Friday, July 08, 2005

Sometimes ideas for big quilts end up as small ones when you lose the energy to keep going on them! A friend sent me a pic of a 9 patch quilt made in the 1870's and it had this poison green background and lots of madder browns in it. I loved it! I really wanted to make a bed sized quilt, but these 9 patches are only 3" and I got either bored with them, or intrigued by something else. They sat in a box for a year....I pulled them out yesterday after coming across that 1870's pic again and decided to just make them into whatever I could make them into and call it done. I think the small inner black border really frames it and the outter madder colored border warms the whole thing and tones down that green! Posted by Picasa

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Tonya R said...

looks great just as you've done it. there are plenty of blocks there to get a feel for the whole thing and I'm pretty darn sure you don't need another large bed quilt. I do hope this goes in the overflowing "must quilt by hand" pile.