Thursday, February 22, 2024

From Picton to Wellington!

When is a ferry more like a cruise ship?

When it is the Interislander!

New Zealand's most famous and beautiful ferry route is between Wellington in the North Island and Picton in the South Island.

The journey between the two islands is commonly referred to as 'crossing the Cook Strait'.

The sailing time is around 3.5 hours (weather dependent). 

Yes, the ferry takes cars and trucks too - and look who we saw as we were boarding:

Hi baby!

Where are ewe off to by ferry?

Beautiful port town of Picton

Pulling away from the dock -

It's kind of windy up on deck - hold on to your hats!

Closed off area - but look at that scenery!

All through the cruise my mind kept singing "A three hour tour...a three hour tour...."

Window is bit filmy, but here are all the cars and vehicles - the sheep were in those big green trucks - I hope they enjoyed the view, too!

Meanwhile inside - some in my group found a lounge area.

Yes, there was a cafeteria, a gift shop, and even live music!  Click to Play:

And of course plenty of hexie time while we sailed.

This was the continuation of the same day that we did the 5 hour train from Christchurch to Picton - it was a LONG day.  But we loved it!

And to continue our quilter's welcome with every spot we landed in - someone I knew for a long time online was there at our hotel to greet us with a show of quilts!  This is Tina - she lives in Wellington.

Nothing like an impromptu quilt show on the hotel steps!

Tumblers leader & ender challenge from the Free Patterns tab.  Did you make one?

Wild and Goosey - biggie sized!

Allietare!  So gorgeous!

View from my hotel room as I dropped off my bags - it was my birthday and Tina and I were headed down to the pier for dinner.

There is a lot of  night life happening down here - 

So many restaurants and shops!

Beautiful city!

Beautiful mural!

Aunty June Jackson was known for her unparalleled dedication and service to the community, dignitaries, and the wider society. Her extensive portfolio of work encompassed a wide variety of spheres, ranging from her instrumental role in organizing major cultural events, to her advocacy for social justice and community empowerment.

The artwork, created by internationally renowned artist Graham Hoete (Mr G), adorns Shed 1 along the city's iconic waterfront, serving as a lasting tribute to a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to the betterment of Wellington and its residents.

As a tribute to June's immeasurable contributions, Wellington City Council awarded June the Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Award in 2017
. [source}

It was quite the whirlwind day, and I literally fell into bed until the next morning.

And yes, there is more Wellington coming - we loved this city!

Yesterday I was posting about our Kenya trip coming up in September, and it had me going back to 2019 when I was last there - here is a beautiful, colorful video of our time spent with the Samburu tribe - LOVED it!  Click to Play:

I am looking forward to returning.  To seeing how the children have grown. To have the opportunity to once again join in the dance.

Find more about my Kenya trip HERE.

Back here in real time - The Lincoln Guild Group from Lincolnton, NC is in the house!

Today the temps should be warm enough to grab a couple of willing participants and get an outside walk in.  Winter isn't over yet - we are headed back to cold, so if we don't do it today, it won't happen.

And - I need to choose a backing for the pineapple quilt.

Two Days Left!

Winter Cardinal and Indigo Way PDF pattern booklets are 25% off through Friday 2/23/24 in the Quiltville Store. No coupon needed - hurry now and save!

How about you? What's on your plate today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This can be a hard one. 

Some things are worth sticking with because you know in your heart it's what you need to do, but other situations that steal your happiness? 

Life is too short for that. 

Let It Go.

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. My good friend is from Lincolnton and her family is still there :0) Hope everyone has a great week, can't wait to see what they are sewing! Thanks for more travel log from NZ :0) loving it!

  2. Vicki Adams12:58 PM EST

    I'm loving reliving this trip through your words and photos. It's fun to see myself in your pictures. Thank you, Bonnie! I had a fabulous time.

  3. I was totally not expecting the ewe!! That was too cute! Thank you for the impromptu trip to the bay again! That ferry looks like fun! Enjoy the warmer weather.... it's going to be in the low 80's here in South Central Texas. The bluebonnets are coming out!! I can't wait! I know it won't be long before you have a backing for that Pineapple and have it on the machine. Have a good evening!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the photos from your trip!

  5. Anonymous8:42 PM EST

    AQS Daytona Beach I met the inventor of Sew Q Laser, the price is discounted if you buy at the show. I told them I read about it on your blog. Thanks Bonnie

  6. Anonymous9:06 PM EST

    Great Post

  7. Happy Birthday! Best wishes for a happy and healthy year ahead!

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM EST

    Since my daughter lives in NZ, I have visited 13 times. Enjoyed the pictures so much. They remind me of how much fun we had there, not to mention the beauty. I hope you tried the world famous wine…


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