Thursday, February 01, 2024

Forecast: Cold With A High Chance Of Sewing!

This photo.  

You know that moment when the shot turns out so perfect that it only takes 3 seconds to stop the car, roll down the window and snap it?

That's what happened here.

What I love most?

The pop of red on the building in the foreground while everything else is shrouded in shades of gray.

It's harder to see unless you look - but those clouds are kissing the top of the mountain - chef's kiss!

I took this shot as I followed The Hubster - me driving the Subaru, and he in the van (with the dogs!) as we tag-teamed to drop the van off to have the tires changed.

I rounded the bend at the top of Grassy Creek Road - right where it crests the hill, and stopped.

After quickly taking the shot, I rolled up the window and continued on my way to catch up = finding he had pulled over around the next corner wondering why he lost me from his rear-view.

Because.  Photo op.  Nuff said!

Staining has happened!

The stain happened on Tuesday evening - that explains why the lights were on so late.

I am hoping that today it is dry enough to start putting the clear coat on.  Double thick, please!

Oh - before I go any further - there won't be a blog post tomorrow -

I had Dave make a dermatology appointment for me. He made it for first thing in the morning!

We'll be leaving at 7:15 am to get me to Boone for my 8:30 appointment

He should know better - I always take the first appointment after lunch so I can get my morning routine taken care of.

He always makes HIS appointments first thing in the morning because he wants them over and done with.

It's oaky.  This dermatologist is really hard to get into, so I'll stick with it - but when I make my next appointment it will be the first one after lunch.

First one after lunch today - eye doc, also in Boone.  But what's a girl to do?

At any rate - I'll catch up with you on Saturday.

Recovery is still happening - day 5 of antibiotic today, coughing is less, congestion is manageable and I am back to the land of the living - and quilting!

After an afternoon nap post lunch I finally convinced myself that I needed to just go down and sew something.  Anything.

Since pineapples were already easily accessible by my machine, I sat down and just paper pieced pineapple blocks for 3 hours.

Boy, did THAT feel good!

They take about an hour each - and this was my result.

Do you remember me telling the story how as newlyweds we were informed that Dave's folks would be coming to OUR place for Christmas dinner that first year?

And I thought I'd make matching table cloth, napkins and a stuffed Christmas tree centerpiece as our decor?

I bought this print in 3 color ways - the SAME PRINT!  White on red, red on white, and this green on white -

I think these blocks contain the last two pieces of this print I bought for Christmas in 1981.

It was overload of the same print, same print, same print that Christmas.  And to this day I still don't like to duplicate a print in another color way in the same quilt. Just can't do it.

Yes, we saw Quilts in Te Anau, New Zealand!

Or at least this one!

And it was hand quilted!

Roby Rogers had this quilt on display at The Arts Hub shop down from our hotel.  We stopped in here to take up some time before we boarded a boat to take us over to see the glow worms in the caves. (More on that later.)

We were all so excited to see a quilty connection and enjoyed the artisan's works so much.

I will admit I came home with more pairs of hand made earrings this trip than I ever have - but they were lightweight and didn't take up space in my suitcase!

Some purchased handspun yarns and other items made in this little community.

Meanwhile out front -

Nola obeyed the sign and sat down to knit!

Okay - time to head out on a repeat of yesterday - tag teaming to pick up the van with the new tires, and over to the inn to see what's going on there.

Eye appointment at 12:15 - need to leave by 11am.

No blog tomorrow - but catch you Saturday.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Happy February everyone!
While you are busy taking care of everyone else make sure you take time to take care of yourself as well!
Applique butterfly from a quilt top my great auntie Irene made.

Have a terrific Thursday -



  1. This year must be the year to use the 1980's cotton and finish the quilt for which it was meant. Back in the day, I used templates and hand pieced and quilted. I had finished 8 blocks in the London Roads design. Using the templates, I have finished more block. Boy, do I prefer the tools we use today.

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM EST

    I just used the last of a print that was so kind to tell me 1974. It is in my Indigo Way.

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM EST

    I so enjoy your blog, Bonnie. The wintery photo is exquisite - brrrr-inducing, but exquisite. Congrats on your floors. Hope all docs' visits go smoothly. Keep writing, you've got the gift! (PS I tried some applique for the first time; it looks like a 5-year-old did it, quite horrible. How did Auntie Irene get her stitches so even??!)

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM EST

    I am loving that black and white pineapple block. And I think I have enough black scraps to do it when pattern availablešŸ˜Š

  5. Haha! So funny to me because my husband does the same darned thing! He goes early morning and I always ask for after lunch so my morning routine and chores get done. Gotta love them! Glad you are feeling better. Bronchitis is no joke!

  6. I love the way Auntie Irene embroidered the butterfly bodies. Beautiful!

    1. The embroidery is a good way to define the butterfly without a lot of piecing. I like it a lot.

  7. i think there was a time where matchy matchy same print different colorways was all the beans!!! Nice how our creative child grows and steps out for herownsweetself! more rain in Carlsbad CA ... hugs, smiles & blessings, Cats

    1. Bonnie, I think your Christmas dinner table must have looked so cute, and it was "of the time." Our tastes do change (even what we like to eat changes) over time, as we see and try new things.

  8. Your snowy picture is awesome and makes me want to visit my Tennessee roots. Lovely pic. I would have stopped for a pic too, and a few moments to just take in the scenery. YAY, Nola, for sitting and knitting. :-) Glad you got to sew some, and that you're starting to feel better!

  9. You were right to stop for that photo op. What a perfect brooding, wintery scene. I have a string spiderweb quilt that often gives me glimpses of fabric used years ago and almost forgotten projects. What a nice reminder. I am sure you have those same feelings about that visit of you in-laws, despite the unfortunate fabric choices in your decorating. LOL

  10. Such a peaceful scene! I grab moments like that when I can as well. So glad to hear that you are feeling better...
    Those floors are looking gorgeous!! Enjoy the day tomorrow; we are so glad it's Friday!!

  11. You've jumped right back into your busy routine....I don't know how you do it :0). Those floors are looking fabulous, I never have seen "chestnut" wooden floors before, how beautiful! Glad to hear you are feeling better and got a few hours of sewing time in. Safe driving in that snow!

  12. Anonymous11:58 AM EST

    Love that pic! It just screams to be made as a landscape wintry scene quilt, utilizing FMQ to texturize it. Swoon. Glad you're almost back to Bonnie-full-Go speed, the Quiltvilla Inn's floors are gorgeous. Enjoy your Friday. Bluegate Farmgirl


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