip set before cutting your rail units.
  • The 74 short border rectangles should be cut 2"X 5". The pattern says 2" X 4.5". The 2" squares are added to these short rectangles to make them equal to the size of the large rectangle which is cut 2" X 6.5".
  • The blocks finish at 7.5" so cut the sashings 8".
Happily Scrappily Irish, Page 85:

The cutting instructions for the background are as follows:

1. (6) 8" strips cut into (66) 5" x 8"rectangles
2. (4) 5" strips cut into (132) 2" x 5" rectangles
3. (14) 2" strips cut into (132) 2" squares

this needs to read as follows:

1. (9) 8" strips cut into (66) 5" x 8"rectangles (9 X 8=72)
2. (7) 5" strips cut into (132) 2" x 5" rectangles (7 X 21=147)
3. (7) 2" strips cut into (132) 2" squares (7 X 21=147)

Bow-Dacious, Page 43:
he caption under the top illustration should be:
Bow tie unit
Make 196
Scraps & shirttails II:

Goose In the Puddle, Page 12-13:
  • The Panel 1 and Panel 2 diagrams on the "Directions At A Glance" on page 13 are correct! But the paragraphs describing them on page 12 should read as follows:
  • A should read Dark/Light/Dark
  • B Should read Light/Dark Light
  • The 9 patches should look like those in Diagram C with the darks in the corners!
Smith Mountain Morning, Page 16-17:
  • On page 17 directions say to cut quantity 14 – 4 ¼” squares for both blue and brown. That should be 28 – 4 ¼” squares. These should be cut on the diagonal twice to yield 112  matched quarter square triangle pairs.
  • On page 19 – the directions at a glance for unit “G” it should say make 28 (not 14).
Fair & Square, page 23:
  • There is no 1/2 yard of light blue required in the fabric requirements.
  • I made my border with 2" strips for a border that finished 4.5". If you make them with 2.5" strips, your border will finish at 6". Either works great!
Oregon Or Bust, Page 74:
  • The 6 cornerstone (small) triangles for the outside edge of the quilt should be cut as 3 1/2"squares instead of 2 3/4" squares. Cut the 6-3 1/2" squares twice on the diagonal with an X to yield 24 sashing triangles.

String Fling:

Pineapple Crazy, Page 50:
  • Not sure how this happened, but the numbers on the pineapple foundation block are scrambled. I started in the center and worked out in rounds. Center/Corners/Sides/Corners/Sides, etc.
Talkin' Turkey Page 69:
  • The flying geese method shown will make FOUR geese units, not 2, so less cutting is needed.
  • Please note that the border diagram on page 73 and the photo on page 68 show the units colored the opposite of the geese units in the block, so you will need 216 units with RED large triangles and NEUTRAL corners to complete the border as shown.
  • If you have already pieced your geese with larger neutral triangles and small red wing triangles, never fear --sew them end to end --and it will just be your reds that have the seams in them instead of the neutral ones. It will not alter the quilt greatly at all.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Liberated Shooflies! Digging through that drawer of snipped off triangles and small pieces, I made a handful of free-form shooflies and let them be as unsquare as unsquare could be, chopped off points and all! I wanted the shooflies to be 'child like' in construction. Sometimes I think things are so purposely wonky, that it looses it's effect...so these aren't WAY off, just enough to make you go, hmmmm.... :c) I framed them with 2 rows of 1.5" cut scrap strips log cabin style....when it came time to add the borders it just didn't have it! I've had so much fun quilting on the "best things" quilt with the letters in the border, and being inspired by my friend Tonya who is the word-queen of quilts....I decided to do words in the border. At first I was going to just do "shoo fly, shoo"...but it looked so unbalanced that I had to add the "flies in the buttermilk" to the upper corner. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just a little peek at the quilting on the "best things" quilt. This is the first quilt where I have hand drawn feathers to fit an area, just freeform without templates, and then quilted what I drew. I like it! There is no way that this quilt shouts out "stencil!" at you. The diagonals in the border are only 1/2" apart. They are a bit wonky, but that's okay, the whole quilt is wonky. The two narrow borders, red and black, have zig zag lines, and the center has baptist fans. Everything is with purple thread and I'm loving how it is turning out. I need to spend more time on this project. I started quilting on the outside edge because of the way that the fans need to be quilted around and around. Thank heavens for machine basting! I can start at an edge and work either way without having to worry about puckers or fullness in the middle when I get there. I have two borders and their corresponding inner border areas and one row of the fans around two sides of the quilt center done so far! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just a little quilt (27"X32") that I've called Lil'bit Crazy. There may be a whole series of these the way I'm feeling about my life lately! I have a drawer for little snips and pieces that are too big to toss, too small to categorize (smaller than 2.5" square, short strips and odd pieces) and I like to pull from these pieces and make crazy free form blocks. The triangles are snippings from joining bindings and borders on the diagonal...not trimmed to any specific size, just sewn 'wonky'. I made this in an afternoon after an excruciatingly mind numbing day at school. Brainlessly piecing is very liberating! I squared my little blocks up using a 5" ruler, so they finish at 4.5" square, 4 rows across, 5 rows down, slap on some borders and voila! I want to hand quilt this, but it will have to wait, I'm still hand quilting on "the best things" quilt. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

What makes an art quilt an art quilt?

There is something in the quilt world in the works that has bothered me for some time. It seems wherever I go, be it a guild meeting, a quilt show, a quilt shop, a quilt list.....There is a rift, a division. There are definate cliques. There is this attitude that says "While we enjoy and admire more traditional quilts, this list, group, webring is not intended for quilters that focus on traditional quilting."

Frankly, I feel some quilt racism going on! Traditional quilt discrimination. Is there such a thing?

Maybe I should come up with a list guideline that says "While we enjoy and admire artsy fartsy quilts, this list, group, webring is not intended for quilters that focus on your so called artsy fartsy quilting if you can even call them quilts."

The quilt world is a strange section of society. There are groups for gay quilters, lesbian quilters, man quilters, wiccan quilters but one group that was the MOST discriminatory was a group of "conservative christian" quilters who would not let me join their group because my denomination was not christian enough, nor conservative enough for their likings. I was spammed with bible verses to supposedly set me straight, get me to repent, give up wearing pants and find the true way of conservative christian quilters. Good grief!

You know, I love quilting down to it's roots. Down to when people would share patterns, have quilting bees with potluck food, share fabric, life's stories, joys and sorrows...when things were not so divided. When quilts were made to cover people and beds, no matter how traditional or maverick they were (Just look at Ghee's Bend quilts and some of the other african american influences in quilts and tell me if they are not ART!) and copyrights were not to be feared nor claimed.

When did quilters start having to fit in to this category or that one? And what about those of us who are caught between more than one definition by the quilts that inspire us? What is the quilt world coming to anyway?