Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It’s a Global Quarantine Quilt-Along!

This happened last night!

After much technical difficulty stuff on my end.

There is nothing like making things look really unprofessional when trying to work through the many ups and downs of going live through new software and dual cameras!

In fact, we ended up crashing Facebook Live due to so many watching at once – and it happened when Gudrun was trying to share my video walk through of Quiltville inn – the one from November when we hosted our first beta-test retreat!  If you missed it, you can view it on my YouTube Channel HERE.

So what were we talking about? Our upcoming Quarantine Quilt Along – complete with FREE PATTERN for Gudrun’s new Elvira Quilt.

We are going to have a ball – and yes, I’ll be sewing along too and making the quilt, as well as doing a live check in during the day on Gudrun’s Facebook Page.

You’ll find ALL of the details here on Gudrun’s Blog.

From Gudrun:

I’m hosting a Quarantine Quilt Along #QQAL Sunday, March 22nd on my Facebook page GEQuiltDesigns and on YouTube.

I will go live multiple times throughout the day to demonstrate each steps of the brand new, exclusive Elvira quilt. I'll also have some special guests check in and will give out some awesome, quilty goodies to viewers.

LIVE broadcast schedule
(All times listed are Central Standard Time)
  • 9am Kickoff - Cutting out the pieces. First steps in block A.
  • 11am Cutting for Block B. First steps in block B.
  • 1pm Cutting the setting rectangles.
  • 3pm Laying the quilt out and sewing it together
  • 5pm Tada moments, checking on everyone's progress and Finale.
Live Broadcast is found on my Facebook page.

You can also watch on my YouTube channel. Please note there will be a 30 minute delay from the Live Facebook sessions. 

(It takes time to get the live feed saved and uploaded to YouTube after recording concludes.)

This Quarantine Quilt Along (#QQAL) is completely free with a brand new pattern that is also free but only for a limited time.

Check out the Supply list HERE.

And here’s how our session went (With many hiccups, but still so fun!)  Click to Play:

This is going to be awesome!

I’ve been busy pulling Fat Quarters for this!

Dresden is not impressed!

I really do have a “limited” stash here at the cabin and QPO – my big stash is still in Wallburg, NC – 100 miles away and I’m not going down the mountain to grab anything so I am going to work from what I have.

This is a collection of older civil war type fabrics that I think will make a great masculine looking quilt for my son and his gf as they move into a new house together.  That’s my plan anyway!

Because it is going to be for my son – I’m opting for the Queen Size version of Elvira.  it will use up more fabric – that’s a good thing, right?  And I think because I’m going masculine and want to minimize the “flowery” fabrics – I’ll likely be pulling some recycled shirt fabrics into this quilt as well.

What colors are you thinking?

the blocks are big! We are working with 7 1/2’’ rectangles so it will allow those big prints to really have a place to shine.

Fat Quarters, half-yards and larger yardage is the way to to go to get the pieces we will need.

Yeah mom – you are such a thrill seeker!

I am hoping through this process to also host our own Quilt-Cam.  It has been a while.  Many of you have sent in requests.  I am sorry that I haven’t been able to carve out time yet – with the new puppy things are just utter chaos. I can’t say it any other way.

I also have this going on:

I have placed my Addicted to Scraps Book at deep deep discounts in the Quiltville Store.

It's only $15.99!

  And it comes with a free PDF download for my Wanderlust Table Runner.  

A $10.00 value.

This impromptu sale is only good through March 31st.  Don’t delay!

And I have been busy printing invoices, signing books and getting these orders out.

You know – I have a 7 mile drive from the cabin to the Quiltville Post Office, and it is extremely eerie experiencing not much of anyone out on the roads.  That’s a good thing.

To tell you the truth, it’s not much different than any other day here in Southwestern Virginia. But I feel like I am in my safety-bubble as I drive down the road going from cabin to QPO, and walking next door to Quiltville Inn to drop things off, or fix this, check on that, back in my safety-bubble-van to go drop the mail at the USPS  (It’s nearly a ding-dong-ditch situation as I drop things at the door, they hand me empty tubs to replace what I just dropped off, and off I go in the safety bubble again back to the QPO or home to the cabin.

It just feels SO WEIRD!

We quilters are a resilient lot, though!  I am staying in contact with friends. Martha was busy canning baked beans as she always does this time of year.  Mona is putting together her own Shoo Fly Shoo quilt (Yes, I am still not done on those 9 remaining seams) and wanted some math help with figuring out what size of setting triangles to cut if she sets it on point with cornerstones.  (Way to go, Mona!!)

Thank HEAVENS for the internet and social media.  I can’t imagine this isolation without it.

Today I’m recording a Skype session with Alex Anderson – I will let you know when THAT posts so you can view it.  I will also be at the QPO for that. Hopefully without technical difficulties!

And let’s hope that after all of this is taken care of, there is still time to settle in to some Quilt-Cam of our own.

I guess all of this boils down to the realization that just because I am home, doesn't mean I have endless free time at my disposal.  In fact, it's become a necessity with all that is happening to work harder, work smarter, and use this time in inventive ways to keep this Quiltville ball rolling and stay afloat.  Thank you for understanding that.

Now THIS is progress!

Emmy Lou, at the far corner of the bed, deciding that “If I can’t see Zoey, she can’t see me.”  One day at a time – we have moved into the “barely tolerable” stage.

Zoey is so smart, you can see the wheels turning inside her head.  You take her out on the leash and she stays right by you – her job is to herd you, not to run to the end of her leash.  If you turn left, she turns left and stays right with you.  Which means – she isn’t giving herself the freedom to just be a dog and PEE!

This morning I was out in the yard with her for 30 minutes, and no pee.  Just standing at attention guarding and herding mom.  I need to figure out how to train her to pee on demand.

The second time out – she went. But it took 20 minutes of waiting. And then there is the ominous poop thing hanging over our heads because who knows when/if/where that will happen.

As I type this she is in her crate napping.  There will be another walk before I head to the QPO – and then The Hubster takes over puppy duty while he telecommutes from here.

And such is another day in the life of puppy parents!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

These things still stand true - even in uncertain times like these.

Today I will do my best to cultivate calm.

Much love to you on this Wednesday -


  1. Designate an area as a "Poop & Pee" spot. Visit it coming and going on your walks. Canines feel the urge to add to the scent profile. Lucky to live in places where picking up after ZoeyJo isn't needed. Good Luck!

  2. I trained my last 2 dogs to poo and pee on demand. Pick your "word", "go potty" was the first dog, it was cute when he was a baby, but embarrassing when he was an 80 lb grown German shorthair. Second dog (min pin who was about 4 months old when I got him) I used "hurry up". Starts with vocally saying the word when they are actively doing the deed. Then immediately after saying something like "good hurry up!" Excitedly and proudly. Very quickly they associate that phrase with the action. My dogs got so if you told them and they didnt have to go, they would go lift the leg on an object, look at you as if saying, "see, dont have to". It was an accidental training with the first dog, deliberate on the second.

  3. Oh, the softness of the belly in that "Mom's such a thrill-seeker" picture!! I can just feel it!
    When you take Zoey Jo out for um, bathroom duties, do you sit down and let her just go off and explore for those 20 minutes or so?
    I just wondered. I've never had animals (allergic) and I felt that 7 children and one husband were enough animals around at times.
    Good Luck with all your plans for this "empty time"!!

  4. Oh, my heart did a little pitter-pat when I saw that bed picture! If they can share a mattress, they can share a house. I know you were probably most concerned that Emmy Lou would spend her last days being upset--it seems she's a wise old thing and is choosing her battles carefully.

    Your comment about being home not equaling more free time echoes perfectly something I just wrote to a friend: "With everyone facing an extended 'Spring Break', I feel as though I suddenly got many more hours in my day with which to do things. I have to virtually shake myself with the reminder that my routine (and therefore my available creative hours) hasn’t changed one iota and I probably won’t get anything more done than I would’ve without this pandemic. There go my dreams of a spotless house! (HA!)"

  5. I taught my dog to pee on command - it's simple. When she does go, repeat the phrase 'go pee' and praise her - 'good go pee.' She will associate the words with the action. Of course it doesn't happen overnight but it will work. (Our phrase for the other is 'hurry up.') Good luck!!

  6. Two things come to mind. First, when she has a 'mistake' pick it up and bring it outside to area where you want her to 'go'. Next time during the walk take her there and speak the word you want to use. The other thing I thought about is that animals will not make messes where they live so if you can judge her schedule for needing to relieve herself make her stay in the crate until you think it's time. Not sure if any of this would work with your own schedules but maybe worth thinking about. Good thoughts your way for everything♥

  7. I helped train a service dog many years ago. The command we were taught to use was "take a break". When she does pee outside give her tons of hugs and love with "good girl take a break". She will make the conection soon enough. She is such a beautiful dog. Enjoy all your moments with her.

  8. What re’New said above has worked for all our dogs. We also have bells hung by the back door. 1 of our current dogs refuses to ring them but the other dog will ring them when she has or wants to go outside. We started by ringing the bells before opening the door and telling her to “hurry up, go potty”. You know if she really has to go outside or if she’s just bored and wants to go outside to play. Boredom = beating the bells hard.

  9. This quilt along with free pattern is SO generous of Gudrun and guests and looks like so much fun! I've started pulling together FQs too.

  10. Sweet photo of them both on the bed.

  11. I see good advise on training to go on command. I did the same with my labs. When they did go, I would happily clap my hands and say things like "oh what a good dog you are!" and sound excited and happy. It got to a point where all I had to do was clap my hands and they would come to see me. When you catch her going in the house, make the "maddest" face you can and say "bad dog" or girl. Dogs do read body language and facial expressions. Even if you aren't that mad, just make a face and sound that way. They get the message. As I have learned with training most animals, you have a very short time to make the correction. After just a few minutes, they have forgotten that they made the mistake and can't figure out why you are mad. Zoey is a cutie and a very lucky dog to have found yall.

  12. I love your new pup... such a sweet girl she looks like and already house trained is nice! I am quilting and sewing all kinds of projects and documenting my time in my bullet journal. LOVE THAT!!! Thanks for the Quilt Cam... Look forward to when you may have time for another... enjoy Gudrun's sew along... I have lots of projects going here already <3 Kathi

  13. Hurrah for furbabies getting to the tolerate stage, especially your sweet elder lady. She must really, really love and trust you. new puppy energy can be quite a startlement. Still trying to get my Frolic completed, but we've had changeable weather here, and my grumpy hands are not reliable with a rotary cutter, or knives in kitchen, so I'm glad I have a freezer full of easy with sloppy hands meals to eat that I'd prep'd on good hand days. I'll look forward to the progress for the quilt along Sunday. Such a great idea for quilty sharing. Internet sure makes homebound isolation less so

  14. Speaking of new puppy energy, I have 5 week old germann shepard pups, 9 of them. I really wanted to participate in the sew along, but the hubs was fishing and I had puppy duty. Thank you for putting it where I can see it when I get a puppy break. I am too old for the dog business!


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