Thursday, February 24, 2022

When We Need A Little Sunshine -

This is Karen's sweet mama Mary Anne!

She celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday, receiving a beautiful Tulip Time quilt from Karen in honor of her big day.

How many 85 year olds do you know who can get down on the floor like this - and still get back up?

You have to love the socks too - another gift that Karen knitted herself.

Happy Birthday, indeed!

It felt a bit springy here too as I finished the rest of the prepping for Susan's Retreat group, with members arriving from Florida, North Carolina, and Indiana!

Do you have a plethora of silk plants like I do?

I found the silk plant cleaning spray and decided to give it a try.  It's water soluble, and what could it hurt?

I've tried hosing them off in the shower, and that always leaves a mess and the leaves tend to look a bit dull and worse for wear after washing.

The day was lovely enough that taking them outside to do them on the low brick wall was perfect.

The directions say to spray away from furniture or carpets, so outside is best.  I just sprayed to mist the leaves, and then shook them to get rid of any excess and let them dry.  They look new.

I am so excited that I'll be doing this again to keep the silks at the inn looking as lovely as ever.

I don't have "real" plants because I am allergic to the mold that tends to grow in potting soil. I know my other house guests may have the same thing.  

If you want to give this a go you'll find the FloraCraft Silk Plant Cleaner Spray in the Keeping it Clean section of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

Other things that happened:

Workout, Day Two!

I'm feeling it more in my core than I thought I would and that is a grand thing.  I separated the fatigue mats in front of the longarm so I can use my left hand to steady me if I need it.

For those who asked about a balance bar - I can add a separate one to my mini tramp, but I need less stuff in my way.

So far I've only needed this when doing a bit of leg lifting.  But go with what works for you.

I tried to sew.  I really did.

My Fish School Leader & Ender basket is nearly full of everything I'll need to start my layout process -

As units are made in between other thigs I just toss them in here and when I have a good pile, I pin them in sets of 10 to keep count.

However - I couldn't keep my mind on anything.  

The news from Ukraine is just so upsetting. 

All of this talk of "They won't invade..they won't invade" and now full out war and more threats of bloodshed. 

The world has learned nothing.

The words of "Where have all the flowers gone" from the Vietnam protest days keep going through my head.

"Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing - gone to graveyards everyone..."

I try to force the tears away and get on with my day - but it is  so upsetting.

I spent more time just sitting in my studio comfy chair with Lola on my lap than I care to admit.

I can't be the only one lost in this swirl of thoughts over the condition of our world.

And then there was the saga of these two Bumbling Barkers.

These girls caught a whiff of something – likely a deer – and took off up the mountain through the woods where it is impossible for old people like us to follow. While we stood there watching it happen!
Called for them. NADA. Drove the four-wheeler all around the 42 acre property looking for them. Nada.⁣
4 hours later after much frantic searching and calling (we live in a mountainous area where GPS and satellite collars have failed in the past.) they come prancing around the cabin happy as clams and soaking wet from playing in the creek. Aauuuugggh!⁣
Please no suggestions on what we need to do unless you also live in a remote area on the side of a mountain where no GPS tracking is available and electric fences don't work.⁣

GPS trackers either require a cell signal (not available) or satellite connection. (mostly not available due to the mountains.)
They are both chipped and have name and address tags.⁣
I was just happy to be smelling two wet dogs.

Way too proud of herself.

Has no shame!

had so many questions on last evening's post about my runaway dogs and their dog bowls that I thought I would post this here.
They are called slow feeder bowls and they stop the dogs from inhaling their food and then throwing it back up.
They eat slower, which means they feel more full and don't eat as much.
I have listed them in the Pets Matter section of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate store:
It's currently 54% off at only $9.25 instead of $19.99
I do get a small commission if you purchase through my link.

Commissions are spent on dog toys! LOL!

The Susan's Retreat gals arrived in fine form and even enjoyed dinner out at our local Corner Market Cafe.

I'm headed over to spend some morning time with them before taking off for a much needed haircut.

I've missed 2! The first was missed because my stylist caught Covid. The second time I cancelled because the hubster scheduled our DMV appointments at the same time.

I'm feeling rather shaggy and I'm looking forward to this mop being taken care of.

What's up for your Thursday today?

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage drunkards path quilt from my collection found in Virginia.

Where will your path lead you today?

Are you ready to break away and blaze your own?

Have a wonderful Thursday, folks -



  1. The dogs were just taking your advice and blazing their own trails! Marilyn Marks

  2. The quote " Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it " has been foremost in my mind this week. I will try to get some sewing in to calm my soul today. I am working on a piano key type of scrappy border to frame a foundation pieced scrappy strip quilt (with a small black border in between). I am on a mission to take a chunk out of Mt. Scrapmore.

    1. I don't think that the 'powers to be' have any thought for, "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it". I was so shocked when I learned what Russia had done. Russia is a HUGE country, I can't imagine why the need to add more through thievery and killing. It is so so sad.

  3. yes, as a matter of fact my 87 year old mom gets on the floor and she has all metal parts for hips and knees! lol

    1. When I saw the picture my first thought was can she get up by herself Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Glad they stayed together. Naughty pups.

  5. Doggie Mama, when you can't hike because of the mud, we just go by ourselves and come home when we're all done. Life is good! :-)

  6. Love the quote and the quilt. Making a Drunkards Path is on my list, and I'm getting closer. Thanks for sharing the picture!

  7. Love the quote of the day.... thank you for being a scrappy trailblazer for us Bonnie! You teach us how to make fabulous quilts from our scraps! And it seems your puppies want to be trailblazers too (of the forest variety, not the fabric type!)

  8. Feel the same way Bonnie. Let's appreciate the simple things in life today like our family, pets and hobbies. We're all in this together ❤

  9. Glad those pooches came back to be loved, my English springers also have gone off on something they just wanted to come back to snuggle in the quilts!

  10. I'm flooded with sad memories, fear and anger, David and Goliath, and there is no point, no reason for it. Wars never end well and I'm left feeling helpless, wishing I was a brave babushkaed Grandmother. I'm sewing scraps, willy nilly. Stay safe, thankful for you to be with strong women.

  11. My heart sank as I skimmed the news this morning. I will pray. I planned to cut neutrals for making my butterfly blocks for my Rhododendron Trail quilt top last night but after a very full day planting in our greenhouses I was to pooped. So I just relaxed in my chair watching a bit if Andy Griffith before heading off to bed. Lol! Maybe tonight I will get to those neutrals!

  12. My hairstylist moved to a new salon so I'm bravely trying someone new this week! Sunshine-y but cold here yet!

  13. Not offering advice on the runaway dogs, just sympathy. We're rural too, and my dogs occasionally do the same thing - take off into our timber, with no regard for calls or shouts. Dogs operate on instinct, and sometimes nothing can override that.

    One small suggestion, if you haven't already tried it, is to get a really good referee whistle, like a Fox 40. A whistle carries a lot farther than lung power when you're trying to call them back, and dogs seem to respond to whistles. It helps us, like... 2%. Sigh...

  14. I am horrified by the brazen action, and no one is standing up for them. Sanctions don't stop missiles. It's amazing to see people calmly walking down the street while you can hear explosions in the background. They are much more brave than I would be. People are dying, all we can do is pray for the people caught in the middle of this greed for land and power.
    Take all the comfort Lola offers, you care for her, now she cares for you.

  15. Happy Thursday to you too Bonnie. You are not alone in your feelings and trying to cope and just get on with your day over the world situation. I just can't wrap my mind around it all. So I get on with my day, but it is always on my mind. Your Pups! I have 2 grand pups and one is new and young! So much energy. He is also a rescue and a real handful. He has a feeding bowl like Zoey and Mable have to slow him down. I love your quote of the day today too, I always love them. I start most of my mornings with you and my coffee! Thank you so much for all you do and share with us! You and your sharing your talent and life with us means so much to so many!

  16. The Cold War ended a long time ago, Putin definitely missed the “Memo”. He wants to live in the past and is missing out on the present and the future. The world have moved on, we all want to live in peace and joy! My new grand fur babies will need bowls like this, one puppy and kitten. As for the dog toys, they love to play. They need many more toys, they give the toys love and then the toys have as much fun and gets worn out requiring replacement toys!

  17. Traveling on snowy roads this morning. Wayward dogs found their way home. You had a few hours of fretting. Sorry the world turned upside down again. I remember Vietnam. Sad events in our History. Thanks for your words.

  18. Bonnie I'm so sorry about the violence in this world, it's so difficult for so many reasons. I live waaaay off the beaten path like you, and my 2 big dogs would take off after deer sometimes, too, though they never stayed gone that long. I worried about them so much when they did that! We put an electric fence around our clearing, not bothering to bury it, just laid the wire through the woods on the ground, and put collars on them. It helped a little bit. We also built them a pen yard which helped when we were gone, with a dog door into the laundry room so they could get indoors, and that worked but turned into a mud pit. No easy answers, I feel for you and I'm sure they had a grand time. You're clever, you'll figure something out. 😘

  19. Looks like Mabel is teaching Zoey a bit about water and how much fun it is to romp in. Maybe now you won't have to wade in with Zoey to show her. Such fun reading about their antics. Trying to decide how to set my L/E from last year. Then I have to get busy on finishing RT.

  20. I think our politicians are naive when it comes to Russia. If we thought Putin would not invade, we are naive. Why would he surround the Ukraine if he didn't want to seize the entire country? I am so heart broken about this situation. I am continuing on my Bitcoin until President Biden speaks and then I 'll turn off the TV. It is too stressful to watch and listen to the bad news.

  21. We had a cocker spaniel who was runner every time she got the chance. She disappeared for a week one time…figured she got into coyote poison. Found out she had been at the neighbor’s house pretty much the whole time eating bacon and eggs with their very overweight dog. 😬. From then on, we knew where to look for her. At least yours come back on their own. It’s so funny that they both sleep on their backs..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. I hear you on the Ukraine. I'm contemplating a drive to the next town's big box store to take advantage of their 11% off sale to stock up on laundry soap this afternoon. Somehow that just doesn't seem appropriate when Ukrainian civilians are getting shelled. What can we do except pray? That doesn't seem like enough, but...

  23. As distressing as the news is, it motivates me to make more quilts for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who will be far from home, doing their jobs...standing the the breach. Praying it doesn't lead to WWIII...Putin is following Germany's play-book of the 1930s though. Love that your babies came home, tired and happy - it is certainly scary for us when they do that!!

  24. I bought one of those food bowls for my boy when he was a puppy, he got the hang of it very quickly. You pick it up and turn it over, quickly gulp the food off the floor and then play with the bowl. I can see my dog and my brothers taking themselves off and having a great time just like your two.

  25. I try to stay out of the news, political or not. All I can do is pray. We had a rare good day at school, even though it was cold and yucky! Hot chocolate was involved, and the kids in Culinary class learned about the microwave by putting the chocolate cake in a mug in. YUM! I am working on a Disappearing 9 Patch, and I need to cut some more for the Idaho Square Dance. I am using the 4 patches for L/E's. Love hearing about your furbabies antics. Glad it was a happy ending. Hopefully the news abroad ends happy as well. Have a good evening!

  26. The news on Ukraine is devastating. Nato and our allies are standing up for the Ukranians. From what I understand (from people that have lived in Ukraine or recently visited) Ukakraine has a substantial military and are ready to defend their country. We are sending them Javelins and other armaments to help with their defense. The Putins of the world need to be stopped. Autocracy is on the move throughout the world. It's an age old story. One that can, hopefully, be halted. What I wouldn't give for world peace.

  27. No advice on the dogs--just empathy. No system seems to be perfect. My two pooches took off this morning after five or six deer grazing in my garden area--I watched as they chased them into the woods--so much for the electric fence!!

    What a day! Thanks for mentioning the song--I did not know it--had heard i and remembered the tune, but I was very young in the Vietnam era and did not really "get it." I did today--My son-in-law is about to deploy within a few days. I watched a you tube video of the song just now and sat and cried. What truer words could ever be penned and sung!! When will we ever learn! My heart aches for all of these young military men and women and their families. Thanks so much for your words of concern. Thank you for your blog--I rarely comment, but I have read it for years! I love quilts and quilting!

  28. I just thought I'd say that I need a slow feeder bowl!

  29. I am 88 and and can get up and down on the floor with no help. Takes a little longer but I can do it. War is never good it hurts my heart, all we can do is pray. Everyone take care.

  30. We live in the country and our 2 dogs sometimes get a hankering to take off. They each wear an electronic collar, this is not a GPS or tracking collar. It is actually a shock collar, but we do not use the shock function. The collar also has a bell noise and a vibration setting. My husband likes the bell and I usually use the vibration setting. So if they are outside and not in sight, we can use the collar to call them back. If we are on a walk and they see an animal or bird that they want to chase, the collar can interrupt the tunnel vision that dogs get when they are on the chase. We splurged for the long range version that works for up to 1/4 mile. It works even over hills and down in gullies. There is a single remote that controls both collars. We push a button for dog "A" or another button for dog "B". It is nice to always have a line of communication with the dogs even if they are not in sight, or won't come back when we call them.
    I have the same food bowls and it definitely slows down the lab who wants to inhale her food. Our other dog is so-so about food and actually chews each individual piece and sometimes does not eat all her food. Labs don't chew food, that takes too long LOL!

  31. Bonnie, I too live on a mountain and sometimes the deer run and the dog chases. I have inadvertently trained Abbey to come when I say do you want a cookie. So I am the crazy lady stomping through the woods shouting, Abbey do you want a cookie? LOL alot of the time it works or she just is tired and didn't catch the deer. She often heads to the river but I think that's because the smells there are good. Animals cross or drink. I only keep her on a leash when the bear are first coming out of their den. Sometimes they are way too close to the house for comfort.

  32. The news in Ukraine threw my day off balance too.

  33. I'm so glad your fur babies are home even if they are smelly and wet. I would be frantic. My 93 yr old mom spent 3 days at Disney with us in January without a wheelchair. Up until Jan 2021 my mom was the picture of health. Noone believed her age. She is getting frailer now, but still good enough to wander Disney!

  34. When will they ever learn?

  35. A very Happy Birthday Miss Mary Anne!πŸŽ‚πŸŽ€πŸŽΉπŸŽΊπŸŽ»πŸ₯πŸŽ·

  36. I love the stories you share about your pets. Your furry friends sure hit the jackpot when you took them in. I wish all adopted animals could be so lucky. Of course, I love your quilts a lot.

  37. In the Putin vs. Ukraine "war" it' not just a matter of "When will THEY ever learn" but also a matter of "When will WE ever learn." Putin is going for as much of eastern Europe as he can possibly take over. It's extremely upsetting to watch events unfold...........but our piecing and quilting can offer us some "head clearing" time, and keep us from dwelling constantly on Ukraine.

  38. My frantic worry when my Jack Russell went wandering was that she would get hit by a car or cause an accident as I live an a built up area of England. At least it doesn't sound that you have that to worry about.

  39. Hi Bonnie:
    I just saw this post and the purple dog bowls. Thank You for the explanation. I don't have dogs, but do have one kitty that inhales her food (she is also an Alpha kitty). Then she throws it up when she does this. It doesn't happen as much when I am home, but when I am gone for a while, then come home, she will go to her bowl and inhale her food (MY kitties neither one will eat while I am gone, unless it is for a couple days).

    Being I don't have dogs, I couldn't suggest what to do; but I do live in an area where there is very little cell signal, or satellite. I live in rural Alaska, and many people do live off the grid; but I do not. I do wish yu the best of luck. Growing up, our Lab would take off like that.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where we got a little snow today, but it has melted, as it got up to 38 again.


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