Saturday, November 19, 2016

Texas Tumble Weed, Snake River Valley Style!

I got my quilting fix yesterday!

WOW!  I had spent more than a week without the hum of machines and flying fabric scraps.  I think It was a complete record for me.

Yesterday dawned clear and COLD up in Idaho Falls, but we were warm within, and I was pleased to spend the day with the members or the Snake River Valley Quilters and friends for a Texas Tumbleweed workshop from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


I haven’t taught a workshop since the October cruise.  I think that is the longest “non-teaching” stretch I have had in a long while as well, and it felt SO GOOD to be back amongst those who understand my need of saving every last piece, of cutting and stitching and and pressing  and being with like-minded folk who understand my need without question.

We sewed and sewed and laughed and laughed and my heart was so happy to be here!


Ladder blocks came together by lunch time!


Stars were on the after-lunch agenda!


I even got to pet the feather-weight!

It’s been an amazing year, and this being my last venue of 2016, I’ve been in reflection mode.  During one of my guild visits I think we experienced the LARGEST number of vintage machines in a workshop, where over half the machine population beat out their computerized contemporaries in number.

This time?  ONE FEATHERWEIGHT in class!  Only ONE!!  This little pretty white baby just hummed along, and I was so happy to see her here.


Ingenious Tip of the Day!

Insulated mugs with screw on lids are PERFECT for cone thread!  Just feed the thread end up through the straw hole, and away you go.  This also keeps it from unravelling in your travel bag as you go back and forth to class.  I’ve seen the coffee mug or quart jar equivalent, but this was AWESOME.  Also – unbreakable!


And twos become fours!


Laughing too hard!  OOPS!


The more you laugh with your neighbors, the greater the chance that something like this will happen! One of these things is not like the others! LOL!


And then there are whole tops!

Okay, someone got an early start, but we were so happy to have this example so we could see one all laid out:



You’ll find the rest of our photos in the slide show below.  It’s been a while since I have done one of these as well!

Thank you ladies for such an awesome day!



We will do it all again today with Pineapple Blossom from the free patterns tab up on deck.  It’s the LAST DAY of this Mountain West Adventure.  Tomorrow I fly home.

In other news:

If you visited YESTERDAY’S POST for Pat Sloan’s ‘Teach Me to Machine Quilt’ Mega Fun Blog Tour, these are TODAY’S sites you need to visit:

Nov 19
And entries are still coming on for the Quiltmaker Magazine Vol 14 Blog Tour as well – did you enter to win ON MY POST??


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage 4 patch / 9 patch quilt found in Idaho Falls yesterday.

My niece Addie is in Middle School. It was her room I took over while I stayed in Utah this past week. She is an amazing young lady, and this quote was in a frame on a table in her room. I I learn so much from how grown-up my young nieces are. I love it when our young people show the better example.

Oh, and on a bonus note – I arrived in Idaho Falls WITHOUT my charger cord.  I texted my sister to just mail it to me – I had forgotten that she and her family were headed up here last night for my brother-in-law’s grandmother’s memorial service this afternoon.  She’s staying only 6 minutes from where I am.  So after they checked in last evening, she came over for a visit and I got to hug her AGAIN.  And as I am typing this I am teary eyed.  This wonderful sister of mine is 16 years my junior.  It’s taken until NOW for us to really build the relationship that I have always wanted.  I love her so much, and I attribute how wonderful my nieces and nephew are to the wonderful parents that she and Mark are.  Condolences to the Harker family on their loss.  Grandma Harker was in her late 90s, and she had a long and fruitful life, but it is still hard to say goodbye.

And I just looked at the clock, and I’m running late – so without further words, off I go!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. coming from a very large family of 12 children I understand about not having a relationship with some of the siblings - between my oldest sib and youngest are 17 1/2 years! my little sister is 13 years younger than I and we have little in common and rarely see each other I wish I knew her better.glad you had a chance to visit your family!
    I used to live in Idaho Falls back in the late 70's and although I was not involved in quilting then it is a beautiful place in the state and we go back now and then to sight see - the quilt group looks like a fun bunch! if I was there I for sure would have attended your workshop.

  2. I love visiting in Idaho Falls. My Son and his family have a house there still. Sorry about your Sister's sad event that brought her to visit again. I almost always leave something when I visit. Hopefully nothing was left but memories in Idaho and Utah now. Have a great Thanksgiving week. I'm waiting patiently and cleaning the house while the days fly by until the Mystery Starts. Un-expected company coming soon.

  3. I think it was the Dali Lama at a college commencement speech... told the grads to always opt for kindness. There is a real need for kindness in our world and country.
    Thank you for tis wonderful post.

  4. I really enjoyed the slide show. Thank you.

  5. DH and I were stationed in IF twice many, many years ago.......I have a feeling I wouldn't recognize anything anymore, except for the Snake River running through the middle of town, LOL.

  6. I love the sideshow! Everyone had lovely color combinations,so inspiring! The featherweight was precious. I learned to sew on one and I have a soft spot for them! So glad you get to go home tomorrow....Sadie is waiting for you!

  7. truly is an ingenious tip- the travel mug with the screw on lid for the thread cones... I have to start looking for one.

  8. I can't seem to view the slideshow. I don't see how to start it. What am I missing?


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