Friday, July 16, 2021

With Pieceful Hearts -

They came rolling in around 6pm on Wednesday evening!

I wasn't expecting a 15 passenger "church" van!  But what a way to travel with friends!

And yes - they DID get all of their stuff packed in there as well - incredible job of car Tetris, everyone!

The Pieceful Hearts hail from North Augusta, SC and Augusta GA with ONE ex-pat who now lives in Florida.  So happy Siobhan came on this trip to get away from the Florida heat and humidity!

And the luggage begins to fill the back porch.

And continues to fill the back porch! LOL!!

"Has anyone seen my Featherweight? It's in a black case..."

It didn't take long for design walls to show some color!

And for the stories to start telling -

And the laughter to start rolling!

There is a fun weekend ahead -

And the crazy thing is?  We haven't had a drop of rain yet.  So much for that crazy forecast - is there such a thing as Fake Weather?

Today looks to be the best evening for Fire Pit time, so that is in line for things that happen today.

There is also a group plan to hit some quilt shops and see the area a bit.  They'll hit the road this morning, but plan on being home early afternoon so this cutting and sewing thing can continue.

Chris's string blocks looking great on the design wall!

For those who mentioned they hadn't seen Ivy in a while -

She's still here being her crazy self.

I haven't been able to sit in my comfy stitching chair for almost 6 weeks now.  It's getting better, but Ivy and Zoey don't know what to do in the evening when mom is lying on the couch, and dad is in mom's chair.  There just doesn't seem to be enough room when dad is there. So I don't have the opportunity for "togetherness" photo taking from my evening vantage point.

So there is always this - This is Zoey's spot when I'm blog-typing.

And this is Lola's spot when I'm order-filling!

Yesterday's release of Rockabilly Swing went absolutely nuts - and I couldn't be more thrilled!

And thanks for not razzing me about the blurry header photo - that's a blogger issue, not me.  Why are these other photos clear - but when I upload the header photo with their new and improved format it is blurry no matter my resolution?!  Crazy Town.

Fabrics from 1980s all the way to today -

Scraps in all colors, in every genre and variety.

You cheered me on as I made block after block after block in this adorable size - and watched as it was assembled, quilted, and bound.

And now you can start your OWN Rockabilly Swing journey with my PDF pattern which includes the printable paper foundation template.

The introductory price of Rockabilly Swing has been placed 25% off at $9.00 through July 31, 2021.  No coupon code needed. 

Rockabilly Swing is paper foundation pieced.  I have used Carol Doak's 8 1/2'' X 11'' Foundation Paper with much success.  It is available in the Rulers, Notions & Tools section of the Quiltville Store. (Limited supply)

You can also find it in the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store  Direct link HERE.

You can also use 8 1/2'' x 11'' newsprint, though it doesn't like some printers. (I get jams occasionally on mine)  It is also available HERE.

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

And YES!  We are having a Gift-Away!  Did you enter on YESTERDAY'S POST?

Our winner will receive the PDF pattern for Rockabilly Swing AND a Jumble of Color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

If you are also in need of neutral stash enhancement, hit up Cotton to Quilts and see what Irene has curated just for you!

I think that catches me up to now.  This morning, those of us not quilt shop hopping will take a walk down along Round House Road.  This is a new group of folks who haven't done this walk before, and it is all in prep to also see who feels they can hike to see the ponies up at Grayson Highlands this weekend as well.

And then there will be time for sewing and more fun this afternoon as we kick off the weekend.

Do you have anything fun in store for the weekend ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in Kentucky.

Sometimes we just have to stop and look and appreciate things for the way they are right now.
And sometimes life will surprise you as you simply watch things unfold in front of you.

Kind of like watching the wildflowers bloom -

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



  1. Our Friendship Quilt Club is having their first get together since our lock-down in March 2020 today. So excited to see all the folks and share quilts and stories again.
    Thank you for your blog, it's been so helpful during all this craziness. Still miss you on Sundays, but know you need time off.
    MaryAnn in Oregon.

  2. Great day ahead…just watching the day unfold in front of me. Not often I get a day like this. Thanks for giving it a name.

  3. My weekend I will be in Fancy Gap again & im sure Lowe’s in Galax. One of these days I might just run into you.

  4. I’m empathizing with you with your sore coccyx! I had my second total hip replacement 3 1/2 weeks ago and my “sit bones” are still a bit cranky! I am walking mostly without a cane or a walker but anxiously awaiting getting back into my own comfy chair (too low right now) and back to my sewing machine. The gel Sew Pad is really nice in my chair right now!

  5. blogger has gone haywire with header photos...and i need some of that retreat fun BAAAAADDD!

  6. I love the look of the strip quilt in the wall!

  7. The reason may be a size limitation on your header photo. That used to happen often with software providers. I have even written code to reduce the size of pictures used repeatedly on a website. I don't know what happened but know strange things happen.

  8. Thanks for the Ivy shot! I didn't think about how your injury would affect your babies!
    We have continual rain on the schedule this weekend so I guess I'll have to sew....

  9. I love seeing the photos of the babies. Love your patterns.

  10. I love the way these ladies travel, we need this kind of van for when we go on retreats. There are four of us in an SUV and we are packed to the ceiling with no room left over. I hope the rain holds out for these ladies as Michigan is making up for it. In Michigan we have two freeways closed due to flooding . I hope the retreaters have fun sewing and shopping

  11. Thank you for showing the treat ball for Ivy. My great grand puppy Aspen got hers yesterday and she loves it. I am about to get Grassy Creek finished and am really excited to finish it.

  12. Sorry my last comment should have been Zoey's treat ball. Whoops. It has been a long week. LOL

  13. I'm still stitching away on Box Kite that I started October 2018 when you taught in Omaha; you call for 120 blocks, but I want it significantly larger, so I'm doing at least 144, and I so far have 85 and another fifteen with HSTs completed, ready to assemble blocks. I have the next five hours to make some great progress...this quilt WILL be finished eventually, LOL!

  14. Love your blog and all you touch with it. The quote today hit home.

  15. I have been making string blocks when I get bored with other projects. No real plan in mind but I love what you do with them. They have a purpose now! I am making them into 16.5” blocks for Quilts for Survivors! Quilts are being made to distribute to survivors of the Residential Schools, a terrible part of our Canadian history! Bonnie Hunter you started me on this journey & now these blocks have a purpose! Thanks for all you do!

    1. I have been making string blocks as well just to be able to sew SOMETHING when I’m very unfocused. Think I made over 100 since March 2020. And I had to make MORE to finish up the last top. And my string container does not seem to have diminished one little bit with all of the activity.

      Absolutely adore your blog, Bonnie. Normally start my day by reading your blog first. I just started a little bit of Bitcoin, with a bit of Rockabilly Swing thrown in for good measure👍👍.

  16. Please say hello to Siobhan for me! Judy from Michigan and Tonya's book "Laff"

  17. It is amazing that all that stuff on the porch came out of that one vehicle!
    Hope the quilters have a wonderful weekend in quiltville heaven!

  18. Hard to tell for sure, but it looks to me like there's a milkshake machine among their equipment!


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