Monday, November 07, 2016

Sunday and a For Sale Sign.

This is the side yard into the woods off of the front deck at the cabin.

The leaves are turning and falling and you can BARELY see the mountain range to the west as the sun begins to set.

This photo was taken Saturday night as steaks were sizzling on the grill.  The night we went to sleep, and fell back an hour.

So many mixed feelings are conflicting in my heart.

Are we doing the right thing?

Maybe if we didn’t sell, things would get better?

Is this really the place I want to stay or is it a stepping stone to something I will love even more?

Making change is so very very hard for me.  I get attached to places, people and things.
When I was a small girl, I cried and cried when my dad traded our beloved Corvair in on a Volvo.  I had no knowledge that a Volvo was a REALLY NICE CAR.  I didn’t care about leather seats or new car smell.  I didn’t even consider that we needed a bigger family car because the family had grown to 3 children.  I just wanted OUR SAME CAR.  Don’t make a change.  Keep things the same.

And this has followed me throughout my life.

The same thing happened when my mom got rid of the old “colonial” style 1960s couch for a new one.  It didn’t feel the same, it didn’t have the memories.  I never did like that new couch.


Yesterday morning, sun on the mountains.

There are many places with beautiful mountain views.  And it could take a long long time for my cabin to sell.  It was on the market for over a year when we found it.  It’s got things that maybe someone else won’t want to deal with, like not one, but TWO spiral staircases, the only way to get upstairs or downstairs from inside the cabin.  It could be a deal breaker for some.  It could be something that others find really cool.

Going up the spiral stair case always made me feel like I was climbing up to a tree house.  My inner child loves it.


Our realtors.  Wayne & Carolyn Bond.


I love the website address.

Great way to play on a name!

As soon as everything is entered into the MLS, and things are up on Realtor.com I’ll share the link.  Maybe you’ll know someone who is interested in buying a piece of my heaven who wants the kinds of things this HOA is doing.  Someone who already lives in a gated community with available community amenities might enjoy a club house, community BBQs and pot lucks and activities and groomed trails and won’t mind the dues required to make these events and resources available.


Our waterfall is barely running!

We took them on a tour of the mountain showing them the things we have loved, things that someone looking for a place might also love.  Remember when the rains came so hard the year we bought the cabin that it washed out the road?  We are so dry from lack of rain that the water fall is now barely a trickle.  We need rain!


It was a beautiful day.

I’ll miss the pond with the twin gazebos.

See the guy fly fishing on the bank?

There was ONE property out in McGrady we wanted to see, and it was a bit of a jaunt to get there, but away we went.  It was listed as 2500 sq foot cabin, 3 bed, 3 bath, 30 acres.  I’m not really caring about THAT much property, but the listing looked nice.


There is still color in the mountains, but almost done now.


The view from the back deck.

The view was magnificent.  Truly.  And 30 acres?  All woods and trails…beautiful.  But the roads to get to this place were very remote, very narrow and I worried over how steep they were, and imagined driving it in various weather conditions.  Too remote maybe?


The cabin looked cute on the outside, but needs work.

The roof needs re-doing, the logs need sealing, staining and weatherproofing.  It’s been neglected. 

Can I say that “not enough wrap around porch” is also a reason for me to say no?  I spend so much time on the porch, it needs to be more than a falling apart back deck that needs replacing.

This cabin may have “technically” had more square footage than our cabin, but it was so chopped up that there was no FLOOR SPACE.  The family room down stairs was almost no bigger than a bedroom, and there would be no where to lay a quilt out.  THIS is a deal breaker. No sewing space.

It will be perfect for someone who wants isolation, and doesn’t quilt.  But not for me.  But the views?  MAGNIFICENT!


Somewhere, I’ll find what I’m looking for.


Too much work, not enough porch!

And no sewing space.

The bedrooms were also tiny.  They would only fit FULL beds, not even queen.  I have big people in my family.  My current cabin has 1 queen room on the main level, 2 king rooms up on the upper level, and there is an additional twin bed in one of the king rooms where my nephew and his wife and daughter stay when they come. 

Spacious bedrooms are on my “needs” list too, because we have people come and stay. 

We left this place – and I started second guessing putting my place on the market.  I had to talk myself out of feeling down  because it is ONLY THE FIRST place we have been able to see.

Searches have begun anew.  We are considering even going north into Virginia.  My wish is no more than a 2 hour drive in any direction.  There are mountains to the west, to the north west, to the north and a bit north east of us all within that region.

Making a list, finding a realtor out of Hillsville/Fancy Gap, Virginia who can show us properties there after Thanksgiving.  Maybe our new place isn’t in North Carolina at all, but will cross state lines.


My evening, finishing a binding to The Crown on Netflix.

Yes, shoes were still on, it was a bit chilly down here in the studio.  Like the world KNEW that as soon as the clocks flipped back an hour that it was time to turn on the cold outside.




And on the back of my comfy chair.

So hello, Monday!  There is a to-do list as long as my arm as I prepare to head out to Utah on Friday.  So excited for our “Early Thanksgiving” Family Reunion.  There will be 6 siblings there, only two brothers not able to make it due to work obligations in Idaho.  Spouses, nieces, nephews –my mom and stepdad.  And I’ll get to meet my nephew’s wife for the first time!  They got married a couple months ago and I am so excited to meet her. 

My “Bookend” sister Mary and her hubby just closed on their new house in Tooele this past Friday and they are busy moving in so they have room for part of our brood.  (Mary and I are “Bookends” because I am the eldest, she is the youngest and there is 20 years between us)

Family.  However they come, how ever many or how few there are.  Whether they are step, or half, or whole….we are REAL FAMILY.

I can’t wait to hug their necks and make some great memories.  This whole plan for this Early Thanksgiving reunion all came together when I got stranded in Salt Lake trying to get home from Montana and stayed over night at my Sister Joy’s.  ABUNDANCE of family.  It’s good for every heart ache life throws at us.

My Monday means being back at the dining room table getting more stuff out the door.  I’m up to October 27th…so everything is orders that came in from the time I left for Quilt Market, and since returning home.

But before I can get to that I have some desk work that has to be taken care of…The release of Wanderlust Quilt with Bonnie Hunter (Scrap Quilting Basics from Beginning to Binding!)is right around the corner and they need some things from me, so I’m writing all of that up this morning.

Don't forget that you can save 15% by clicking the above link and using coupon code WANDER15 when registering!


And this happened!

Over night our Quiltville’s Open Studio group reached the amazing membership of 50,000!!  I believe this is due to the Winter Mystery, En Provence ramping up.  But what a fun place to gather with like-minded Quiltvillians to share your projects in progress, ask questions and make new friends.

Sometimes it's all a bit overwhelming. But it is confirmation to me that above all of the push for more fabric, more tools, more fancy this, etc.....that deep down there are a bunch of us who just want to sew scrappy quilts that we give away to those we love so that we can keep on making more.

It's less about trendy, and more about KEEP QUILTING REAL. I am honored and humbled, and having the time of my life :)


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Mariner's Compass quilt found in Houston.

Sometimes as life changes, and we grow older we have to change our methods in order to keep doing what we love doing the most. Don't give up!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. It sounds like you will know the right place when you see it. That is very helpful.
    50,000 members. Wow! That many like minded people communicating? Double wow!

    I know you will enjoy your early Thanksgiving celebration.

    Enjoy your cabin this fall and maybe winter. You will still have the wonderful memories of it.

  2. Love the comment keep quilting real. You certainly do that for us. Thank you and good luck in cabin hunt.

  3. I really enjoyed your post this morning. How wonderful to begin searching for a new place to enjoy what God has created. Praying for you in a time of change. I am off this morning to work with a group of our church ladies who are making x-long quilts for the beds of a place called The Renewal Ranch in Houston, Arkansas. This is a place where men can go and leave their addictions behind and try to recover before reuniting with their families and friends. We have about 10 done and about 20 more to go to begin with. We want each man to take his quilt with him, so we will be continuing with this project.

  4. With so many women/men on the blog and Facebook, surely someone knows of a special spot for sale with your requirements. everyone keep an eye out for Bonnie.

  5. All I can say is amazing, amazing Bonnie. Thank you for every thing you do. Hang in there, the right place is out there waiting for you. I relate, change does not come easy. Have a won early Thanksgiving with your family.

  6. I've moved a few times. Each time it felt uncertain, until I found the place that was right and I knew it immediately. If you'd found the right place first, wouldn't you worry that you should look at more places? And if it isn't time for a move, that will make itself known, too.

  7. Keep quilting real...Love it! With 50,000 of use I'm sure we will. Good luck on your search for a new piece of quilty paradise.

  8. When we were looking for our 160 acre farm, yes we really needed that many acres, we had to walk away from our dream farm because the mineral rights had already been sold. It was perfect except for that. We could take the risk that the construction company would never need the rock on our place, or we could look elsewhere. We chose to walk away, and found another farm, but even 30 years later we still talk about that first farm. Take your time and find what you really want. It will be worth it in the end.

  9. Enjoy the adventure in the search. You will know the right place as soon as you see it :) Have a wonderful early Thanksgiving.

  10. Happy November. Celebrating 50,000, WOW! Have fun in Utah. Thanksgiving early sounds great. Enjoy every minute.

  11. Hah! And I thought I was the only little girl that cried and made a big fuss when my Dad sold our old car and got a new one! I think I was around 4 at the time. I still remember that loss and empty feeling! Good luck in your search .. I think you'll know it when you find it!

  12. When we sold, the last time, I made a list of absolute necessities, then the " maybe this as well", and kept a notebook of all the homes we viewed. The list grew and grew, and finally after seeing over 30 places, I was so blunt with the land agents, and said to them I don't want to waste your time or mine if the property doesn't have "this and this". We ended up with where we live now, 3 acres, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and privacy even in a small town.
    Keep looking, trawling the net is a wonderful way to see what is out there, and so easy to discard what will never suit you well.
    Change is not easy, but maybe it will be just another challenge.

  13. Buy land and build. That way you get more of what you want and less of what someone else wanted.

  14. What about Mona? LOL I'm feeling bad for her.

  15. Patience Grasshopper! The right thing will come along! I think Nancy J. was right in her "list" that she posted above! Don't settle. Allow a bit of time for "grieving" over the one you are selling. I think about what I would buy, looking forward in time as I am continuing to age. You will not get "younger". Make sure it will not be a place where you are always working, instead of relaxing and enjoying life! Mary / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  16. I would say number one on you list of criteria for the new cabin would be NO HOA! Why do those things even exist? Why do people want to be told what to do with their own property? Why do people want to PAY for being told what to do with their own property? Unfathomable to me!

    Change is hard, but you will know the right place when you see it. Having space for family & quilting is IMPORTANT. So is having decent Internet in this day and age. Hope you find something really great!

  17. This place is a God's gift, almost each night i ask if Earth is so big why families cant have little land where enjoy Nature without need sell my liver for to buy it.

  18. You & your family are what makes a house a home, no matter where/what you live in it will become your home very quickly. We moved around a lot when my kids were growing up (work commitments), & we always made it home with our things, you will find the right house, but you will make it a home

  19. Yes, change is hard. You have a great attitude for overcoming any obstacle. Keep going!

  20. Oh Bonnie we are so much alike about change. But without change we can't grow and move on and it's hard. I had to laugh at the car etc. I was the same way as a child and it has carried into my adult like.
    You will find the right place in time. We live on 20 acres in Tennessee and I don't think I could deal with a HOA.
    Sometimes we need to just move forward and not look back and keep on keeping on.
    The perfect place is waiting for you to find it.
    I am so thrilled to be a part of Quiltville Studio. I just joined and love it. I have learned so much, the group is amazing, and the talent and ideas and help is unbelievable. Sadly I want to make everything I have seen with so much not done now. LOL.
    Thank you again for all you do. I am ready for the mystery to begin.

  21. 50,000 supports how cool last year's mystery quilt turned out.

    You are way ahead of the game shopping for a cabin because you already know what you don't want. Good luck that the sale happens quickly.

  22. Can't have it all-

    Be careful about opening yourself up to lawsuits posting on the WWW about other people property and what the "needs" are...
    (Unless they've disclosed them to potential buyers) you could be sued for making unsubstantiated accusations if not first proven to be true (opinions don't matter ) and causing their house to not sell.

    I was married to a lawyer .... I'm just saying.

    You wouldn't be happy if someone did this to your home. I
    Mean, how
    Many houses could fit thAt description in thAt little town you named and the photos you have shown?!?!

    No whining
    And please think

  23. We are enjoying lovely warm weather in Utah. It will be a great weekend for you!!!

  24. There's a great fabric/pottery store in Fancy Gap. We camp overnight at the nearby KOA and I get some fabric stash shopping done before we head further up the mountain. IMO, Hillsville is lower down, not as mountainous, and in the summer Floyd County is loaded with ticks, chiggers and the creeks dry up considerably. Higher up (cooler) Grayson County, VA has much to offer...I raised my kids there. And, you are familiar with West Jefferson and there are beautiful properties around that part of Ashe County. Winters higher up can be a bit rougher than the Buck Mountain area though.

    Good luck finding that special place!

  25. Oh dear, Bonnie, I am sorry you feel such turmoil, but I so understand it. I also do not take change well at all. I know you not, but I sure feel like I do, and based on the wonderful way you think, speak and act, I've a feeling it will all work out well. Easy for me to say,though. At the risk of sounding trite, if it is meant to be it will be. Keep the Faith and it will keep you.

    Meanwhile, rest easy.

    Loretta McDermott McGinn

  26. I understand your dislike of change. Me too. Have you considered finding property you love and building a house of your own design ? Might be easier. Va. has notoriously high taxes. Just saying. Good luck. Micki

  27. Good luck to you ♥ Love the pretty quilt ♥

  28. We are selling our house now and realtor called yesterday with some issues from the home inspection. We took a huge loss when we accepted the buyers offer and told them no repairs. Now they want us to repair things. Integrity is important to me so we said no to the repairs even if the deal cancels. You have your own beliefs about HOA (awful) so keep them in mind when you are thinking of keeping your cabin. There is a reason you need to move and you will find that perfect cabin, just have faith.

  29. Hello from Cats... it seems that humans need the position they are in to become so uncomfortable they will endure the discomfort of moving on, to the unknown... it doesn't HAVE to be that way, we can and maybe should move on before a situation becomes so awful we cannot abide, but, in the main it appears to be what humans need. So, your discomfort with change has to pale beside the dislike and distrust of change. It's all for the good and you'll be happy and wonder why you waited so long... <3

  30. Wow - looks like a lot of us are moving this season. I just moved from PA to SC and am writing this while surrounded by towers of boxes. It's hard to leave a place you love but you are doing it for the right reasons. Hope you are successful in quickly finding your new getaway place.


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