Friday, November 04, 2016

A Bit of Pumpkin Play!

In the evenings, when I’ve gone as far as I think I can go on the work front, there is nothing that can energize and re-excite like spending a couple of hours in the studio.

I really intended to come down here and make some sense of the chaos that has befallen me.

I’ve been on the go go go and there are piles upon piles – where one thing shifts on top of another because you need that other flat space to cut or to layout.

You know the drill.

And I thought – if I just LOAD this pumpkin table runner into the machine.  How long can it really take to quilt it?  It’s only 24 X 47.  HOW LONG can that take?


Not long!

I already had the backing picked out and cut to size.  ONE WIDTH of backing fabric!  Whoowhooo!  That never happens to me, this girl who tends to do everything in full-to-queen with the occassional KING ending up in the machine.  This was a fast finish.

The hardest part?  Choosing the thread color.


This looks like “Pumpkin Patch Full of Weeds!”

As I was flipping through photos, I found where I was working on these pumpkins BACK IN MAY.  And before that, they were started for String Fling several years ago, but wound up on the back burner.  It’s time for these to be DONE.

Where black thread is too stark marching across the oranges and the greens, and orange or green would be too bright, I chose a deep copper brown to do the job and the effect is wonderful.  I didn’t quilt this too densely because I didn’t want MORE thread to up-stand the pumpkins and other patchwork.

And bonus?  I had a piece of leftover batting that was just the right size without having to join any smaller pieces together to use them up.  I was ready to do it – that zig-zagging of batting parts, but this was already wide enough and I just had to trim the length.


Binding even went on!

I chose a yellow-orange in a harlequin pattern.

A couple evenings of hand stitching time will see this finished.  And I can’t wait to move on to the grey ones as soon as the order department is DONE.


This morning on the deck!

We have falling leaves EVERYWHERE, and it just seemed perfect to photograph this little thing on the deck with leaves all around.  And yes.  I’m still wearing sandals.  Yesterday it was nearly 80.  I’m not complaining.  I love a warm fall in the south!


Quilty texture with morning sunlight.

One step closer to all I need finished for the NEXT BOOK down the pipeline.  I really wish I had 2 months off to stay home and just sew.  Next book release?  I'm scheduling TWO MONTHS off of travel to be home and get everything out the door.  This has been nuts.  Wonderful, but nuts.


Sadie is happy to let you know that invoice box number 8 is empty!
And we are well into invoice box number 9!


Stuffing envelopes as I go!

These are my new “two-sided” flyers for our two big Quiltville trips in 2017.  I haven’t hardly had time to talk about either or both of these! 

Who wants to go to China and/or Thailand in 2017? These are two places at the top of my bucket list and I absolutely can't wait. I have started the countdown. Won't you come with me? You can find the information under the Thailand Tour and China Tour tabs at the top of the blog.  You can choose either one, or both as they are back to back.

We did 3 Quiltville cruises in a 3 month period of time so I “think” I am taking a year off from cruising and focusing on these as my only BIG trips of 2017.  It’s going to be EPIC!  These are land tours, so we will fly over, stay in amazing hotels and do everything on land.  These are not cruises.

Hubbies and significant-others are welcome!  Sisters, friends, brothers and others are WELCOME!

These are not "sit at a sewing machine all day" kinds of tours.  If you followed my Peru trip a year ago, or trips to Italy, Germany or Bali -- we travel WITH quilters, and we may do a small take a long hand project, but mostly we are seeing all we can see, learning a different culture but seeing things through a quilter's eye.  The colors, the patterns, the inspiration.  NO SEWING MACHINES.  Just taking it all in so we can come home and create anew.

I firmly believe if you don't plan it, and don't work for it it will never happen!



Something is coming up!

Look what arrived while I was in Houston! Volume 14 of Quiltmaker's 100 blocks by 100 designers will be hitting newsstands on November 15th. This is my block, Straits of Mackinac designed after I returned home from teaching at the Grand Hotel in May. You will find it on page 32, block # 1342.

There are blog tours and giveaways planned, stay tuned for more info! Oh, and no! This is NOT the Mystery Quilt block!

And while it looks like I PLANNED it to match the colors in the cover of the issue, this was sent in to Quiltmaker in MAY…happy accident.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Antique applique quilt seen in Houston.

Actions are everything. Show others what you mean by what you do.

And into Friday we go!  Have a good one!

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  1. Love the runner. The contrast and movement is super. Be sure to take breaks in your shipping schedule. We will be patient. Hug Sadie for us. Donna in Tallahassee

  2. WoW! on block 1342 straits of mackinac. The crative wheels are turning, also pumpkins are so darn cute

  3. I agree with the quilty quote! Love is a Verb, not a Situation =^}
    Just found the mail in my box that something is coming my way!
    Love to hear the postman ring!
    Enjoy breathing time,
    love, Irene

  4. Hi Bonnie! I love the pumpkin runner. So adorable. I think I will probably make one when the pattern comes out. Also love your block for 100 block issue! You are amazing! Have a great day!

  5. Really love the pumpkin runner! On the mystery quilt - I have a Marti Mitchell triangle ruler that is 6" instead of the 6 1/2" of the ruler you're using. Will this work or not? Thanks.

  6. Love your pumpkin runner. Your block in 100 Blocks is beautiful. Can't wait until it is available for purchase. Thank you for everything you do for quilters everywhere, Bonnie!

  7. Love your pumpkin runner!!

  8. Bonnie...I absolutely love the pumpkin runner...so striking!!! Can't wait for the pattern down the pipeline. 🙂 Love your quote...I love making things for those I love! I think I'm going to make a small wall hanging with that quote to hang at the entrance to my sewing room...which I call my cottage, a girl's gotta dream. 😍 Thanks for the mystery...so excited to do, love the colors! Again thanks for all you do!!! ❤️

  9. Love your star block!! Just love the pumpkin table runner also! I received my Addicted to Scraps book and ruler a few weeks ago and just love them! I gifted the second book to my dear quilting friend for her birthday! She joined me in the mystery quilt last year and loved it too! We are ready with our fabrics for the En Provence this year!!

  10. Your Straits of Mackinac star is calling me. My stash is jumping up and down in anticipation!

  11. Taking the Family time is Nice through the holidays. I love when the QM 100 Blocks come out. I like the colors in your Mackinac Star. Using that Tri-Recs with your strips. Smart thinking. That's why we love your patterns. Not what you'd expect all the time. Keeps us guessing.

  12. What a beautiful block. Thanks for all that you do Bonnie. Have a great weekend.

  13. Your new block is stunning! Thank you for willingly stretching your creativity so much!!

  14. The pumpkin runner is so striking! Everything about it is perfect, right down to the binding fabric. And that Straits of Mackinac block has me very eager to lay my hands on that new issue. I love the color story you used and I hope I can find a comparable selection.

  15. HI Bonnie:
    I just love your Pumpkin Table Runner AND your Block for the next 100 Blocks, VOL #14. I always have a hard rime waiting for them to hit the newsstands, and we always get them late in AK.

    I am anxiously waiting for the first and every clue in the mystery. These are my Colors this year, as are the colors in your Mackinac Block. Love, Love, Love it!

    Kasilof, AK

  16. I love your full and queen sized designs because they are so practical. The pumpkins are undeniably cute, though! Thanks for sharing the photos of your toes on the deck, LOL!

  17. I'm working on a "pumpkin & leaves" project, which needs space to "layout" for designing. My wall is still filled with my green eyed cat, who has been neglected for a month. My tables are loaded with guild "second time around" stuff for sorting, ironing, trimming, folding for Monday's meeting. I think I should say "Honey, I need another table". Every flat surface has a project right now! Those green and black checkerboards remind me of the checkerboard in GIMQ !
    Mary / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  18. I LOVE that new block for Vol. 14 Bonnie!

  19. I really like your Straits of Mackinac block. I will have to get this issue. MI is my home state and my hubby and I honeymooned on Mackinac Island. Wish I could afford one of these trips, but since I can't, I will travel vicariously with you.

  20. I eagerly await the pattern for the pumpkin table runner. Are you certain you won't change your mind and issue it as a separate pattern, like Wonky Stars? I want to chime in and say I too love your Straits of Mackinac block. Will be looking for the magazine at Joann's. I will have to make a point to get to Terre Haute, IN on Nov 15, 2016! A big thanks for all you do for your fellow quilters. Glad you had a great time at Quilt Market.


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