Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Only Hand Stitching Time -

Yesterday - 

The laundry was finished, the towel baskets folded, rolled, filled and placed at the end of each bed -

Dishwasher was cleared, design walls were de-threaded.

Back porch and side porch furniture was returned to its home position after a long weekend of being moved and used where people wanted to gather.

Shampoos, lotions,  body wash, handsoap, bathroom & kitchen paper towels and toilet paper were all restocked.

Tissue boxes were checked on and made sure there was one in each room - two in the sewing room.

The lawn was mowed.

And the focus word banner was hung!

It looks so great here - this little narrow showing of love.

This little sweet thing is so light that we simply used a cafe rod and two command hooks to hang it.

I love it so much!

And then it was time to change out the hallway quilt to the next workshop I'm teaching - Nola's Bonniacs are arriving Wednesday afternoon!

It's been a while since Pineapple Blossom came out to play. I brought it out of the quilt vault closet to hang over the loft railing at home to get the creases out.

I also decided it could use a gentle airing in yesterday's sunshine.

This one has been under the Free Patterns tab for the longest time - have you made one?

All of the border triangles come from the cut off corners made during block construction - it's a no waste, use them up kind of fun finish.

Now hanging here waiting the Bonniac's arrival and retreat workshop time.

AND.  Another bottle find!

Couldn't get a focused pic to save my life -

But there isn't anything really identifiable here - just PD & Co and a number 586 or something.

The bottle dates circa 1890 - 1920 according to Google and was an apothecary bottle.

And it makes sense with the house being built in 1884.

PD & Co refers to Parke Davis, one of the largest drug companies at that time.

Still it's fun to speculate WHY there are so many glass bottles and stuff from where we removed the rocks at the side of the drive that goes behind the QPO studio.

Evidently - they used all of this as fill of some sort.  

Dogwood blooming from Bedroom 2 window.

These blossoms are coming right no time - but I'm afraid I'm going to miss most of their glory - I head to Idaho to visit my mom and family a week from today. I'll be gone a week.

I'm taking my laptop, but I don't know if I'll get posting time or not.  If you want to keep up - please follow my Instagram and Facebook.

Click to Play:

All of this will be gone by the time I get back!

*HEADS UP* Hubster Dave is also on his way to Texas to visit his brother through the weekend.  I will be driving him to the airport tomorrow morning, leaving home around 7:00am so there will not be a post tomorrow.  We'll catch you back up on Thursday.

I'll make it back here before the Bonniacs arrive - but while in Bristol I've got some other errands to run while I am out that way and will be taking care of them after dropping Dave at the airport.

In other words - real life needs to take priority.

My only stitching in the past week has been this.

Ready to start row 3 block 4 tonight.

Today?  Bed making - and more make ready.

It's a happy merry-go-round and it's just what I thought and hoped it would be.

Most of you know this happened 4/15/24.  Did you get your entry in?

I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Licorice Twist PDF pattern from me, and a Splash of Color fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts.

We'll draw for our winners THIS Friday 4/26/24.

Introductory Special:  Licorice Twist is currently marked 25% off - no coupon needed!

Sale price good through 4/28/24.

I recommend using the printable 8 1/2'' X 11'' newsprint found in the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

Carol Doak Paper is back in stock - but supplies are limited! They only sent me 12 packages.

And yes, there is a sale going on - all rulers. notions and tools (including Carol Doak Paper) are 15% off using code NOTIONS at check out.

And I think that's it for now -

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

When I can't control the big things, I focus on the little things that make me happy!
Little things that I CAN manage.
And I seek out alone time with the fabric...that always makes things better.
Tumblers was a previous Leader & Ender challenge, and the tutorial can be found under the Free Patterns tab,

Did you finish yours?

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous11:05 AM EDT

    You taught Pineapple Blossom in Rogue River, Oregon back in 2018. I have a picture of you & me at that workshop!!! Rose Clearwaters

  2. Pineapple Blossom! A blast from the past! I made a king-sized version as a fiftieth wedding anniversary gift for my in-laws back in about 2015. It’s made in a myriad of blue and neutral batiks with gold quilting. Fun project!

  3. I love the Dogwood blooming here right now. Walla Walla has Spring in the air! ACHOO! Have a safe trip to see your mom. We'll miss the posting on the blog. OHIO ladies are fun and thoughtful. Love that Banner.

  4. I'd like to thank you for continuing to include past posts on your blog. Whenever you are away or unavailable to do a daily posting, I like to go back to the archives and read through them. I appreciate your insight and expertise! Have safe travels and we'll look forward to your return!

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM EDT

    So fun to see the tumbler quilt on today's quote. I just made a totally random scrappy one last weekend and I plan to quilt it today. My daughter has already claimed it. Tumblers are so easy and versatile. Safe travels today, Bonnie.

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM EDT

    I love the Pineapple Quilt. I have made 2 and it is one of my favorite patterns so far. The first one I made was all out of batiks. It was Beautiful. I gifted it. Enjoy your time with your Mom. Hugs!

  7. Anonymous12:07 PM EDT

    Pineapple Blossom quilt.....Love it!! Carol

  8. We have an old house too with treasure spots in the yard. Often it was the latrine--everything including broken dishes would get thrown in, and covered up when full. 100 years later only the glass and pottery remain.

  9. Oh, the Pineapple is another happy scrappy!! I love the dogwoods in bloom, thank you for sharing! It was a tough day as our 5th graders were taking round 2 of their STAAR. One more week of testing. Trying to catch a little rest before it's time for supper. Safe travels tomorrow!

  10. The Inn looks so inviting, everyone will be delighted with their stay and workshops with you Bonnie. I have such great memories of workshops with you in NY. Safe travels for you and Dave. Happy Sewing!


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