Monday, March 09, 2020

Up the Appalachian Trail!

It hit 56 degrees and we HAD to stretch our legs!

This was my greatest hope – that these lovely quilters who come to spend time at Quiltville Inn would wish to accompany me on a “moderately” intense hike up to see if the wild ponies could be found.

The day was sunny – temps about 56 degrees at 3:00 p.m.  PERFECT for a first hike to the Highlands of the season!

The one thing we didn’t plan on – the MUD.  Oh, the mud!

That snow we had on Friday had accumulated approximately 4’’ up near Mount Rogers, and much of it was still on the ground where the sun didn’t quite reach – what had melted left a squishy-squashy mess of trails.  We tried our best to stick to the outskirts of the trails, preferring to walk on the grassy ground instead of slogging it through the squelch.

I see you, too!

those blue ridges ARE really blue!

The four stalwart ones -

Brave enough to leave their machines and come explore!

Which way should we go, girls?

The ponies discovered US!

Click to Play:

So happy they came to share my favorite stomping grounds!

The state of Virginia has a season pass you can purchase that includes ALL Virginia state parks – so I purchased my pass yesterday which will allow me to haul groups up as often as groups and weather allow.

This is my plan to balance out the ever-present treat table outside of the Quilting Quarters! LOL!

That snow won’t be around much longer.

And soon there will be new spring foals!

Even without green growth – the colors are amazing.

Can you see the guys sitting on the ground?

It’s a Zen thing – the ponies will come to you if you sit quietly.

A candid shot -

I can’t wait until these ladies return next year!

Quilting, sunshine, friendship, ponies, long range mountain views -

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Today is a going home day for this lovely group.  Home to Alaska, Georgia, West Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, The OTHER side of Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama! (I think I got them all!)

Thank you so much for coming, Quiltvillians!  It’s been an adventure!

The gals still have the run of the house until about 3pm, the official check-out time.  Some may already be on the road with long driving days ahead by the time I get there this morning.  Others will linger and enjoy -

I’ll be at the QPO getting mail order out.  Weekend is officially over – time to get back down to a Monday routine here.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Happy Monday, folks!

Read this 3 times and put it into practice today as just a test.

Kindness doesn't cost a thing but it is priceless beyond measure.

Is it more important to be right? Or to be kind?

Can we be both?


  1. What a great way for quilters to make new quilty friends and from so many states. Looks like they (and you) had a great time together - very envious of all the fun everybody had. Well done B.H.:)

  2. Bonnie your part of the world is beautiful. Looks like the retreat group had a blast sewing, hiking and visiting the ponies. Have a wonderful week. Betty from SE Massachusetts.

  3. Love it! The ponies are wonderful, would surely like to meet them sometime. And of course. ONE CAN ALWAYS BE KIND

  4. Awesome! Love the mountain range - super photos. What a wonderful way to end a retreat, lots of sewing done, blue sky, fresh air and ponies.

  5. Awesome, to have ladies from different states! On the wish list to come there!

  6. Grayson Highlands is one of my favorite places! I hope I can one day combine a trip to Quiltville and the mountains! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh-h the ponies!!!
    I have been ill lately and one quilter friend reminded me that, it's just as important to receive the goodness of others by letting them help you.Being kind to others,also means being kind to oneself.

  8. Bonnie, totally off topic, but just saw on our local news, (Monterey, CA) that 4-8 people from the grand Princess in Oakland, will be housed, in quarantine, at Asilomar, in Pacific Grove for 2 weeks. you might want to check with empty spools. I was looking forward to going on the evening our quilt guild is allowed to sit in, but now, not sure if I will. sincerely, Janet B.


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