Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Out & About in Wellington, NZ!

Did you know that Wellington, New Zealand is rated the windiest city in the world?

It is also the southernmost capitol in the world.

Wellington is packed with over 400 cafes and restaurants which on a per person basis rivals that of New York.

And just take a look at that harbor!

Yes, I've got a couple of days in between retreat groups so I'm turning back to editing photos and deleting those ones that I don't want to keep - and telling the story of my recent visit.

City sprawl beyond the harbor

There was a break in the clouds where the sun is shining on the right.

And that windy thing is no lie!

Click to Play:

Our view from the top of Mt Victoria.

Windy, but what a great view!

Beautiful blooming trees!

"The Beehive" 

Legend has it that 'The Beehive', the city's well-known Parliament Building was in fact designed on the back of a napkin as a joke. The designer never thought for a moment it would be built.

Our amazing Kiwi guide telling us all of the details.

And of course - statues of folks I can't remember -

But here is a fun thing I CAN remember!

Led by Kate Sheppard, New Zealand became the first nation in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections. This happened in 1893.

Way to go, New Zealand!  And I love that the crosswalk signals have a walking KATE.

Beautiful old church -  now an art center.

It's so hard to photograph stained glass through the sunshine.

Concerts, weddings and other events are held here.

Notice the Funicular sign at the left!

And follow the way we are headed -

Riding the funicular up to the botanical gardens!

All aboard!

Another great view from up top -

Looks like games are starting up in the park -

Remembering that it was January at home, and there was a polar vortex happenings - and there I was in New Zealand in the midst of summer enjoying my favorite agapanthus.

Funny story - when Jason was little I worked in a flower shop.  And we'd occasionally get these in for bouquets and flower arrangements.

The shop owner (really funny guy!) called them "Aunt Agatha's Panties." It's a great way to remember that they are Agapanthus. 

I can hear him in my memory opening a newly delivered box of fresh cuts, lifting the lid and exclaiming "Oh look!  More Aunt Agatha's Panties!"  We'd just shake our heads and laugh.

They are still my favorite.

Hydrangea -

My other favorite - cone flowers!

Random guy walking a dog through the rose garden.

Don't know her either - but you should have smelled the roses.

Yellow roses - also a favorite.

We ate in the cafe here!

Ducks in the fountain -

Hi guys!

On our way back to the bus -

It was such a marvelous trip.  Travel has opened my eyes and brought so many wonderful experiences to my life that never would have happened if I hadn't decided to just go.

Life is short.  Take the trip! 

 Kenya is coming up in September! This is a repeat tour (as is Ireland) as it is so fabulous everyone asks when I'm going back as they want to come too. 

In January 2025 we'll go escape more winter by heading to Australia!  Tour details will be up on that soon.

Visit my Craftours Page with all of my tours in one place!

Back in real time:

I was so ashamed.

But no mare!

Yesterday this machine got a spa day.  ALL of the lint and dust were removed - and I even took off the bottom of the machine case and got everything out of everywhere.

I oiled her up good, changed needles, reset my seam allowance - and it was smooth sailing from here!

What is now at the forefront"  Click to Play:

I'm working on my Ladder Star blocks from the Nov/Dec 2016 Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker Magazine!

I'm this far with about 18 blocks left to go.

Housekeeper Susan is on her way over to work her magic.

There are beds to make and towel baskets to fold and make ready for my Wednesday arrivals - but after that this is where you'll find me.

Making more blocks with recycled shirt fabrics and having a ball.

What's up for your Tuesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Drown out the chaos and noise and follow your own muse.
Sometimes we have to step away from the din to hear ourselves think and creating helps with the thinking.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. This pattern will be so great for my burgeoning pile of shirts!
    We went to Australia years ago but didn't have time for NZ, and I doubt we'll make it now, so I'm enjoying your pics!

  2. The pics of Wellington were fabulous! Scenery is lovely, but I especially enjoyed the plants and rose garden. Makes me want to play in the dirt and buy new flower plants. I also enjoyed the story of "Aunt Agatha's Panties."

  3. I'm loving the side trips back to New Zealand! Thank you for continuing to share. Today we are just trying to make it... :)
    Have a great day!

  4. Happy Tuesday to you, too! I love the addition of a little bit of you in a video... i know there's a name for it, video? chat?? It's fun to hear your voice and view your projects... I agree w/your admonition!? Travel, yes, go now! Do it while you can... you never know when it won't be an option!!! Thanks to Bonnie for all you do for the quilters in the world and blessings... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Fun trip for sure. I love living vicariously through you. Retirement doesn't afford us the international trips. I'm happy to travel across a couple of the States next month to go to Southern California. Gotta do it while I can. Disneyland doesn't entice me but a Historical Museum, YES! A place where my ancestors went, YES! Hav a wonderful week. I'll be stitching again this afternoon. being old I have Dr appointments earlier than I want.

  6. The bronze statue is Seddon who was Prime Minister of New Zealand for 13 years. The statue is by Sir Thomas Brock who is pretty much forgotten these days but his most famous sculpture is one of the most photographed and filmed statues in the world: the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace.


  7. Is there any chance that the Addicted to Scraps blocks will ever become a book or its own yearly block series? I hate to destroy my magazines, but I have so many!

  8. Anonymous1:20 PM EST

    I’m helping in the judging room getting ready for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

  9. Love the "Aunt Agatha's Panties" . Reminds me of Worcestershire Sauce as "Wash Your Sister" sauce that I heard a Southern cook say once.

  10. Anonymous2:15 PM EST

    Just watched this one & thought others who may be going to England next year on Craftours might enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRIA2uwXhAE&list=WL&index=107. This is Mary Berry's Country House Secrets - S01 EP01, featuring Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), showing the grounds, staff, and owners.

  11. Anonymous3:08 PM EST

    Bonnie, love see you NZ photos, we were at a lot of the same places, so it’s fun to revisit them. As to what are you doing today….i just got home from the public library. I pushed 3 tables together and pin basted my kiwi quilt. Cheers, Louise

  12. Thanks for the video clips, love to see what you are working on. So much inspiration!

  13. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Love the star blocks. Love this blog.

  14. Kaye Hlavaty8:10 AM EST

    Love your travel pictures! Did you sing the funicular song? 🎵

  15. Thank you for sharing your photos and memories from your travels. It's wonderful to travel along with you from my home. Love the idea of using shirt fabrics. Is the Ladder Star pattern available for purchase?

  16. Anonymous9:03 AM EST

    Love the pictures! Thanks for including us in the trip. My mother (who was born in 1921) taught me to call them Aggie’s Pants. It is still how I remember what their real name is.

  17. Anonymous6:07 PM EST

    Have really enjoyed touring NZ with you, most of the places don’t seem to have changed much, still a fabulous destination. Sorry to correct you on one thing…Wellington is no longer the most southerly capital, nor was it when you were there, that honour goes to the City of Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Another fabulous place which is worth a visit.


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