Thursday, February 29, 2024

It Had To Happen!

Last evening I found myself "Home Alone."

Don't get me wrong - I cherish those moments by myself when I can dig into something uninterrupted -a break in the routine that is my day to day life.

I had finished a bite of dinner - a simple reheat of some leftovers, and padded down the stairs to sew up some blocks I had recently cut into kits.

Did sewing happen?  NO!

I came face to face with that 404 in the cabinet, and I wanted to see if I could just use the cabinet as a desk for the Juki - but as I suspected, the panel wouldn't allow me to use the knee lift - so what was the point?

Option #2 was something I had also wanted to do since we moved here - 

I had been using the end of my side table for my computer desk and my quilting stuff was always getting in the way of my keyboard, etc.

I am using the desk for the computer station!

And this led to much cleaning and dusting and rearranging (as it does) and I think I am happily resettled.

Lola however wants to know where her string bin went.  LOL!

From another angle.

I folded the 301s back into their cabinets and pushed them against the wall. Mabel's bed is in front of the treadle I moved to make room for the desk.

Cutting table a bit cleaner, but still in action.

But it sure felt good to come down here this morning and see my new computer station and things just a bit more welcoming.

I'll be ready the next time I have some evening alone time to just sit and sew.

Dear friends - this is what happens when you spy an Amazon box by the front door at the inn, and open it up expecting it to be cleaning supplies - only to discover it's the Hubster's blow pop stash.  LOL!

The rain poured and poured wile the March Quiltvillians were arriving. At least for the first few folks.

It's like we are on the cusp of spring but not really.

However - I took this photo yesterday below the back porch:

There is hope!!

Bloom, babies bloom!

This little clump of daffies ready to burst turned my upside down day right side up -

It was just one of those, you know?

I had left early for my appointment in Wilkesboro, telling myself as I was warming up the car to remember to grab my purse.

I ate my breakfast, I made my lunch.  

I drove to the inn to feed Tula on the way.
45 minutes later I am pulling into the medical plaza and realizing I forgot my purse.


So there was frantic phone calling home for Hubster Dave to send me pictures of our medical visa card.  I had insurance cards and my driver's license already on my phone.

I was afraid they wouldn't see me without physical ID and insurance cards.

But it turned out okay. 

Sort of.  This was for a cervical biopsy after a couple of abnormal paps.  Ladies - stay up on your pelvic exams please! I'll find out in a week or so if there is a problem to be concerned with or not. If all is well, I don't have to see them for a year.

But another phone call - this time from the dermatologist in Boone said that both mole biopsies show those moles as precancerous so they have to come out further.  That is scheduled for March 11 at 7am - It's a Monday and I have a group leaving that morning - but I may be back to the inn before they are gone so I can wave them off.

This getting older thing is a pain.

So as for my day today? I'll be doing more of this to push the medical stuff out of my mind:

Sew faster, Bonnie!

These are coming out so great!

Only 9 more to go!

Here's something that happens only every 4 years and I had completely forgotten about it! 

Happy Leap Day, everyone! 

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started and once you do you find your own pace and can move forward.
Just begin!
If I can just jump in and get started, all of the kinks seem to work themselves out along the way, and things come together.
Sometimes even better than I had imagined they would.
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Alrighty them - off I go to say good morning to the March Quiltvillians and get this day going.

Have a marvelous Thursday, everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM EST

    I am sure you have heard this before. Growing old is not for sissies!

    1. At 90 years I agree getting old
      is not for sissies.

    2. I agree getting old is not for sissies.

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM EST

    Cancer scares are the worst. Keeping a great attitude is awesome. Hugs
    Sandi Z.

  3. I have reached my golden years only to discover that there's no gold!

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM EST

    At our age, one medical thing leads to more. Add in the routine screening and there are a lot of medical trips. Ask me how I know.🤪. So not seeing on the “new” machine?

  5. Seeing all the daffodils ready to bloom is hope. Spring is right around the corner. Love how the ladder stars are coming out. Such a fun design.They would look great in any color.

  6. prayers and blessings, Bonnie, glad you are taking care of yourownsweetself. Itcan be daunting to cntemplate and yup... we are so blessed tho... that as things wear out we are able to find "replacement" parts for manyof them...sadly macular degeneration has taken quilting from me... however, i follow you and wish for a miracle in retina science and a return to quilting... tbtg i can still drive, much good thouights and prayers for yor outcomes,xo xo Cats in Carlsbad CA

  7. My mom had cervical cancer, so I have been screening for years -- had a hysterectomy to make sure I didn't have to worry about it probably 20 years ago!! But aging is definitely not for sissies!!!

  8. Happy Leap Year Day! SEWING is what I wish I was doing. Welcoming those Waffles, happy day. Waiting for Tulips as the March winds started early last night. National Quilting Month is coming, YAHOO!!

  9. Anonymous10:57 AM EST

    I’d have to agree that growing old is not for the faint of heart. The best we can do is roll with the punches and do the best we can. And don’t forget to laugh! Fran in Pa.

  10. As I tell my husband: Welcome to the Pain of the Day Club!

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM EST

      My husband has said, if I would have known I was going to live this long, I’d of taken better care of myself !! After, complete knee replacement, removal of cataracts and new lenses in both eyes, and now having the veins in his lower legs repaired, and nerve blocks in his back. Needless to say I’ve been the taxi driver and nurse since I left Quiltville Inn last fall.

  11. Anonymous11:32 AM EST

    I always say: "The Aging Body is a Thrill a Minute!"

  12. As a nurse I will echo your comments -- ladies, PLEASE keep up with your paps and mammograms! Also, if you had a hysterectomy, take note if the cervix was also removed or kept. If it was kept, you still need to have a pap. (ie cervix is still there). These two cancers are very VERY treatable and potentially curable if caught early and those are the easiest ways to do that. Getting older is definitely not a joke and there always seems to be SOMETHING!!!! But we're women and we can do it!!!!! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Anonymous1:10 PM EST

    I can relate to you forgetting your purse. I had a dentist appointment an hour away and forgot to take my phone. I hate to say this, but I think I'm going to need to make an "out the door" check list.

  14. Yes, they call this the golden years.

  15. Yes, an extra day to sew!! YAY!! I love it when I am home alone... and, like you, it doesn't happen often! HA!! It's nice to get to rearrange things when you can. I like your sewing space. It's so cozy and comfortable! I'm sure it won't be long before Lola finds that bin...
    As for the Wonky Wishes I bought the pattern; does that count as starting it!?! HAHA! I will have to browse the patterns and see if there is anything that tickles my fancy. I hope everything goes ok with the health visits.... I had to go get some stuff taken care of yesterday that is pretty painful! I love the Amazon surprise... your Hubster has a severe addiction to them! :)
    Have a great evening and happy quilting!

  16. Anonymous7:40 PM EST

    Yes, growing old isn’t for wimps!! But Iam tuning out to be one!! To many aches and pains ! Iam 66


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