Tuesday, March 03, 2020

All the Way to Wytheville!

Nine of us in the Big White Van!

We made plans to enhance our stashes at Batiks, Etc in near by Wytheville, and treat ourselves to dinner out at the 1776 Log House restaurant just up the block.

A short and scenic 45 minute drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains topped off by the fondling and purchasing of more fabric, and bellies full of yummy food was the perfect way to wind up a very fun retreat.

It’s two things that all quilters can agree upon – FABRIC and FOOD.  In that order.

They found the sale room upstairs!

Oh, these girls are so happy!

You can tell by the shopping bags that we had a great time!

Karen’s four-patch frenzy – last one under the machine!

She also was happily working on Wild & Goosey from the Addicted to Scraps book!

(I love that frog eye peeking at me!)

True friends helping true friends rip out the stitches!

Sherry & Jayne are so fun to have around -

This happened last night after I had left!

(I was exhausted! How they were still up I don’t know!)

The Sisters of the Stash have an early-ish departure this morning, wanting to be on the road by 8:00 a.m. so they can do some more quilt shop hopping on their way home to Louisville, Kentucky.

As I was leaving last night, all of the machines and projects were being packed into the van so there will be minimal packing left to do this morning.

They had a hand-stitching, pop-corn-eating, musical-watching sing-along!  On the screen – GREASE!

I am headed over early this morning to see them off.

And getting up early this morning has been no problem – the thunder and lightning started to roll about 4:15 a.m. waking me from a deep sleep – there was no way to roll over and go back to bed with this storm.  I may as well get up and tackle the morning and plan on a nap later this afternoon.

The Sisters of the Stash have now officially experienced 3 out of 4 seasons during their stay!

My early morning Tulip Kitting -

I want to have all of these blocks cut out and ready to roll – Mid March I am heading to Asilomar for two back to back sessions (Emerald City and Straits of Mackinac both from String Frenzy) and I want a machine project in my room since it is a 10 day stint.

A beautiful pen and ink drawing gift -

Thank you, Irene! I’ll cherish it forever!

(Likely to hang in the front foyer!)

She also brought some gorgeous engraved goblets – will get some photos of those later, there hasn’t been time!

We have truly filled up every minute, and as I wave goodbye to the Sisters of the Stash, I am looking forward to welcoming our Quiltvillians, Group 1 from my Quiltville’s Open Studio Facebook Group – meeting many of them for the first time in person.

That nap?  Look for it happening n between loads of laundry!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Antique 25-patch quilt found in North Carolina.

No one holds the keys to your happiness, but you!

Loving yourself might mean saying no to opportunities or situations that don't feel quite right and trusting that something better will come.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. It’s been so much fun to follow along on the retreat; these ladies sure know how to have fun! Glimpses of beautiful quilts in the making. A gift to be treasured (the inn drawing) - it’s beautiful! - Terry K

  2. Looks like fun was had by all:) I think the scene from Grease is: "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."!! I have said that to my daughter and her friends' parents as I sat at numerous sporting events over the years. I get laughs from the parents but just eye rolls from my daughter!

  3. What fun! Love your blog, Bonnie!!

  4. I was all signed up to take your Mackinac class at Asilomar. But a lump discovered in my breast (the night before going to a quilt retreat with my daughter) in late October led to a lumpectomy right before Thanksgiving and I am now halfway through chemo to be followed by radiation. Oh well, maybe next time you teach at Asilomar I will be able to actually go.

    1. Big hugs. Been there (without the chemo). You will SURVIVE!

  5. My Friends Denise and I will be seeing you at Asilomar for Straits of Mackinac--and I was notified I get to be your Little Helper! Lucky me! Jeannine S, I do not know you, but you will be in my thoughts.

  6. Uh oh, I see a Jayhawk fan! Rock Chalk!!!

  7. Oh, how I'd love to retreat at your Inn! It sounds like so much fun!
    Next time you quilt cam please bring your Singer 115 out to play. I miss mine terribly. She is being held hostage along with the rest of my collection by my estranged hubby.

  8. Dh and I love Wytheville - we used to stay at the Country Inn and Suites before full time RVing. Now we pass by to go to the 1776 Log House - love that place and those neat little shops in the back.
    So much fun going on at the retreat! Maybe one day... :-)

  9. Put me on the wait list for the Sisters of the Stash retreat next year. So much fun ! I'm happy to fly in from AZ or Boston, where ever we may be. Batiks, Etc is on my to do list !

  10. I love going to Wytheville....it's less than an hour from me...lots of good places within an hour and 10 minutes or less. My daughter and I visited Batiks, Unlimited and ate lunch at the Log House last summer. It was a lovely outing!


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