Monday, November 14, 2016

When Things Quiet Down…

Sunday was quiet as more than half of the folks had to head out on their journeys home, some by air, some by automobile.

All of the goodbyes were met with “We need to do this more often!” “Wish we had more time to really spend together”  and we were covered in the hugs and kisses of the young ones who are such good examples to us --

How to play together.  How to share and laugh and accept and love no matter what our differences.

This photo was yesterday morning’s coloring in quiet ---the scene I tiptoed up the basement stairs into the kitchen to find.

These young ones, the little people growing so quickly….what will THEY turn our world into when it is their turn to run this country?  Will we have become better or worse in providing them a safe place to live and raise their own families?

And around lunch time, when things were settled and most were gone, we wound up back in the heart of the home, preparing yet another meal, helping hands at the ready:


Emory making BREAD!

My sister is a wiz…..and if you think *I* have too much energy and work too hard, you should see her with these 5 wonderful kids of hers.  The dough was turning in the mixer, flour on the counter at the ready for a bit more kneading and forming of the loaves, and up jumps Emory, ready to get into the action and help.

Such a cutie pie!

After lunch it was time for MORE goodbyes – the The Hubster headed back to the airport as well, catching a flight home to North Carolina via Atlanta, and then this morning turning right around again and having to head out on a business trip to Mexico which came up AFTER we had already purchased airfare for the family reunion trip.  It being on a different airline, arranged by his work, there was no way to go on that trip FROM Utah, he had to fly home, get a few hours sleep and fly out of Charlotte this morning.


Super Moon rising over the Wasatch!


huddling in blankets to watch it rise higher.


Just AWESOME to behold!

It was actually darker out than this, this is how my phone camera captured the brightness of the moon coming over that ridge.  We stood out in the lawn and watched it until the goosebumps took over, headed back inside for another big family round of “BURN!” played with  my playing cards which have been a hit amongst family.  So fun.

ZERO sewing time has happened, it’s been too busy with family, and you know what? I’m perfectly fine with switching my priorities around this week.  Family does come first.

As soon as kids are off to school Joy and I are headed out for a long walk – much needed.  There is a plan to go along some green belt areas so I can see parts of her area that I’ve never seen before. 

This afternoon, we are headed out to my sister Mary’s to see her new house – my mom and step dad are staying over there which divides the chaos down just a bit.

I have to admit it.  I needed a break.  From EVERYTHING, just to recharge my batteries, but I also can’t wait to get home and get back to doing what I do.  Those pumpkins are still waiting on the studio floor to be finished!

Speaking of finishes…


Spanish Rose finish by Nancy R!

She writes:

 "Hi Bonnie! Just finished Spanish Rose. Love the process, especially the back stitch appliqué method. The cruise was wonderful!"

I love how this turned out!  Great job, Nancy!  We really DID have an epic time on our Mediterranean cruise.  While I don’t have any cruise plans for 2017, I hope some of you will join me for either China, Thailand or both!  Info can be found under the China 2017 tab or the Thailand 2017 tab at the top of the blog.

My friend Jill from San Diego has already signed on for China and I know it is going to be MARVELOUS!


Carol B’s version of Spanish Rose!

This Spanish Rose share is coming from Carol B in Florida! She writes:

"Bonnie, I really enjoyed the Craftours cruise to the Mediterranean in August and the Spanish Rose pattern. I enjoyed back-basting appliqué so much I added another border using the flower and leaf. Thanks for a great tour, great teaching and fun pattern."

Carol, this just knocked my socks off! I love what you did with the additional flower and leaf border. It is perfect in every way! Thank you so much for sharing it!

The digital pattern for Spanish Rose is found in the digital downloads section of the Quiltville Store.

Okay, my fingers ARE itching to get back to stitching, how can I make it all the way until I get home Sunday night?  Maybe I can squeeze some hexie time in this afternoon?  Maybe I could twist an arm to drop by a quilt shop and just let me pet the fabric for just a bit??


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Antique broken dishes quilt shared by my friend Siobhan.

I truly believe this. If you are feeling bad about your situation, go and help someone who's got more struggles than you do. It will open your eyes to all you've already been blessed with.

It’s Monday!  It’s a new week – what are you going to do with it?

Much love from the Mountain West --

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  1. Love the family postings. Nothing like a busy mom to keep things moving. Enjoy your time in Utah & Idaho. Handwork is on my agenda this week.

  2. Guess what we are doing with this week? We are waiting for a mystery to happen!
    In another few hours it's our turn to go out and watch this giant moon, yesterday it has been hiding itself in the clouds.
    There are some scores I have to do for tomorrow, as I am so happy to get a student for quilting lessons! Another one to join our (crowd) family =^}.
    Hope you enjoy your quieter days, I really feel honored by the way you invite us to witness your life!

    love from Witmarsum,

  3. We were out with family taking photos of that moon rising on the far north end of the Wasatch last night. It was awe-inspiring!
    Are you near Cottonwood Heights? I recommend Elaine's Quilt Block, if you are wanting to check out a quilt shop.

  4. Oh I think you definitely need to check out the local quilt shops!! You never know what is waiting for you there! And I am sure they would be thrilled to have you visit their stores!

  5. There are wonderful quilt stores along the Wasatch Front. Quilts, Etc. in Sandy and Thimbles and Threads in Draper would both be a fast pit-stop on the way since you're going to Orem on Wednesday. The Utah Valley Guild will be so thrilled when you visit them in Orem!

    Elaine's Quilt shop in Cottonwood Heights is marvelous, too. It's just directly east from where you are now.

    Utah in the fall is beautiful!

  6. My Baltimore grandfather was named Emory. What a pleasant surprise to see niece Emory in your kitchen!! Sweet family time.

  7. Wonderful to see the Emory of Emory's Stars! So fun to have little ones around.

  8. Nice to see that you sister and family are BYU fans!

  9. So glad we had good weather for you here in Utah... it's supposed to get cold on Thursday, maybe even snow... hope you are out of here before then so you won't free your tushy... lol
    So happy you were able to have fun with family... it's what life's all about!

  10. I LOVE the Quote of the day! I Truly believe that if we give and help others we gain so much in return. I taught my boys this from the time they were little, by always getting at least two names from the giving tree at Christmas. This way we could always help others in need, even if we did not have much at times, ourselves.
    Thanksgiving with Family is wonderful. It is what life is about, giving Thanks for all the Blessings we have!

    Kasilof, AK

  11. Those scenes of the early-morning coloring book time at the table, just tickled me so much. The kids look so happy and are having a creative good time with each other. Maybe I need to start my mornings that way. :). Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing these cozy moments with your family.
    Lynn in Missouri


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