Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Well Done, Sister Suffragette!

Hello, November 8, 2016.

The day we thought could never arrive soon enough.

Oh the angst, the verbal battles, the dividing of friends and especially family.

We have put so MUCH emphasis on this day, as if once this day draws to a close it will be “blessedly over.”

This is not a political post.  I don’t care WHO you vote for as long as you vote more with your heart and your conscience, and less by the persuasion of others to vote the way they are for whatever reason they are voting for whoever they are.

Hopefully you studied the issues and didn’t just get them through your Facebook propaganda driven news feed.

I don’t want to talk candidates. I don't want to talk parties. I don’t want to talk what will happen if THIS one gets in or THAT one gets in.  I want to talk about “arm chair citizens” and how it seems that if “so and so” is voted in, the homeless will be taken care of, the veterans will have their much needed benefits (And I agree, they are needed) and there will be a big political party band-aid placed over the whole map of the US of A that will solve everything.  While we do nothing.

As a woman, I am keenly aware that were I born in a different age and time, that I likely would never have had the right to vote, no matter which direction I wanted to vote.  I wouldn’t have been able to own my own property, and any other number of things that are granted to us as women today.

Voting your heart without persuasion from your spouse, children, neighbors, friends or church family is your right.  We’ve earned it.  Women before us fought for it, were incarcerated for it and in other countries died for it.

On a light-hearted note, I wanted to put this video clip in here, because it IS important, this right to vote, but I love this so much:

Well Done, Winifred Banks!


There may be lines, but go anyway.

In my Facebook news feed, this memory popped up from something I shared 4 years ago from Kim Diehl’s brother, Tracy Singer:


With the election process nearing its end (I hope) we will soon have a divided nation in which half the people are elated and half are angry and in disbelief at the other half. So much time has been spent protesting over which party should run the government and do the work to help our nation heal and regain its greatness that it is easy to miss the most important point – The real work can and will only be accomplished if it is done by WE THE PEOPLE. Our political leaders are going to be a little bit busy trying to save the country, and by extension, the world, from economic collapse and so they won’t have time to help each and every citizen of our great country. The helping of individuals is up to WE THE PEOPLE.
So I ask you to please consider this: You are going to have a lot of energy that you express through joy, taunting, frustration, sadness etc. over the election results. You are also going to have more time since there will be no need to argue your political case on Facebook anymore. Please consider using this energy and time to volunteer at a homeless shelter, to read to terminally ill children at the hospital, to give your time to a local senior center to help ease some of the loneliness felt by many of our elderly citizens, to stay in touch with your local food bank to ask about and supply them with items they lack, or to organize a garage sale or any kind of fundraiser for a family in need or for a charitable organization in your town. There are many things that can be done. Even if you don’t really care about the election results please use your talents you have to be of some service to a person or people in need.
The same message goes for those who pray regularly for our nation, for the world, for peace, for the poor, for the sick. God is a little busy right now and could use some workers to help. Say your prayers but then please ask yourself what you can do to help.
The key is don’t be afraid to think small. The thought of trying to find several more hours in the week is one that quickly makes us turn off any thoughts of helping others. How about just 1 hour a week? 2 hours a month? Maybe just making a quick donation? Doesn’t have to be much. How about $5 that would have been spent in the drive thru? Just something, anything to help.
It is so easy to rant and rave about our government not doing enough or to question why God is allowing bad things to happen that sometimes we miss the easy answer – WE THE PEOPLE are the ones, the only ones, who can step up and help. The only way this works is if our attitude is WE THE PEOPLE . THEM THE PEOPLE does not work. Please find a small way to help real people in need. I will do the same.
"Please consider sharing this. It’s going to take all of us working together to get this done!
On the home front.  Jammed my right index finger after off-loading all of this off at the post office yesterday:
We are getting there!
If you are still waiting, please know that as quickly as I can, and as tirelessly as I can, one at a time these envelopes are being stuffed, marked as SHIPPED [yes, you will get an email letting you know yours has shipped!] and we are making our way through the numbers.
I thought I was flying to Utah on Thursday, I’m flying FRIDAY so that gives me one extra day of order fulfillment.  Oh joy!  I know you are tired of these photos by now, and would rather see quilts.  I would rather see quilts too!  But these go first.

And then I can sew!  It seems like so long since I've just been able to spend a day at the machine putting the pieces through.  I want these happily on their way to you so that I can have some happy sewing time in the very near future.
And THIS envelope made me happy!
Thanks, Connie!
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Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Today as an American, and as a woman I am honored to have the privilege to vote.
Vote with your heart, vote with your conscience but be prepared to follow it up with your actions.
Have a memorable Tuesday the 8th, 2016 everyone!

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  1. Amen Bonnie. Wonderful nonpartisan post. Think what a wonderful thing it would be if we took to heart the words from your friend. Thanks for the uplifting message and thanks for the discount on your course.

  2. So many of time have fought in every way possible for us to have the privlegde of the free vote. Nothing is more maddening than hearing from an American citizen that they didn't " bother to vote"

    Praying for our county,

  3. Mary Poppins! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. Thanks for reminding all of us of where we have come from and that we keep moving forward. Now get back to work. Invoice 8739 is not going to mail itself. :)

  4. Sorry you jammed your finger. I love Mary Poppins. Not partial because it has my name in it. I miss going to the polls. Our State is all mail-in Ballots and the Election is over and finalized before all our votes are counted. Sad, but I am glad we Can Vote! Yea for a bonus day! Give your mom extra hugs!

  5. This was a great post from beginning to end. As a Canadian fan and blog reader I am hoping that all things will turn out well. 😊

  6. Well said, Bonnie! As a Canadian, I hope regardless of the results, people can put their differences aside and work for the common good of all. Thank you for your non-partisan views.

  7. Sorry, I meant to say as a Canadian, I wish your country all the best and hope...

  8. I live in Rochester, NY. Lots of people here take their "I voted" sticker and go stick it on Susan B. Anthony's grave.

  9. Great post! Terry Singer's message is more valuable now than ever.

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  12. One thing I saw that made me chuckle a bit.... it said that no matter who wins of looses; tomorrow starts the 2020 election campaign. Hope your finger feels better... and that you actually get to sew before too long... maybe b/4 you leave on Friday.

  13. Ouch, poor you fingers do hurt more than you think they should. I hope it heals quickly and does not interfere with both your work and your fun stuff.
    My local quilt shop owner is having a voting sale just show your I voted sticker for a discount on red white and blue fabric. I don't think anyone votes to get a discount or a cup of coffee. It's just nice to be acknowledged

  14. Hi Bonnie,
    Do you realize that your new En Provence Quilt is almost made out of suffragette colours?
    These wonderful women, who helped to earn us the right to vote, wore broaches, ribbons and clothes in the colours purple, green and white.

  15. Thanks for sharing luxury bed linen information. I like that.

  16. Hope your fingers heal fast after jamming them! I have been avoiding my fb due to all the bickering about the election.I was always told by my great aunt when I was young and made the kid mistake of saying I didn't want to vote, what was the use my candidate never wins anyway that she fought for the right to vote so I had better damn well get my butt out there and vote! So every election I go out and vote, and taught my daughter to do the same thing!

  17. I shared on FB giving you credit. Well said.

  18. Can only say"yes indeed" to your post and the commenters. Here we go America!

  19. Well said. I always try to make sure and vote.

  20. Wonderfully thought provoking post! One thing this election showed us is that the smooth talking pundits actually know nothing more than we do as far as the election outcome is concerned.

  21. Actually...if you'd been born in another time, you could have owned property as a SINGLE woman. MARRIED women had no rights because they relinquished all their rights to their husbands. As a single woman, you might have inherited property from your father or husband. If you'd had children, as a widow, you would only inherit a child's portion, and you would probably only have control of it for as long as you remained unmarried. Then it would revert to your children. If you did not have any children, you'd probably retain control of it for your life time as long as you did not remarry. My ancestor Ann Coleman inherited a tavern and other property from her husband Robert Coleman, whose only stipulation was that it revert to son when she died. When she remarried in 1715, she drew up a pre-nuptial to make sure that her property would revert to her children by Coleman. She also retained the right to dispose of any of her property without the approval of her second husband!! Our female ancestors were more assertive than you might think, especially our colonial ancestors. If only they could have voted!! I vote in honor of them.


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