Monday, February 26, 2024

Quiltin' With The Lincolnton Gals!

If there ever was a crazy weather weekend - this past weekend was IT.  With a capitol I.

It started out lovely - we even had a road hike on Thursday - but temps took a downturn and by Friday afternoon we were gathering all of the quilts and tops for a quickie Over the Porch Rail moment - 

Saturday brought snow - luckily things stayed just above freezing so nothing stuck - but what a crazy weird freezing weekend.

Yesterday morning as folks were packing up - I awoke to 19 degrees! Brrrr!  It got cold enough that the water pipes for the garage washer froze and I had to wait a few hours for things to thaw and allow me to start laundry out there.

But we did it!  The quilters made lovely things, and that's what counts.

Check out these lovely quilts!

The two tops at the far left were pieced while on retreat.  So much fun! Others were grabbed off of beds as quilts in progress hadn't reached status large enough to put over the rail.

The rail fence at left was made with a jelly roll.  So cute!  Frolic is next, followed by another top finished at retreat. The blue and green crazy path has really fun fabrics! Great color combo.

Rhododendron Trail top was finished here on retreat, followed by a patriotic star sampler. I'm not sure the name of the next one - if there is a pattern for it, or if it was just improv - but FUN! The little top at the far right was worked on medallion style while here on retreat.

Sine group photos happened Friday due to weather - there were more finishes through the weekend!

This came as a cute kit - and will look great hanging in a sewing room.

The blue and yellow sampler is up to border stage.

More batik log cabin blocks happened!

Cute baby quilt in the works!

Burgoyne Surrounded - beautiful.

Sampler blocks got their sashings!

A smattering of cute blocks.

The design wall project from hell-o!

Can you see that the tessellating leaves have to be built row by row with fabrics from the previous row  migrating into the row below?  It was a painstaking feat of fabric placement and cheers all around when it was finally done. It's gorgeous!

Thank you ladies - it was a great weekend!

We'll see you back next February - weather permitting of course.

Meanwhile at home - Yeah.  I let him do it.  LOL!

I always swore - no taxidermy! But Hubster Dave has a birthday in a couple of weeks.  He is newly retired.  He does so much for me around home and the inn - I can put up with this. (But I am not dusting it!)

I know that some people assume that the point of taxidermy is to mount something you shot yourself.

That may be true for some people, but for others - it's just decor and one deer head is as good as another.

Besides, the deer we have here on the mountain are smaller than this and we have never seen one with antlers this nice.

And......we don't like venison.

And......this one was ALREADY dead and done. No need to kill another animal just to hang something on the wall.

Seriously - the argument of "I thought the purpose of this was to shoot it yourself" is crazily stupid.

The same thing could be said of quilting.  "What? You didn't do everything by hand?  You had someone ELSE do the quilting for you? You bought the quilt that someone else made? That's not real quilting...." 

Evidently there are taxidermy police. They too are self-appointed, just as the quilt police are.

And one more...this is recycling.  RIGHT?

I didn't give the second-hand deer head another thought as I sat feet-up in my comfy chair and worked on this binding.

So here we are at Monday - the last week of February.  Why does February - as the shortest month of the year - seem to last longer than all of the others?  And we've even got an extra day tacked on this year.

Laundry is my main must finish today - The March Quiltvillians are arriving on Wednesday afternoon.

And those plaid ladder star blocks are calling my name.

Other than that - it should be easy!

How was your weekend?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

You can either settle and accept things the way they are, or step up to responsibility and make a change.
It's okay to start slowly. Just start!

Happy Monday!



  1. Bonnie, I thought you would appreciate this one. I often watch Log Cabin Living type of home shows and I remember one particular comment from one of the episodes. A retired couple had just finished their dream timber frame cabin in the mountains and the husband thought he might like a little bit of taxidermy on the walls in the great room. He said that the best way to do this was to drive around the town and look for homes where a recent divorce had taken plan. You can find all the homes taxidermy on the curb and there is no need to kill another living creature to accomplish your decor. Great idea, right? Have a lovely week and thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your morning with us. I love having my breakfast with you every day.

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM EST

    A leaf blower works great to DUST mounts high up!
    What is the name of the pattern for that leaves quilt- so beautiful and such a challenge!

    1. The pattern is Tessellating Leaves by Jackie Robinson at animasquilts.com. I've made one of these, and it's really fun to do. A second is on my To Do list.

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM EST

    Fabulous weekend! I added borders to a quilt top and cut scraps into squares.

  4. Hysterical that the dogs barked at it.

  5. Love the little sparkles of color in your black and white pineapple quilt.

  6. I have a third granddaughter being born in a few short weeks, so I finally started a quilt for her over the weekend. Crazy-busy Lent/tax/etc. seasons mean it'll be done only little bits of cutting and sewing at a time, but little bits add up to the same total as a marathon effort, so I'm calling it good!

  7. Anonymous12:18 PM EST

    Dear Bonnie, When we moved into our present home, I told my husband, "No dead animals". He has a library/ study that is his room. That's where the dead animals go. Our present dog doesn't bark at the mountain lion on the hearth(my husband was given this), but he looks warily at it and gives it a wide berth. I don't dust them. Your retreaters always have such beautiful quilts. Hello from sunny West TX where it is 82 degrees and expected to get to 90 today. Helen Hewell

  8. I wonder, are the dogs still barking at it? No wall space at my house. Our Wyoming family got an elk this year. I haven't seen the pictures of it hanging in the garage thankfully. They are brave. They climb their mountain to collect shed of antlers and sell them in their town. We have snow and rain in our forecast here in the PNW again. Crazy February. Ya, that extra day will be spent doing something good I hope. frozen washer is not a good start to the week. Hope you get it all done so you can work on those blocks.

  9. Candice Canton12:29 PM EST

    We have way too many taxidermy things hanging throughout our house, including one in my sewing studio. I don't dust them either, they're his, though they are beautiful animals (except the wild boar in his office).
    My weekend was spent doing crazy quilt stitching on a tote bag I'm making for a special friend. I love it, but will be relieved when it's done and in the mail! I will post a photo or two. It has taken about 2 weeks of stitching now.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  10. Spring is coming hang on!! Happy Sewing Bonnie, ya gotta ignore your constant "advice" from the experts :0)

  11. If Hubby is happy with it and you are right, he is a gem, that is all that matters. I would not make a thing out of it, either.

  12. Anonymous2:12 PM EST

    Bonnie I just saw your short video on the ladder star block. I just wanted to saythat I have been making half square triangles and quarter square (hourglass) blocks with the easy angle ruler you sell. I like them so much better than the ones where you draw diagonal lines and sew 1/4" away from the line. When U square almost no issue and I really think less wastage all around. I did not use this ruler much at first but I have really come to like it. I think I can do flying geese with it so that is next to try. Thanks again for the recommendation. Meg Harmon

  13. Glad your pipes only froze but didn’t burst. Tip from the great frozen North: Run a little drip of water overnight on the bitter cold nights. It will prevent your pipes from freezing.

  14. Anonymous5:19 PM EST

    Here’s a parting shout out to the Lincolnton/Lincoln County NC group. I was blessed to live and work there in the wonderful school system for 28 wonderful years. I loved every single minute. I was the LHS librarian for many years before the turn of the century. Those were the most amazing young folks. They taught me so much. I still think that young adolescents like those with their fierce sense of justice could fix so many problems if we just paid more attention to their ideas. I still love Lincoln folks with all my heart! Hugs to all!

  15. Hey, just look at the deer head as another place to hang Christmas lights!! HA! My weekend went way to short! Since I am at a standstill I am starting another quilt; because that's what we do, right?!
    Today I got a call that sent my brain swirling, so the quote was perfect again. I am thinking of changing school districts. It might be for the better, but only time will tell, right? Enjoy the evening...

  16. One taxidermy is ok two or more is too much. In my opinion. But I'm happy it's not in the garbage and this animal, who undoubtedly sired lots of babies, is still being appreciated. (Ps. The smaller bucks taste better anyway)


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