Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just a little quilt (27"X32") that I've called Lil'bit Crazy. There may be a whole series of these the way I'm feeling about my life lately! I have a drawer for little snips and pieces that are too big to toss, too small to categorize (smaller than 2.5" square, short strips and odd pieces) and I like to pull from these pieces and make crazy free form blocks. The triangles are snippings from joining bindings and borders on the diagonal...not trimmed to any specific size, just sewn 'wonky'. I made this in an afternoon after an excruciatingly mind numbing day at school. Brainlessly piecing is very liberating! I squared my little blocks up using a 5" ruler, so they finish at 4.5" square, 4 rows across, 5 rows down, slap on some borders and voila! I want to hand quilt this, but it will have to wait, I'm still hand quilting on "the best things" quilt. Posted by Picasa


Tonya R said...

it's a beautiful quilt, Bonnie. Looks antique, except the zingy border hasn't faded enough :)

Finn said...

I do love this one Bonnie, I hope you will make more of them.