Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oh, Family Chaos and Happiness!

This is what you get when 7 siblings, spouses, children, parents and one random great uncle join together to spend a Saturday together.

We came from all directions, Arizona, North Carolina, Idaho and other corners of Utah.

One thing is for certain.

This doesn’t happen OFTEN ENOUGH and we have soaked up every minute of it.

And the food.  Oh, the food!

I thought we were going to be keeping things “SIMPLE” but let me tell you what, there are some awesome cooks with fabulous ideas in my family and the spread started to appear long before noon with appetizers that could and should have been considered a meal in itself.

Cranberry salsa!  Peach salsa! Shrimp, cheese balls, fresh veggies including tomatoes that I walked right out to the garden to pick, all so delicious!


Lovin my sisters in the kitchen!


Joy’s bread, fresh out of the oven.



Kids playing outside!

If you asked my mom how many grandchildren she has, she would beam and tell you that she has 26, and two great grands.  We are pretty scattered, so when cousins get together with cousins it takes me right back to when I was young and spending time with my far away cousins was just the best thing ever.  So fun to see these kids forming relationships with each other and watching each personality evolve into who these kids will be as adults.


Slide, little Jaxon!


The view from my sister’s front yard.



What’s up doc!?

William with a carrot fresh from the garden.


Time for some “BURN” with my playing cards!


Brother Mark, my nephew Spencer and his new wife McKinna.


So much fun!


William and Jaxon, cousins together!


Elizabeth is ready for the Boise State game!


And there is MORE food in the kitchen!

The plan was to do crock pot soups, and we had 5 different kinds, something for everyone and all the fixin’s.  Apple pie and Pumpkin pie for dessert…and for the kids?


Mary dippin’ applies!


Open wide!!

The apples came from the trees in my mom's yard up in Garden Valley, Idaho and several boxes were brought for my sisters to can and juice and eat right of the box.  Home grown apples are THE BEST!


Cousin love!

Porter and Elizabeth!

Love that tongue!


Girl cousins rule!

Addie, Lucie, Mykenzie, Taylor, Kelli and Ashley!  They are a force to be reckoned with!  Sure love the wonderful young ladies they are!

And a Happy 75 1/2 to my mom since we weren't together on her birthday! SURPRISE!

It was a wonderfully noisy chaotic exhausting day and we loved every minute of being together.


And I woke up to this!

Three kids coloring quietly at the kitchen table while we start the next round of breakfast and send folks back on their way home today.  Mike, Nicole, Jaxon and Elizabeth have just left for Idaho.  David, Anna, Ben & William headed back to Logan last night along with Rick and Pam, Mary, Kelly and their family went off to Tooele taking Grandma and Grandpa with them.

Mark, Sharolyn and Ashley will be on their way to Arizona this afternoon, and Dave will head back to North Carolina because work happens tomorrow.

And I’m here until Thursday morning when I head up to Idaho Falls to teach.  I’m looking forward to a few quieter days ahead to spend time with my sisters and my mom.

NO SEWING HAS HAPPENED!  And that’s okay.  It’s like I’m resetting my clock so I’ll be ready to get back to it when I return home from Idaho on the 20th.

Who knows.  With everyone gone, there MAY be a nap today!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

To live in the midst of fear is an act of courage. And family can help you through!

Vintage star quilt found in Missouri by Kevin H. Thanks for sharing the vintage quilt love!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. What a wonderful weekend! My dad had 5 siblings and we all lived close and had lots of gatherings like this when I was growing up. Now we're scattered and mostly keep in touch on facwbook.

  2. Love seeing photos of families that love and enjoy being around each other and can do so with laughter and joy. Such a blessing.

  3. Awesome! Looks like you all had a great time!

  4. Couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy, Relax, and salutations to you and your family.

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us!!

  6. Wow!!! What fun!!!! So glad you had this time with your beautiful family

    I could almost hear those children whispering at the table while they were coloring so as to not wake anyone up. Look at all that delicious food. How much fun to play games again and just enjoy each others company. Wishing you more times like this as the future comes to pass. I think we all need more of these times.

  7. Nothing like family gatherings. Thank you for sharing your good times with your fellow quilters. If you ever get down to central Utah, be sure to look me up.

  8. Your family gettogether sounds like so much fun. So happy to see such a large family getting along and yes we all need to do this more often.

  9. You are very lucky to have the family you have. I'm so glad you appreciate them. Thank you for sharing with us.


  10. And there's your Mom just as I remember her only without the wheel chair. What a fun time. How lucky you are.

  11. We have 7 kids, 19 grandkids and 27 great grandkids in my family. It is Mom's 90th next week. Pot luck and has to be gluten free. Chaos, I can relate. Hope you have a wonderful visit and recharge your batteries Bonnie. You deserve more than a few days rest.

  12. That my friend...is what it's all about. FAMILY!!!

  13. Looks like you all had a wonderful time to treasure....and clearly you are part of that unique minority that knows how to pronounce Tooele!

  14. So, so sweet! Thank you for sharing all that joy.

  15. Thoroughly enjoy your life adventures Bonnie and appreciate your sharing!
    Totally off quilting but I need to ask....I can't get the vision of Joy's bread out of my mind. Double drippy yummy looking. What type of machine does she use to blend, how does she create the warm environment for her bread to rise, and where does she locate her recipe? Thank you and take care.

  16. Where in Utah was this family gathering? I'm from WVC and the rest of my family still lives in the Salt Lake area. Loved seeing your pictures.


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