Saturday, March 21, 2020

It’s International Quilting Weekend!

I mentioned that it was International Quilting Day today -

and that I intended to QUILT. ALL. DAY.

Oh, the eyes that rolled at me – “Why is this any different than any OTHER day?”

Because there is strength in numbers.  And it means we are recognized as a sub-culture!

Besides, I didn’t see anyone exclaiming “Happy Bows & Arrows Day!” As he went off to archery target practice.

So there!

This is still going on.

The quilting design I chose is pretty intense -

There is quite a bit of back tracking (I can’t remember the name of this design but will post it with the quilt finish when I can get some detail shots.) and it is set as an 11’’ tall pantograph, and takes about 40 minutes to go all the way across the quilt, giving me time to tidy up and disinfect and cut more fabric, etc while the quilting machine runs.

But be on the look out for “adventures in air sewing” Because it can take more than 2 bobbins to go across the quilt.  Which means stopping, backing up, finding the spot where the bobbin thread ran out, and starting from there on again.

But by the end of today – I should be trimming this quilt up, and getting binding on. (Which has already been made and is waiting.)

And this is now up on YouTube!

Remember when I said that I spent some time Skyping with a special friend the other day?

It was Alex Anderson! And our conversation is running. 

After months of no Quilt-Cam-Abitilty - we've now got several days in a row. LOL!

And if you watched the Quilt-Cam I posted on Thursday – that’s when this was also recorded, so I’m in the same shirt.  Oh well!

And I’m sorry that it is so echo-ey in that post office.  I’m going to have to remember to use headphones when I’m talking to another person.

There are many more interviews happening – both Ricky and Alex have been calling up friends and checking in and seeing what’s going on, so be sure to check out TheQuiltShow.com and also their Facebook page.

Other things going on – if you know and love Marie Bostwick like I do – she has been reading chapters out of her books for her audience!  It just might be something that you want to tune in to while you are stitching this weekend.  Find her Facebook page.

She writes:

Hope you're all hanging in there! At this strange time, I think we all need to pull together and do what we can. What I've decided to do is read you a story.

It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but I hope this will be a nice distraction for some people. Here's what I'm planning...

Starting Thursday at 10am PST, I will be reading one or chapters from my novel A Single Thread. I'll do the same every weekday (Monday to Friday) until we finish the book. (No idea how long that will take but we'll see..... If you'd like to listen/watch go to my FB author page starting tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/mariebostwick/

Don't worry if you can't be there right on time. The videos will stay in my feed. If I can figure out how to do it (Big if!) I'm going to try to make a YouTube Channel and post them there as well. But we'll see...I'm making this up as I go!

Kensington Publishing has generously offered to provide some of my other books as giveaways for this project. I honestly don't know how many, or how that will work (yup. making it up as I go!) but there will be some prizes. However, they won't be able to ship them to winners until the Kensington offices are open again, Which will be???

What other things are you finding are beneficial to watch/listen to While we do this quarantine thing?

I am prepping my fabrics for Gudrun’s Quarantine Quilt Along that starts TOMORROW.  For more info check out Wednesday’s Post.

I have heard from so many of you that are IN – and I can’t wait to start.  I have a plan for this quilt, and it needs to be a fast and furious thing.  No small pieces with this one!

Last night’s Zoey antics!

She just can’t get close enough, and I wouldn’t stop her for the world.

After one week with us, she is feeling safe and loved, and has adopted us right back as her people.  We all cheered when she pooped outside!  (With much giving of treats!)

She still loves her crate and has no problem going in her crate during things like our meal time (creating good habits!) and will often go in there herself just because it is cozy.

But there is nothing like having a pup who wants to get as close to you as she can, even if that means putting the hand quilting aside for just a second beause you can’t move your hoop to the next spot!

Okay. I give up.  LOL!

I am heading over to the QPO in a bit to get this morning’s mail out the door. USPS is only open until 11am on Saturday. 

And then I’ll attend to that quilt in the machine and cut more fabric for tomorrow’s Sew Along.

And you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Please don't give up on the dream just because it will take a long time to get there.

The time is going to pass anyway.

What can you do while sheltering at home to bring you closer to your goal?

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I'm sorting blue and white two inch squares. Up today is twosies and foursies headed towards your Blue Ridge Mountains pattern. On the side I'm going to start up Straits of McKiniac (sp?) strings. Good time! Marilyn Marks

  2. I'll be quilting and working on charity projects, as well as my mystery quilt along. Quilt of Valor on the longarm, and a corona-cation place mat challenge in the works.

  3. What beautiful timing that you got Ms. Zoey Jo right before we all started to hunker down and practice social distancing! It's obvious Zoey is in love with her new home and her new Mom/Dad. Thank you for keeping us in the loop on her progress 🙂 Many hugs to all of you during this difficult time. Stay safe ❤

  4. Dontcha just love air quilting? And trying to get right back in the EXACT spot....sometimes lots of new 4 letter words emerge! LOL But, really computer quilting is da bomb. Just love your Zoey Jo. So happy for all of you. Wouldn't trade my "boys" for the world. Both are crashed out right now on their respective chairs.(2 German Shepards)

  5. I made my first batch of homemade spray baste this morning and I will be basting a throw quilt today and in between cutting fabric (hope I don't mess it up!) for the Quarantine Quilt Along as well! It's shaping up to be a beautiful Saturday.

  6. Happy Bows and Arrows Day! LOL!

  7. Good to be back home in rural Michigan after an emergency trip out to California to help daughter, who lost two jobs and part of her final quarter in college, and her cat back to where we at least have food. The stories from the airports are a mini-series. But so good to get back and hear if Zoey Jo was able to brave pooping outside. Thanks for that.

  8. I'm finishing the backing for my niece's 50th b'day quilt, and then it's off to the longarmer next week. And getting my fabrics ready for tomorrow's event with Gudrun & so many other quilters. Planning & B&W with red for the small strips. It will be a quilt for my guild's donation to the NM School for the Deaf, which we do each year. Have hung a quilt on our front gate, and if the wind stays down I can hang one on my upper balcony. Hope everyone has a great quilting weekend.

  9. So lovely that ZoeyJo has settled into your family so well, she’s just adorable and obviously a big fan of mums quilts and cuddles lol.
    See you all tomorrow
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  10. My Pit Bull has made me cry with her idea of being close--sitting on the couch, she will sit as close as possible (as in NO space between us) and then drape her head over my shoulder and try to push herself even closer. Hung quilts on my front fence today in honor of National Quilting Day. Brought smiles to the neighborhood. Thank you Bonnie

  11. Your dog loves you. It's kind of perfect timing how things worked out, you are home to train your new puppy. Your interview with Alex was so nice.

  12. I loved your comment about "Happy Bows and Arrows Day"! I will be sewing along with Gudrun too. Mine has lots of chicken fabrics and what a great block for those. You can actually see them. Have a great day Bonnie!

  13. Skype sewing with friends in Edinburgh, Scotland, Puyallyup, Washington and Melbourne, Fl. We chat
    and sew and encourage each other!

  14. Working on The Quilt Show BOM Afternoon Delight and projects from Academy of Applique. Taking my dog for walks (trying to do two a day) and doing more cooking than usual. Enjoying this quiet time by calling friends and relatives I don't see often. Just reaching out to "touch" someone I love (virtually not physically).

  15. Wow, what a great boost for your business and Quiltville Inn to be interviewed by Alex Anderson!

    One of the things that I love about you is your need to share, without strings attached, everything that you know. You don't promote any fabric lines and you are such a natural! Love it, love it. Keep creating!

  16. Love your new fur baby! ❤️

  17. Your beautiful Zoey Jo is such a good dog. Doing her poopies outside is GRRRREAT. Good girl Zoey Jo.
    I've been wanting to let you know that I ordered from Amazon the book "A Mah Jongg Mystery" by Violetta Armour that you recommended some weeks back. I enjoyed reading the book very much. I read every night when I go to bed. I just finished 4 twin quilts for my 4 youngest great grand children. Now to get them off to the long arm quilter. Lately I've been knitting a baby hat for the hospital NICU. I like to knit hats for them.


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