Sunday, March 01, 2020

Welcome, MARCH!

Quiltville Inn yesterday about 10:00 a.m.!

I love looking at snowy pictures.  All of that black, grey and white and then a pop of color here and there – in this case, the red of the brick foundation beneath the porch.  And while it was definitely on the freezing size outside with temps in the 20’s, it was warm and toasty inside!

There is something so wonderful about arriving and entering to breakfast sounds and the smell of bagels toasting.  The aroma of fresh coffee also on the air, and laughter coming from the dining room – dotted by the sounds of some already at their sewing machines in the Quilting Quarter piecing away.

We all remarked that winter can throw us it’s best and worst all at the same time, but it was on its way OUT and was not going to stop us from having a great time.

It’s not every year that Leap Year happens on a Saturday – only once in every 28 years.  And to spend that Leap Day Saturday at a retreat making memories – bliss!

This happened yesterday!

A Frolic Quilt lay out with help from quilty friends!

A first Quiltville Mystery experience – coming to full top status!

Karen has ALL of her Blue Ridge Beauty blocks done!

The beginnings of a layout happening here!

There are too many blocks to be able to successfully lay it all out and get it webbed before retreat ends, so she is now moving on to another project and will assemble her blocks at home.

Michelle continues to make progress on her Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling!

Another Blue Ridge Beauty in blues & Yellows is on the design wall!

There are three Easy Street quilts from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders in production -

Here are some of Irene’s blocks with a very modern flair -

We love that Grunge she is using as background.

Sherry’s Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders -

She is setting her variation straight, instead of on point.

Mary has been SO BUSY with her Wonky Wishes blocks!

She is using up a lot of her Kaffe scraps – it’s a perfect travel project!

And my spot is right next to the treat table! LOL!

Oh, this is taking a lot of will power – believe me!

My stack of Sugar Loaf blocks (no pattern yet) grows – I’m actually using these as Leaders & Enders for the moment while I work on making more Tulip blocks (One under my needle on the machine.)

I need more than 100 of these – I’ll be working on them for a while.

But they do put me in a very SPRING mood!

Hooray for March!

I’ve sewn all of the block kits I cut the other night – there will be more cutting and kitting today.

I love that we have cutting mats for 4!

As long as someone isn’t cutting huge amounts of yardage requiring a larger amount of space – we can fit 4 quilters at the cutting stations.  It helps to get out of your chair and stand to cut and move around a bit from time to time.

Dinner time was a festive affair!

Snow Day Sew Day Leap Day Taco Saturday!

They invited the Hubster Dave and I to join in!

Irene’s pulled beef street tacos -

With all the fixin’s.


And the evening didn’t stop there -

Projector fun!

We used one of the design walls to shine movies (And some funny YouTube videos) up on one of the design walls – it was “Sewing to the Musicals” night with everyone singing along.  Oh, my word – too much fun.

This was such a great idea – and I have a projector as well.  I will have to remember this.  We will do it again on Monday night, complete with popcorn.  The group is leaving early Tuesday morning to get back to Louisville in time – they have some quilt shop stops along the way – which means sewing things will be packed up Monday evening and loaded in the van before movie night begins – so that part of the packing up is done making Tuesday morning a breeze.

Monday afternoon we have an excursion planned for Wytheville and Batiks, Etc – with dinner out at the 1776 Log Cabin restaurant next door to celebrate the last night.  This group has given me so many ideas to share with other incoming groups.

This afternoon there may be a group of us heading toward West Jefferson for some antique mall fun – the ladies have been sewing since Thursday and haven’t even see the area!

I think that’s it from this corner of the Blue Ridge – I can’t think of anything else other than I want to get back over there and start cutting out and kitting up more blocks.

And soaking up every bit of fun I can with the Sisters of the Stash girls.

Did you see that we’ve also got a Quilty Box Gift-Away happening on Yesterday’s Post?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Do more of what brings joy into your life!

Having Quiltville Inn full of happy Quilters doing what makes Quilters happy has topped my joy up to the brim.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. So sweet of them to include your hubby, good looking food. Made me want to get started on Easy Street, will have to get the Pineapple Blossom done first its a gift for a sister. I do admire your being able to write a blog post everyday along with all you do.

  2. So much winter, sewing fun! I Love seeing sew many quilts coming to fruition.

    We had more snow here yesterday and last night. I shoveled the front deck, stairs and walkway and have to do it again today. I have friends coming over to help bring in more pellets, and the sewing cabinet to my treadle machine (a 1901 model 27 sphynx). I brought the head in the other night. Then I want then to help lift the head on my long arm. It is nice to have friends living close by that are willing to give an older person help when they need it.

    I Love the snow, but it is time for it to stop again!

    Happy sewing/ quilting!

    Kasilof, AK

  3. How nice it is for you to be able to do what you love, spend time with the quilters, sleep in your own bed and go back and do it all the next day! I am so happy for you that you get to have a more normal sort of life with this new adventure!

  4. It sounds like such a fun retreat!

  5. Looks like a fun retreat was had by all, and nice that you and Dave were able to join in the fun.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. I LOVE the Easy Street in Christmas colors!! Must add it to my To Do List !!

  7. What fun -- so many smiles. Lucky quilters to have Bonnie as your hostess. Love that flower block.

  8. Agree -- Easy Street in winter holiday colors is a must on the soon to do list! I've been happily creating STARS with circles of blue surrounding them. Love the Frolic, Bonnie. Thanks so much for the mystery


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