Friday, February 09, 2024

Winter Cardinal & Star of Hope Gift-Away (And Indigo Way Too!)

Oh boy - here we are! Finally!

It's been quite the run around to get things ready, I tell you.

And through this whole process one word kept floating through my mind *Simplify!*  Whatever happened to simplify???

Well that's where we are headed - but more about that at the bottom of this post.

This is what you've been waiting for!  And it was supposed to happen last Friday, but the bronchitis and the getting over my whirlwind adventure to New Zealand just set me back a week.

Winter Cardinal is a Star Spangled Pattern Duo! 

Also includes Star of Hope variation in one PDF pattern booklet! Includes full-color graphics, step-by-step photos and assembly options.

Many units require paper piecing (printable templates included) for accuracy and ease of construction due to block size. Great scrap buster!

Winter Cardinal Quilt Size: 67 1/2’’ X 67 1/2’’

Star of Hope Variation Quilt Size: 57’’ X 57’’

Winter Cardinal

I had so hoped to be able to photograph Winter Cardinal in the snow - it just didn't happen. But I'll take that crystal clear blue sky any day.

Most of these gray scraps came from my plea I made after our Easy Street Mystery many years ago - when I said "If you have a leftover strip, can you pop it in an envelope for me? I have a plan and need variety." And I now have two bins full! LOL!  Remind me never to do that again -

Seriously, it was so fun pulling grays and mixing them with the bright reds to bring about the feeling of my inspiration photo of a cardinal on a snowy winter tree branch.

And that geese border? The icing on the cake!

I quilted Winter Cardinal in a barely gray thread in an edge-to-edge design called Oh My Feathers by Lisa Calle.

The binding used up the last of a nearly-vintage Jinny Beyer print - also feathers - perfection!

Star of Hope - 

The alternate blocks are the same, only the main star block has changed from Winter Cardinal.

For those who missed our Star of Hope Sew Along that ran through Hanukkah in December, you can now find Star of Hope instructions and paper piecing templates for the Star of David blocks as a bonus in the Winter Cardinal PDF pattern booklet.

I loved making these blocks.  I'll do this one again at some point.

Star of Hope was quilted in the same barely grey thread in an edge-to-edge design called Twofold Feathers by  Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting.

This one still makes my heart go pitter patter - all the stars!

The Winter Cardinal PDF pattern booklet is currently 25% off - no coupon needed. You'll find it in the Quiltville Store ONLY. I have had problems with Etsy and have made the decision to close my Etsy shop and only deal with one store. More on that later.

The 25% off is good through 2/23/24. Price reverts to full on 2/24/24. Hurry now and save!

Yes there is a Gift-Away!

I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Winter Cardinal PDF Pattern booklet including Star of Hope from me, and a Facets of Red color roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

We'll draw for our winners on Monday, 2/19/24. 

And we are not done yet! 

Indigo Way is now available as a PDF pattern booklet!

I loved making this quilt with you during or Quiltville Winter Mystery season.

All of the hints, helps, tips, tricks and optional paper piecing foundations are included! 

Vietnam Inspired!

What started as an adventure to Vietnam is captured in this dynamic design. 33 page pattern booklet with full color photos and diagrams, multiple unit options including paper piecing if desired for some units, traditional piecing and specialty ruler instruction.

Make Indigo Way Your Way!

Quilt Size: 87’’ X 87’’

Indigo Way is currently 25% off in the Quiltville Store ONLY. No coupon needed. Sale price good through 2/23/24.  Price reverts back to full on 2/24/24.

Now - as to that Etsy thing?

It's twice the work, and it costs me more to maintain that storefront. And yesterday, I received a notification that if I didn't update my tax information I would be locked down.

So - I did. And entered something wrong.  And when I went to go fix it (they only give 2 tries) they locked me down, with this notification:

Evidently they put me on Etsy House Arrest, and nothing is visible, no one can purchase, and I can't fix it.

I don't need the headache (And I pay them money to do this? Why?) So I am going to simplify.

I am starting the process to close my Etsy store.  If you have any pattern purchases you have yet to download in your Etsy accounts, please do so. NOW.

Purchases on Etsy do not cross over to the Quiltville Store, and I will not be able to serve Etsy customers from this point on.

SIMPLIFY, right?

Okay - that's it.

No, there is more, but it can wait until tomorrow.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I love this simple 9 patch! 

 Aren’t the gray prints and neutral corners just great against that yellow polka dot?

(Is this another great idea to use up some of those still remaining gray scraps?!)
This is your reminder to simply be YOURSELF today!




  1. Anonymous9:34 AM EST

    I stopped even trying to buy from Etsy because it was so awkward and cumbersome that the experience tainted anything I managed to buy. I can only imagine how unpleasant actually operating a store that way would be. So congratulations on simplifying!


  2. Beautiful quilts! Beautiful photos!

  3. Good for you, Bonnie. I believe you have mentioned something to this effect to us before ~ remove those things from your life that cause nothing but aggravation. Thank you for these two incredible patterns. I cannot wait to start pulling my neutrals and reds. This quilt caught my heart from the moment I saw it starting out! AND - That walk in the fresh air sounds like another great idea. I believe I will do that myself. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Sewing

  4. Don't you just love it when your site on any social media gets locked and there's no person you can speak with to unlock it? I've had that happen on 2 platforms and both times my accounts were deleted. I've all but given up on these things. I love all 3 patterns and will be purchasing. It will be much easier to follow the printed versions than the captured version in the sew alongs. Best to you all.

  5. YAY!!!! I love the excitement of pattern release day! THey are both absolutely gorgeous!! And I know they will be added to "the list..." HA!!
    It's FRIDAY!!! AND National Chocolate Day, or Pizza day. WHichever is your favorite!! I am hoping to get the house to myself so I can sew until I wilt!! I need a weekend like that!! Have a great day!

  6. Anonymous10:12 AM EST

    Bravo, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing this issue with us. We all have our travails but your “Get the behind me, satan!” Is a good reminder to let go of the insufferable and do it quickly! More power to you. Unless one of us is the owner of the shopping site involved, I foresee our 100% support. You have encountered bigger mountains than this and made us all the better for it. Take steps that keep YOU happy, not just sane. We have your back. Make this and every day about YOU. And, for goodness sake, find a machine and SEW!

  7. I really admire your ambition and talents. I agree with Etsy's ISSUES! along with others. Your site is much easier to deal with. Keep it up and enjoy your hubs retirement. I know I am enjoying mine. ❤️

  8. Good riddance Etsy. Go on Bonnie and do your brillant thing as independent as you are. Love your work.

  9. I've watched a few videos about Etsy sellers getting locked out of their accounts and Etsy not releasing their money etc. I hope your customers manage to download your patterns in time. Staying with just your own store is the best way for you I think - good luck :)

  10. YEA, I would rather not have Etsy in the middle of getting your patterns. Sorry for your frustrations. I remember sending you some grays. Easy Street was 21 years ago. Time flies. it' is time to do what we love the most. Simplify, one day at a time.
    Have a great weekend. Super Bowl or super SEW Day!!!?

  11. UGH as if life isn't hard enough without technical difficulties.....good for you for moving forward in the easiest possibly way. Love your new patterns and thanks again and again for doing the mystery through the holidays :0). Happy Sewing!

  12. Anonymous1:27 PM EST

    I applaud your decision to leave Etsy. I have not been happy with their service for some time. I too no longer purchase from them. Janice Edwards

  13. I know more than one maker who has left Etsy because of the high cost and the difficulties of using it.

  14. Bought the beautiful Cardinal (DUO) pattern. Can not figure how to print-to-use templates for paper piecing center blocks. I know there are instructions, but I must be too much of a luddite to understand and use them. I have the Pro Adobe.
    I suppose omitting the templates from the instructions saved transport space, but I DO wish they had been there!

    1. Anonymous10:07 AM EST

      Peggy92, in my experience with digital patterns (not just Bonnie's) the templates specify they are for use with the free Adobe Reader version rather than any of the purchased versions. Apparently the other versions do not handle things the same way. I hope this helps.

  15. Anonymous10:06 AM EST

    You are going to drive me crazy, I just finished piecing Rhododendron Trail, (had to work on it between quilts I had to make and quilt) I just started one of your free leader and enders patterns and now I just have to get the Winter Cardinal Pattern. It's perfect for this Buckeye, Scarlet (OK reds) and Gray plus name after Ohio state's bird.( Ohio and several other states' bird)

  16. Anonymous12:40 PM EST

    Just getting ready to retire. Tough decision on which project to start first, but I think I found it! Really like this pattern


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