Saturday, March 14, 2020

Someone’s Not Happy!

Emmy Lou Lou is Completely Out of Sorts!

I knew there would be an adjustment period.

The truth is, I figured it would be worse than it really is – I had no idea if Zoey Jo would be aggressive toward cats, or if she even had previous experience with cats – and Emmy Lou is a special case.  She turns 20 this summer.  She is royalty in her own right and definitely Queen of this cabin.

Until Lady Zoey Jo came to usurp her throne.

For the longest time Emmy just simply held her ground on the ottoman, while Zoey circled.  Around and around and around Zoey went….circling that ottoman, staying enough distance away avoiding the quick reach of paw and claw -

Click to Play:

She just wants to get to know you, Emmy Lou!  She is not a threat, not really – just a curious puppy!

But Emmy Lou is not having ANYTHING to do with this at all.  She moved from the Ottoman to underneath the corner cabinet (photo above)  and then shoved herself into an even tighter space beneath the gas fireplace insert:

Stink eye, airplane ears and hissy fit all in one!

It was at this point that I decided that we needed to give Emmy Lou a bit of a break, so Zoey and I loaded up in the van (She loves to go for rides – yay!) and headed to the Quiltville Post Office to get some mail order taken care of.

Two more cats to deal with.  And they weren’t happy either!

However, the hissing, spitting and claw swiping was minimal as they were placated by treats placed at higher ground. 

Lola stuck to the top of the cat tree, and Dresden to the top of the cutting table – safely out of reach.  Observing.  Ever watchful.

Life was good – why did mom bring a new DOG into the mix, and a puppy one at that?

Evidently mail order fulfillment is exhausting.

Many naps are required!

Truth be told – I have forgotten how much energy caring for puppies, even mostly-grown ones can be!

We even had one episode where she snuck out the door without leash as I was closing it.  She got under my feet in my scramble to catch her.  I stepped on her, she yelped, and RAN.  Oh my goodness, can she run!  (She can jump too!  It’s in her Kelpie nature.)

She ran ACROSS the highway!  OH MY HEART!  Luckily there were no cars in any direction.  And my running after her was scaring her.  So I dropped to both knees and called her.  She came.  I carried her back across the highway, both of our hearts pounding.

After this we came home and BOTH of us needed a long nap.

Oh, you are so cute!

On my bed?  Okay.  You win!

TRYING to get this together!

She really did settle down and let me sew – as long as her bed was in close proximity to me and she could see what I was doing. 

But every time I got up to gather another row – it was:

Here, let me help rearrange these for you! LOL!

There are only two rows left to be added, then only the cross-seaming remains.  At this rate that will happen about a week from now –puppy exhaustion is real!

You don’t mind if I take over your comfy stitching chair, do you?

Her bed is beside me as I type this -

She is ever attentive!

I can see plenty of naps in MY future as well as Zoey’s.

And this will also continue:

I have placed my Addicted to Scraps Book at deep deep discounts in the Quiltville Store.

At only $15.99!  

And it comes with a free PDF download for my Wanderlust Table Runner.  A $10.00 value.

This impromptu sale is only good through March 31st.  Don’t delay!

Quilters will be extremely good at putting “Social Distancing” in practice over the next couple of weeks – we have projects to start, and to finish!  We have online groups to solo-retreat with.  We will come through this thing okay.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

With all of the political and viral pandemonium happening in the world this one really spoke to me.

We need to quit laughing about the toilet paper situation and ask ourselves if we are prepared to stay home for an extended period of time. If any other kind of disaster happened, would you be prepared to be isolated? Preparedness = less stress. 

Preparedness shouldn’t happen last minute.

We need to stop the political mayhem and argument shoving. It has never ever convinced anybody to change their own mind. We just need to live what we believe instead of defending and shoving our candidates down each other's throats.

We need to look each other in the eye and if we can't love each other, at least respect each other for our differences and agree to band together at least for the time being. We might just find that we actually like each other!

I would be happy to share my abundance of fabric stash with anyone who needed it.

The same goes with my limited TP supply!

Hoping for a saner Saturday -


  1. Looks like Zoey Jo loves her new digs! Bless you for rescuing her. Let the training of Bonnie begin ;-)

    Happy quilting.

  2. Your words are comforting and wise. There is nothing we can do except be diligent and make the best of a very bad situation. I will be traveling next week to Nashville to spend a birthday on the 16th with my Aunt Mary. She is turning a young 94 but recently broke her hip. She is home doing well. All of my other trips have been cancelled so I will be returning home to Quilt!!
    Zoey Jo is precious and I hear a LOT of happiness in your voice. It is good to hear.

  3. So happy for both you and Zoey Jo! Could you please show the sampler quilt she's posing with on your bed?

  4. Our daughter recently adopted a rescue puppy, now 16 weeks old. She is away this weekend and we are enjoying being granddog sitters. But as you say, puppy exhaustion is REAL!!! Enjoy sweet Zoey Jo!!

  5. Oh what a lovely puppy!! We did the same thing, our Mini passed on Easter Sunday, no more pets, oh we need a dog, no we don't, we are to old 80 is too old to get a puppy! But we went to the shelter & fell in love with a 15 week old mix Lab!! Mini was 20 lbs top this one was 20 lbs already. They called her Pickles, we now call her Lily. She is sweet but oh the jumping, I can't walk her that's my husband's job. Enjoy you new friend. Hugs ann

  6. Love the puppy, the black around the eyes is adorable! Hope the cats adjust ok!


  7. Loving all the pics of Miss Zoey Jo! Especially the one of her in your chair, such a pretty girl :) SO happy for you both!

  8. And....Beanie & Max will be so excited and happy with a new friend :)

  9. Bravo with your thoughts! It is getting a bit weird, isn't it? I remember when we added our first dog to the family (hubs, me and two cats). Whew, it changed our lives. We both worked, now we had to come straight home from work to walk the dog. It was never an issue with the cat, they had their litter box. We now had meal times. The cats were free fed...but we couldn't do that with our food loving rescue lab. But, a few dogs later, it is still work the fun of a dog! Good luck with the cat adjusting. Hopefully in time they will realize Zoey Jo is fun also.

  10. Your FB video from the QPO this morning was a riot. Zoey Jo happily killing her toy squirrel, and the cats just....disapproving. So funny. Zoey looks like a nonstop party. :)

  11. My dog and persnickety tortie cat had a similar relationship. What has really helped, in addition to lots of time, is giving them both treats at the same time, in the same room but well separated. Each one has their spot. The cat started at the bottom of our steps to the upstairs where she likes to retreat, but is now within about 6 ft. of the dog, who had a spot on the rug where she knows to sit. I stand between them , hand treats to cat and toss for the dog to catch. All the while I tell them they will be friends. My husband laughs at me but it’s working. Dog can even walk right past the cat without a hiss sometimes!

  12. You had me laughing at the chasing scene, as long as it turned out fine! I WANT to be socially distant so I can sew..

  13. I know how you feel about puppy energy we adopted a yellow lab he's 9 months old and full of energy! I see lots of walks/hikes in our future. Enjoy Zoey Jo she sure is cute.

  14. Your thoughts on the current situation facing our country are spot on. Enough with the politics, no matter which side you are on it is time to be prepared and help others as best we can.

  15. beautiful puppy! love your quilts too!

  16. Amen Bonnie. And Zoey is a winner. You have good dog karma. My BF, who is also 5x years old, is also wondering why she adopted a 12 week old puppy. Thank you for adopting and not buying. Happy nap.

  17. Puddy tats will come around, give them time. My Brute (Rottweiler puppy) was the last pet brought in, nearly 10 years ago, and at the time, I had a 13-yo female Siamese, and a 2-yo male Siamese cats. So, he was the bottom of the family pack, and learned to respect the cats, as Adrienne, the female cat, was used to Rotties, and knew how to train them to behave around cats. Brute now has a new cat bossing him around, as Adrienne passed away at the age of 17 years, and I didn't want another cat, until I found a stray 4-mo old kitten in my chicken coop, hungry, looking for something to eat. I had to rescue him for otherwise, my 3 roosters would have spurred him to death. I put ads up, hoping to find his owners, but they never came. Hubby fell in love with him, and we ended up keeping him. Now we have all boys, and they all get along great. Brute is still 'bottom of the pack' as far as the furbabies are concerned, because Tigger bullys him! Even though they are best buds. Brute just knows not to fuss over the cats, and they come up and head-butt him all the time. Love between them all. So, give Emma Lou some time, some space, and she'll come around, eventually. Zoey Jo is still just 'puppy' and that's what she's more afraid of... puppy enthusiasm overwhelming her old self.

  18. I have a half-Kelpie Grand-dogger and the similarities are uncanny! I recognize the "smile' as well as the kitty curiosity, joy of running, and spring loaded legs! My grandpup is also very good at bringing me offerings from the yard- rocks, drip line, a camellia bush! I cant but help myself to just shake my head she looks so pleased, then remorseful! Enjoy!!!

  19. Zoey Jo is adorable!! I miss 9/12 and the unity we had then.

  20. Zoey-Jo looks a very happy pup, and enjoying her new home with her new mum and dad. The cats will chill eventually and all will be calm in the Hunter house once more.
    I made the wanderlust table runner for a friend she loves pastel colours so that is what I did. She loved it so much she added a sleeve and hung it on the wall because she didn’t want anything spilled on it lol
    Thank you for sharing your new pup adventures
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  21. Zoey is just so precious! Sewing up some stash is the silver lining to this time where we need to stay home for a bit. Not that quilters mind being thrown into that particular briar patch, LOL!!

  22. These little ones are a challenge. Old kitty girls do not like this change. I hope Zoey Jo will learn to settle and not be hoggy with Emmy Lou. I love my animals. they are just little children. I hope you can find some safe hiding observatory towers for Emmy Lou. I still see a good chance they might be snuggling together in a few months. Perhaps when Zoey is worn out. You might need to make a small fenced yard for her to run off some pep. You really did get your work out yesterday chasing her

  23. Looks like Zoey is finding out who is, and always will be, the boss! That's OK. Looks like Emmy Lou is establishing the ground rules right off the bat. I bet Zoey will be marching in line in no time...
    Now gotta get back to cutting strips for Quarantine Quilting! [:>)

  24. I enjoy reading your posts everyday and I'm happy to see Zoey Jo becoming part of the Hunter family. Will she be joining you for a WebCam soon? Looking forward to that.

  25. she looks like a part Huntaway - a New Zealand Breed


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