Saturday, February 24, 2024

Quilting Up The Pineapples!

It was a fairly quiet day yesterday all the way around - only interrupted by a trip to the Chiropractor - 

Of course, any run to town for any reason at all means "DO ALL THE THINGS" so yes, groceries were involved, but also - since The Hubster was in tow, we went back to the antique mall to see if that deer mount was still there.  It was.  Happy Birthday to him!

Hanging it still remains to be seen - but the dogs sure had a heyday barking up a storm at it!

But I digress -

Attempting some side lighting to show the quilting!

Click to Play:

Glimpses from my studio.

While I don't have the upload speed here to do live quilt-cam, I've been listening to pleas of short clips that I can upload to share what is going on here.  So that is my goal - just a short few minutes when I have something to share by video - even though still photos are nice too.

The quilt still doesn't have a name.  I'm leaning toward Blackbird Boogie as blackbirds do their song and dance in the spring around here, and this one is scheduled to release in April.

I know black is a weird color to release in April - but there is clamoring of "I can't wait!" so...

I quilted with a tan thread in an edge-to-edge design called Golden Curls by Apricot Moon Designs.

Binding came together quickly - love the Sew Q Laser on my machine for joining lengths of binding on the diagonal so easily!

See it for yourself at the following shows this weekend and next:

AQS - Daytona, FL
Feb 21st - 24th (Wed - Sat)
Ocean Center

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
Hampton, VA
Feb 28th - March 3rd (Wed - Sun)
Hampton Roads Convention Center

And tell them Bonnie sent you!

In March - you'll find them here:

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Atlanta, GA
March 7th - 9th (Thurs - Sat)
Gas South Arena

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Lakeland, FL
March 14th - 16th (Thurs - Sat)
RO Funding Center

Binding sewn on through all of those layers and seams -

My 201 is the biding champ.

The texture of the piecing plus the quilting is *chef's kiss!*

And there it sat - in my comfy chair.

And I was too knackered to do any hand stitching - sewing black on black is hard on the eyes.

I know the binding looks more red than black, but when folded over as a 1/4'' finished binding, the red just adds a pop of color and is *mostly* black.  It's amazing what you see when it is only 1/4''.

Peeps of spring!

Along with the other errands, we stopped at Tractor Supply and look!  The baby chicks are out. So fluffy and cute.

This makes me think of spring.

Please tell me why it is snowing beyond my window?

Design walls at Quiltville Inn!

I shared much of what was being worked on by the Lincolnton Ladies in yesterday's post.

More ladies headed out on a quilt shop hop yesterday knowing that today's weather was going to...well....mostly suck.  LOL!

But here's a couple of glimpses of things I spied yesterday while the quilters were out and about.

Beautiful sampler in progress - love that blue and yellow!

And some red, white and blue!

I'm sharing the stars here in the center - because they come from a family member's military flag that was in too bad of shape to save.

From what I recall there was a fire, and much of the flag was ruined - 

So she has saved the embroidered stars and is piecing them into this memory quilt.

I just love the creative vision of quilters.

Today it's pretty much a given that no one will be going anywhere.  It's a quilt in your jammies all day kind of snow day.

It's warm enough that it isn't going to really stick - but it is coming down so softly.  So pretty.

Now that the pineapple is in binding stage - what's up for me?

I think I'm back to those ladder star blocks from recycled shirts.

And I'm in the mood to binge something - but what? Not sure.

How about you? What's ahead for your weekend?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I often think of alone time as time to recharge my batteries. 

We all need it. 

Some of our best ideas come to the surface when we have time to quietly listen.

Vintage double nine patch quilt found in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Anonymous9:25 AM EST

    I love your "new" to me, shorts! I thought I might have been missing something when they started! Oh, and love the new pineapple quilt!
    Pat from Ohio

  2. Today I'm putting rows together on an on-point quilt that's been giving me hissy fits! Instructions on adding sashing strips and cornerstones wasn't clear, so Jack has been helping me get through it. I hope to cut borders this weekend. Here in SE Michigan we had snow briefly last night, to remind us it's only February...

  3. When I look at your pineapple quilt, I see blackbirds ( or aircraft) soaring over snowy fields. It’s fantastic!

  4. I’m loving your video clips!
    And this pineapple quilt is beautiful

  5. Thank you for sharing your quilt designs and thread choices. I have a long arm but it is not computerized...yet. Figuring out what design to use and the thread color are some of the hardest things for me to do so I appreciate when you share those ideas. The pineapple quilt is beyond amazing. I see spiderwebs all over it. Not in a halloween way though. I find spiders to be fascinatng creatures and their webs are a thing of beauty. So is your quilt.

    1. Anonymous6:55 PM EST

      Kathie, if you watch Jordan Fabrics videos, Donna shows many options when she chooses thread color. This might help your process. Fran in Pa.

  6. I enjoyed watching your Pineapple quilt being quilted on YouTube last night. So pretty, and the design is perfect. I saved it to my Urban Elementz wish list. Happy Birthday to your Hubster, and so nice he got his deer mount. :-) I enjoyed seeing the baby chicks. It was a wonderful reminder of many years of hatching chicks in my kindergarten classes. The County Extension Office supplied an incubator and the eggs, and then took them to a farm when they were about a week old. It was a wonderful learning experience for the kids, and then it ended when animals weren't allowed in schools. Thanks for the memory.

  7. I was gifted bags and bags of scraps pre-cut into squares of all sizes and perfectly sorted. I'm whipping up some baby quilts for my local hospital where I volunteer. Every newborn goes home with a quilt and other homemade goodies. Happy Sewing from coastal NC where the sun is shining and it's 60+ degrees.

  8. Have a great day. I loved the 60's temps we had yesterday. Thanks for sharing the quick clips from the QPO. I miss Quiltcam, too. Still trying to quilt my Purple Jubilee. 'Betsy' the Quilt machine is being naughty. spent way too much frogging time last night.

  9. Patty Potter3:25 PM EST

    Working on a scrappy quilt to donate to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization that builds and supplies beds and all the linens and mattress to kids 3-17.....

  10. Anonymous5:10 PM EST

    I bought the Sew Q Laser at the Houston Quilt Show. Love it! Thanks for your recommendation. Billie

  11. YAY!! This quilt quilted made my day!!I have loved it from the first post you posted about it! I also love the quote for the day, I think my daughter calls it "me time!" HA! Have a great weekend... p.s. we're in the 80's here in South Central Texas! ;)

  12. Anonymous6:59 PM EST

    Bonnie, when I saw the picture of the chicks I thought you were going to say that got some of those too. Ha Ha. There is nothing quite like your own fresh eggs. I’m sure the ladies at the inn would love them. Fran in Pa.

    1. I thought they were her little chicks also! 🐤🐥

  13. Anonymous1:20 PM EST

    I love the Quote of the Day. Sometimes we just need some time to be bored. Some time to look for shapes in the clouds, think about "what if" or "why do". . Lu Anne S.


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