Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Two-Twenty Two-Twenty Two!

Dates with fun numbers always make me smile.

I was out at an estate sale with Martha on Sunday and it was 2-20-22 and she called it our Pal-indrome day (as we are such pals!) and it tickled my funny bone.

And then comes today where everything is just Twosie!  My inner 2nd grader is having a ball.

Everything is coming up twos!  I'll never see this again in my lifetime.  It's something to celebrate.

Add to that it's TUESDAY!  So Tuesday 2/22/22 should be celebrated with tacos, don't you think?

I thought I'd share just a bit of where my scrap play lead me over the weekend.

I only had a handful of leftover neutral string rectangles from Cherry Crunch but that didn't stop me from diving in and playing with some other ideas to see where things could go.

I've got THIS going on!

And yes, these are very similar (only a different size) to our Lozenge Leader & Ender challenge from several years back.  (It's found under the Free Patterns tab.) It's a FUN unit and has so many possibilities.

Those dancing skeletons are a hoot.  I don't care if it's Halloween or not.  If it is neutral, in they go.

This arrived by UPS!

Yep - overboxed.  No additional packaging.  I don't get it, but whatever.

It's been a long long winter.  I don't even remember the last time I had a really good hike.  And now that we have Mabel, I'm excited for spring to really get here so I can hike some trails with the dogs.

But right now (and thanks to last night's rain that added more to the mix) it's the season of MUD.

It's not good for hiking.  The temps are still cold.

Somehow - I'm not sure how - the algorithm on social media started putting mini trampoline exercises in my feed.

ARE THEY READING MY MIND?!?!  (Yes. I know they are.)

Yes.  He is bouncing. Hence the blurry face.  LOL!

The Hubster came over to the QPO at lunch time yesterday to bring me Mabel so I could take her to the vet.  

He also installed and set up the weather station at the QPO (Because he thinks I need to know that stuff.  If you ask me if the wind is blowing, I'll look out the window and see if the flag is wafting in front of the inn and from which direction.)

And he helped me assemble the rebounder because I needed help - those bungies were hard to wrap around and hook to the clippy things.

I can hardly wait!

In fact, I didn't.

There are a bunch of workouts on YouTube from beginner through advanced and I plan on making this part of my regular routine.

Life is busy.  Can I find 20 minutes to get in some cardio several times a week?

Yes.  If the equipment is here.  If I don't have to worry about the weather to do it. If the equipment doesn't take up all of my free floor space and is mobile enough to move when I need to lay something out.

I did not want a bike.  I did not want an elliptical or treadmill - there isn't room.

But I can rebound!  At least that is the plan.

Are you a rebounder too?  Do you follow workouts on YouTube? Please comment below and let me know your favorite channels.

If you want to know more about this rebounder, I have it listed in the Personal Favorites category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

I get a small commission if you purchase through my link, so thank you very much.

So this girl.  What did we find out?

She tested positive for Lyme disease.  I'm so glad we got her in as quickly as I could get her in.

Vet said they see this more often than not.  Especially with rescue dogs.  I've got her on meds for the next 28 days.

Everything else turned out just great and I ordered up a Wisdom Panel DNA test on recommendation from my vet.

I like that it will not only detect her breeds, but that any possible genetic conditions can be found since we know little to nothing about her, and absolutely ZERO about her parentage.

You'll find these added to my Pets Matter category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store as well.

It should be here in a few days and we'll get this process started.

In the mean time - 

Try to catch tugging dogs without a blurry photo.

There is no such thing as HOLD STILL!

Last night's progress on quilting through words!

Other things that show that spring is arriving - I awoke to birdsong!  Click to Play:

To hear "real" birdsong in the early morning hours is just such a gift.

Sure,  we hear crows and other things through the winter, but beautiful birdsong is a treat for the ears.

One step closer to spring! Bring it on!

Okay - today - A group calling themselves Susan's Retreat are arriving tomorrow at Quiltville Inn!

I have all of those "day before" kinds of things to do.  I need to put new freezer paper on the ironing stations and fill the water spray bottles.

I need to switch out the valentine's d├ęcor for something else.  March is St Paddy's all month, but the end of February is - well, so far just MUD.  Past Valentine's and not quite spring.

I have a date with my rebounder and a YoutTube workout after mail order is done.

And then some sewing time!  How about your Tuesday?

Did you enter this yet?
Rhododendron Trail has been retired from the blog, has been completely unscrambled and rewritten into PDF Pattern Booklet Format and is available for download in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store!

I've kept all of the hints, tips, tricks and optional methods in - the full 8 week run of instruction is now in an easier to read and understand format!

I know you've been waiting for this one!

Cabin Corners is also available!!

Wondering what to do with all of those precious small saved pieces? 

Stitch up a riot of rainbow color accented with red and give it all (including the kitchen sink) a fabulous place to land! 

This is a foundation paper pieced pattern with 16 pages of full instruction, and many full color photos to help you on your way to sewing up the scrap stash.

Quilt Size: 84’’ X 96’’

Yes there are introductory pricing discounts, and even a  Rhododendron Trail Cabin Corners Bundle!

The bundle is a limited time offer only available through 2/28/22 so hurry!

Connie Shared her blocks to Facebook!

(I am dying over the penguins!)

She writes:

"SQUIRREL!!! Of course I had to drop everything and make a couple test blocks. I even included the kitchen sink! Looks like another winner!!"

Fun blocks, Connie! I love them!

I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive that Rhododendron Trail Cabin Corners Bundle AND a Color Aplenty fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Head on over to that Gift-Away Post and get your entry in. We'll draw for our two winners on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

We may never fully sew ourselves out of the scraps, but we'll sure have a ton of fun trying!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Vintage string kaleidoscope quilt found in North Carolina.

I hope you take time today to recognize the creative person inside of you!
I hope you read this quote while telling yourself "Hey, that's me!"
Now, get out and do it!



  1. I ordered your Cabin Corners pattern, new black ink for the printer, foundation paper and plus1/4 inch ruler! Im ready As soon as I finish my Winter Blues which I have throughl enjoyed doing and it’s a beautiful keeper quilt! Also waiting on your brown and Aqua quilt pattern to be published,! I have plenty of browns but I’m sure I get to shop for the Aqua!

  2. Here in Iowa we woke up to fog, then rain, then lightening & thunder, then sleet. Snow might be coming. Our deck is covered in little icicles. I am trying to get myself a "pep" talk. Going to spend time in my sewing bedroom. The only birds coming to my feeder right now are sparrows but they are most welcome. It is surprising to see how much seed they can eat in a day. Thank you for your daily blogs, Bonnie. Sounds like so much fun to have retreaters.
    Susan in Iowa

  3. Your new trampoline reminds me of the wonderful Boundin' short by Pixar. Maybe you can emulate these guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkUi4qdZStQ
    Have fun!

    1. thanks for sharing that link, how adorable and a great pick me up :0)

    2. That video is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mardi Gras! It lasts all month!

  5. All those babies born today (and 20 days ago), going through life with such a fun birthdate!

  6. As for 2/22/2020, My precious grandson was born on 2/22/2020, and today, TWOSday, turns 2 years old on 2/22/2022! My brother and his wife, both math professors, got married at 2:22 PM on 02/02/2020, another palindrome!
    PS. Love your blog and quilting!

    1. from one math geek to another . . . I love it!

  7. Happy Twos day. Yes we're having Tavos. Mine will be a two decker, one flour and one hard corn shell tortilla. Super yummy on a Tuesday.
    Weather lady sent us some snow for the day. Crazy drivers are out, staying home to sew a couple bindings in my soft chair.

  8. It's my granddaughter's golden birthday today - 2.22.22! Happy Day!

  9. Be careful on that thing! Good luck getting into your new exercise habit, I applaud your determination to stay active :0) Happy sewing :0)

  10. Wow, a rebounder. What goes around comes around! I had one "back in the day" and spent a lot of time jumping! Weather here sucks! We have had rain, snow, melting, repeat. Schools are closed for 50 miles around, due to icy roads. I'm staying in and doing neglected chores. Cats, of course, are sleeping. I need to finish my "homework" for the second half of a quilt class on Saturday. I was at a retreat Thursday to Sunday, so got a lot done.

  11. My eye doctor told me no trampolines due to a weak lattice in my eyes. Then I detached a retina a few years ago so no bouncing

  12. "Mardi Gras" is March 1st this year. A good opportunity to celebrate.

  13. We used Wisdom DNA and they were quick. I was hoping for a specific breed but all they did was Collie, which we knew. She is 2 different collies. Looking forward to your results.

  14. Fain all day here in N E Ohio. Snow/ice for weekend, yuck. I use Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home you tube videos for the last couple of years. No equipment needed. There are different length walks. Love it.

  15. Of course here in Australia it was 22.02.2022, dare I say an even better palindrome, which spoke to my geeky heart.

  16. I had a mini trampoline, similar to yours, about 20 years ago. I would "bounce " to Michael Jackson's album " THRILLER" and get a good workout.

  17. Trampolines are good for memorizing! Just repeat what you want to memorize (out loud is preferable) as you bounce. The rhythm is what helps 'pin' things to memory. Good for poetry, math, song lyrics, definitions... The same thing can be achieved with other things that mark rhythm: walking, a metronome, even walking. Wonder which animal will be the first to sleep on it!

  18. Hi Bonnie:
    It is still definitely winter in Alaska, but I have Birds, lots of twitty flitty birds. I have nuthatches, regular chickadees, boreal chickadees, and red polls. They all have their songs, pecking order at the feeders, and are so much fun to watch!

    Rebounding- Yes, I have one. Do I use it, not really. But I use my bosal ball more often. It has bungee tubes attached for doing arm exercises. I use those, and arm weights (dumbbells) more , doing the exercises I did for PT after my shoulder surgeries. I have added more in, so I get my shoulders exercised as well as my legs. I get exercise shoveling several days a week at my place and my neighbor's. That and walking are my main exercise in the winter, here.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is overcast, but mild. I have to shovel at the neighbor's in a little bit, so they can get fuel delivered tomorrow. They are gone a couple more months.

  19. Earth and owl YouTube channel has great rebounder videos

  20. I realize this post is several days old and you may not read it but...I am a neurological rehabilitation specialist and use rebounders in my practice all the time. I suggest the following to all beginners.... Get two Swiffer floor mops (yep) and hold on to them when you bounce. they put your arms and spine in the correct posture instead of using the bar. Your hand grasp activates the shock absorption in your body. Begin with at least 5 days of a health bounce only. That means your feet don't leave the tramp. You need to activate the neurological systems that create shock absorption in your body. You know how babies bounce when they fall reasonable distances...we are born with that. But when we are sedentary our nervous system forgets. Each of your vertebrae need to remember bounce. It is likely why you had the headache. Also one of your readers spoke of their eyes and this is true. Your eye leveling system and the shock absorption in your socket and your inner ear all need to calibrate to this new activity. Please go slow so you can reap the benefits. The Swiffer is NOT for saftey, it is to activate your grasp effectively which will activate your nervous system. We need you Bonnie. Go slow. Blessings


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