Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sharing the Joy!

This picture says it all!

Good friends, Good food, Great times!

The laughter just echoes and I feel so blessed to be a part of this.  No matter which group it is - there is a place for everyone.

I took this photo last evening - I stayed for dinner as I was gone for a good chunk of the afternoon for a dentist appointment.

Yes, real life creeps in while the quilters are retreating.  They are on retreat - but sometimes I have to do big girl things.

I shared the interior of the dermatologist's office in  yesterday's post - so here is a lobby shot of the dentist.

It was just a cleaning and check up and I received my gold star - but that's not the point.

I am learning the life of a spouse of a retired person.  OMG!

He found I was going to the dentist for a 2:15 appointment.  Now that he is free to do whatever/whenever, he made a chiropractic appointment at the same time.  Okay fine.

Which means he drove, dropped me off, went to his thing and came back for me.

But he has no idea how this can stunt a girl's desire to wander the antique mall, or hit up the thrift shops.  None of that happened.  Instead - it's things like Lowe's or Tractor Supply or Dollar General on the way home.

And even worse!  There is a brand new Harbor Freight opening in Jefferson NEXT WEEK! 

(We lovingly refer to Harbor Freight is Harbor FRIGHT or, for short Tool Time.)

When does a girl get to just do the things she dreams of doing when in town? LOL!

(This is all said tongue in cheek - it's nice to have him drive me - but it puts a damper on wandering and browsing!)

And as I was editing the photos for this post, my brain was fighting the sound of the vacuum running overhead. I'm not used to that yet.  But I'm trying.

The Hen Den - such a great gathering place!

I love seeing this room being used and enjoyed - and there is a whole lot of hand stitching happening in here this weekend.

Hand appliqued tulips in the hoop - ready for hand quilting.

Bindings have been sewn down and completed.  Hand piecing is happening.  It's marvelous to see this spot full of inspiration.

Tara took this photo of me and posted it to her Instagram stories.  LOL!

Just like at the dentist - open wide, please!

Back in the Quilting Quarters there was more piecing going on - mind you, this was AFTER 9 of the 12 took off for a quilt shop run in the morning.  They were gone most of the day.  Good times!

Traditional block in modern fabrics - love it!

Here's one underway.

I love the combo of the "urban" style read fabric paired with the eggplant batik.  Go for it!

Here's one finished Indigo Way.

And another!  Both so beautiful and different!

After dinner happy smiles.

This morning.

I'm feeling a bit ragged still after Thursday's dermatology surgeries - things are a bit achy.  I haven't slept well due to the incision on my back.  The arm doesn't bother me as much.

And then yesterday's dentist run around didn't leave much time for much of anything.

I'm planning on a weekend slow down. I need it.

So the Ladder Star quilt and a few supplies will be coming with me where I will join the ladies in the Hen Den for some slow stitching with feet up.

The rain really hasn't stopped since the Quilt District gals arrived Wednesday afternoon.  Today things may clear up.  Let's hope the wind stops because the porch furniture was blown upside down and I left it that way - or the wind would just turn it upside down again.

April showers as they say?

At any rate:

Click to Play:

Licorice Twist PDF pattern drops this coming Monday 4/15/24 with introductory pricing and a Gift-Away featuring a gorgeous black fabric roll from Cotton To Quilts!

It's ready.  I just need to write the post and push things live in the Quiltville Store on Monday morning.

Hand quilting and a slow down weekend awaits.

What's up for your weekend?

Quiltville Quote of the Day-

If you've been there - you know! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Oh Bonnie, I totally get your restricted wanderings now that hubster has retired. I feel the exact same way but I love that we can be together more too! Just an adjustment. Glad you'll be able to put your feet up and cluck with the other chicks in the Hen Den. I've been down all week due to a swollen knee so am raring to go today, especially in the sewing room. Have a great weekend!

  2. I found early on into my husband's retirement that it was perfectly ok to not do all errands together - go to your appointment and drive separately so you can do what you want and he can do what he wants! I realized unless I kept up my own stuff I would never be driving as he thinks he has to do the driving - I like to drive to my own things and wander were I want to.

    1. You are so rightI! Separate time and together time...it makes retirement work!

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    Went to a quilt show in Chestertown MD - woman was explaining that she had done one of your mystery quilts and used your suggested colors since "it would be outside her comfort zone", and that she know would use these colors in other quilts.

  4. I love those churn dash blocks! Netflix should totally start doing that!

  5. Your refinished floors at Quiltville look amazing!

  6. Well I think you deserve a slow down weekend. Enjoy it with the girls in the Hen Den. Rained all day here yesterday too.
    I managed to sew all the double geese for the border yesterday. So today I will take dog ears off of the units. And maybe get some sewing done. This is turning out to be my favorite quilt..thank you .
    Have a Sparkling good weekend
    Blessings 💞

  7. Yes! About Netflix! And Prime- do you like this show? Listen, I've been binding this series for 3 days; can't you tell i like it?
    Love the new block, and Licorice Twist. And love seeing the retreat goings on- some day i may get there....

  8. Anonymous10:23 AM EDT

    Re the retirement thing - I just declare, with car keys in hand, "I'm going to my (doctor, dentist, hair) appointment and then (Trader Joe's, Aldi, Walmart), see you later, I'll be back around 4, BYE." Leaves no room for negotiation. If he's going somewhere, I give him my list!

  9. Anonymous10:36 AM EDT

    After 40 plus years I managed to train my husband to do what I wanted once in awhile. He even goes in quilt stores with me unless there is a sporting goods store nearby. Just put your foot down. I enjoy your posts and thank you that the ads stay in the bottom corner. Wish every blogger could do the same. Working on your Allietare! pattern right now. Diana C.

  10. Anonymous10:56 AM EDT

    Be careful about letting the "I'll drive you" become the norm. It's great sometimes, but I find myself rushing thru shopping, not taking time to look for sales items in the grocery store, not trying on that good looking top, etc because he's sitting in the car waiting.

    Additional problem is that your driving and parking skills deteriorate if you don't use them on a regular basis.

    ps - love the black pineapple quilt

  11. I haven't had TV since 2013, it is very freeing :0) no cell phone either but I do have my laptop so I can see video's and get all the news from Quiltville :0) Happy Sewing! So now you'll have to alternate who gets to call the "after appointment" wandering time, your turn next trip!

  12. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

    I laughed out loud about Harbor Freight I spent more money than my husband the last time we were there. Great stuff for quilting if you think outside the box.
    Becky R

  13. Where's the fireplace at the dentist's office? I've never seen a cozier dentist office in my life!

  14. We settled the wandering thing when the hubs went back to being self employed years back. We do the “drop off, pick up” thing when I want to wander somewhere he doesn’t want to go. I get dropped off and he goes to Harbor Freight or Home Depot. Then when I’m getting close to being ready to leave, I text, and he heads my way. It seems to work for us…give it a try, cause we girls need our antique mall time!

  15. I had to laugh at your inspirational quote. We recently bought a new washer/dryer that are "smart." There's an app on my phone that the machines talk to and one of the things they do is send me a notice every 15 minutes that my clothes are left in the washer or dryer!

  16. Anonymous4:23 PM EDT

    My husband has been retired since he was 55, he's now 72. All appointments, shopping, errands are done together and he always drives unless he has some medical procedure where he needs a driver. I'm totally unfamiliar with our car and would love to drive when he's not in the car! But I do love being with him and he totally supports my love of quilting. He will take me anywhere when I need fabric, including on our road trip vacations. We even stopped by the Quiltville Inn a couple of years ago and I got to meet Bonnie. So there are times when I feel restricted and frustrated but mostly I enjoy his company. We have been married 53 yrs.

  17. Both your dentist and your dermatologist need to put SOMETHING on those bare walls. A quilt woud be good...

  18. Bonnie, when a husband retires -- it's too much husband; not enough money; and you get to clean the kitchen 3 times a day!

  19. Yesterday was busy & I didn't get around to reading until today! Lunch with my MIL who is a birthday girl, then a trip to the quilt shop for some special quilts coming up! I laughed out loud when reading about the trip to town with the hubs! I feel you, girl. That's one of the downfalls of living out in the country, needing to combine trips to save on that fuel/time. Today I am working out some blocks in scraps before I cut out that new fabric. Have a wonderful weekend; I'm glad that you are getting some time to visit with the ladies in the group! Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of this weekend! :)

  20. My husband and I decided to share one car to economize. I take him to work most mornings so I can do my work. I used to do all kinds of detours when we had two cars but time constraints have limited that--when someone is waiting to be picked up!

  21. Anonymous10:39 PM EDT

    Oh Bonnie… … just so you know Harbor Freight has some great gadgets for quilters. My favorite is my telescoping magnet - I use this for picking up pins.
    Linda Marglon

  22. Anonymous12:06 AM EDT

    Wow! I love the very scrappy Indigo Way so much!! Kudos to the quilter who went for it to make that one. Inspired me move it up closer to the top of my list.


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