Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What's One More Machine?

Good morning everyone!

I'm up extra early this morning - because not only do I have to leave for a doctor appointment (I try to get afternoon - but they said the latest they had was 9:30??) and wanted to get this posted before I go, but also because I couldn't wait to come downstairs and pet this and see that it really was for real!

It all started when my neighbor friend Carolyn dropped by after my trip to New Zealand and asked if I wanted a vintage Singer sewing machine in a cabinet.

Interest piqued!

We went over late yesterday afternoon and after a good chat and visit we were taken to the storage where the machine was - and my jaw dropped.

What a cool cabinet!

1950s styling - that's obvious.  But the storage!  Look at these drawers - I love the spool/bobbin holders in this one.

What looks like two drawers at the bottom, is really a double deep drawer with a sliding tray.

Storage galore!

As to the machine?  She said it wouldn't run.  But I could give it a try?

I was told it was missing a shuttle.

But - it's a 404 with a drop front bobbin. It doesn't need a bobbin case. Everything was there - though she was extra dry.

I gave her a good drink of oil and let her sit a bit.

And then I plugged her in, crossed my fingers and - Click to Play

She purrs!

I didn't have time to check the serial number yet to get a birthdate on her.

I love the cabinet so much my mind is trying to figure out just where I'm going to put her -

While I love the set up with the Juki in the old Janome cabinet that Hubster Dave retro fitted for me, I'm afraid if I put the machine on top that the knee lift won't have enough room to work with the depth of that fake front panel that is not a drawer - just a faƧade.

My biggest thing about the Juki in the Janome cabinet is that it sits to low for me and I am contemplating risers for it some how if this desk cabinet doesn't work.

More info on that to come - I've got to scoot to make it to that appointment in time, and the March Quiltvillians are arriving this afternoon so I'll have to hurry back from there too.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them and grow from them that defines us.

Get out there and make some beautiful, wonderful, creative mistakes! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Lucky gal you! Great cabinet...on the prowl for one myself...for my 328k

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM EST

    She looks wonderful. If I were closer I would be trying to talk you in to letting her come to my homešŸ˜Š

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM EST

    This Singer looks like the one my mom had, and I learned to sew on it. Mom had a different cabinet for her machine. The machine lowered in the cabinet and the lid lowered over the machine.

  4. Nellie Rowe from Nebraska9:06 AM EST

    I have a cabinet and machine just like her! I love her!

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM EST

    Score! Love the old Singers and that is a great cabinet! Yay Carolyn!
    Bonnie B

  6. What a wonderful gift! I wish I could find a beautiful cabinet like that for my Mom's old Singer 403.

  7. Hi Bonnie! Here is something to think about for a solution to your problem with the height of your Juki. I use power controlled height adjustable tables to get just the right height for my sewing machines. I did look for ones that have a solid table top and for ones that lower to 28 inches high, which for me is low enough to make the bed of my Pfaff 7570 a comfortable regular tabletop height. Also, whenever I need to raise my chair height to make my legs or back a little more comfortable, I can just push a button to raise the table a little higher to keep me at a comfortable sewing position. The cheaper ones only go down to 30 or 31 inches which is too high for my use. I found mine in the $300-$400 price range on Amazon. This table is rock solid and doesn't move if the sewing machine starts shaking and can be raised to standing height. Just an idea to ponder.

  8. What a sweet find!! I just love that cabinet that it sits on... it looks like an old desk. I would be super excited about that one! Have a great day... there's a doctor appointment in my future today as well. Have safe travels! :)

  9. Anonymous10:24 AM EST

    I have a cabinet like that. Hubby took off the front wood piece and nailed another board 4" down. Leave 3" open in front and the knee lift will still work. Then he cut an acrylic piece to fill up the opening and my 30 year old Bernina fits with a flat surface.

  10. Beautiful machine!!!

  11. Oh, that's is the same cabinet that I inherited from one of my grandmothers! (Though Grandma had a Singer Touch-and-Throw in there, not something cast iron and durable....) I especially love it because I do my quilting on my Singer 15 in its smaller cabinet, and I can position that in front of grandma's cabinet, which then provides a large surface to hold the weight of the quilt...

  12. Thank you for showing a REAL sewing setup, I also have three sewing stations set up and love to be able to leave one project and hop to another station all set up for when the spirit moves me! Congratulations on your newest singer, what a beauty!!

  13. She fits right in! The cabinet is wonderful!

  14. Bonnie!! I have that EXACT same cabinet! I'm missing the sliding tray in the deep bottom drawer, but I do have the original padded stool. The finish on yours is in excellent condition!

    My trusty workhorse Singer fits the cabinet perfectly, but she's kind of on end-of-life care. My new Pfaff doesn't fit the cabinet at all, and neither does my Juki. So, like you, I'm not sure how to best use my cabinet at the moment, after spending many happily productive hours sitting at it with my Singer.

    I hope we both figure out good solutions. :) Congrats on your new acquisition!

  15. I love the drawers being on the left! My sewing machine cabinet has the drawers on the right and it's really annoying for me as a left-hander!

  16. She is gorgeous! I just finished a throw sized quilt top on a vintage 401A slant. Just like my Grandmother sewed. It is in the same cabinet as your 404. It's a fabulous, roomy cabinet. And I'm loving the vintage Singer. I hope your girl gets all the love and attention :)

  17. Ruth Tacoma6:45 AM EST

    Well that was fun!! I loved hearing your voice for the first time. It's funny how it makes a person seem 'realer' (not a word, but conveys a point anyway). Beautiful cabinet & machine!! How sweet to get them. And I am a little jealous of the 301's...I've been wanting a pretty two tone tan 301 to sew on. At first I was looking for a featherweight, but then a gal had a 301 at a class and I loved it even more than a FW. Enjoy your new machine and that gorgeous cabinet!!

  18. Anonymous3:52 PM EST

    I inherited my step-mother’s sewing desk it is just like yours. She got it new when it first came out. It has a singer machine in it ,I think it is a Merritt, I’ll have to check it. She made all her clothes on it. She was a great seamstress. It sews great. I know you’ll enjoy it. Ratchell from AR


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