Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hiking Silver Lake!

Yesterday was the perfect day to head up to the mountains and get in a gorgeous walk around Silver Lake.

Up up up  we went through Little Cottonwood Canyon, up to the evergreens and toward the ski areas that the Great Salt Lake area is known for.

Near the Brighton resort is a beautiful lake, made easy for walking due to expansive boardwalk pathways along the shore and through the woods.

Emory went from wanting to be strolled to wanting to walk, and it did my heart so good to have her reach up and grab my hand in her little mittens!

The temps were to be “Soaring” up to 70 degrees, but things are colder in the mountains and a few weeks ago they did receive a bit of snow which was still lingering in the areas where “the sun don’t shine.”


Boardwalk at the ready!

The mountains are so gorgeous, and that sky!


Raccoon prints in the frost!


Do you want to walk , or ride, little one?


Oh, this is glorious!

We loved the woodpecker! So fun to watch.


Climbing up and looking down!


The sun shines on the thin ice layer.


This makes me smile!

A perfect morning!


Fun out with the girls!
And this wasn’t all of it – we had to hurry back to meet up with Mary, my nephews Logan and Raeger and grandma and grandpa for lunch and a round of shopping at Ross & Sam’s Club.  What a busy day – and then there was more.  But I’ll save that for another post.

Today is where we get QUILTY!!  I’m headed over to Oren for the Utah Valley Quilter’s Guild meeting – they are displaying this year’s challenge quilts, all made with my Scrappy Trips pattern from the free patterns tab!  How fun is this?  I’m so grateful for the invite, and it’s time I got a quilt fix, don’t you think?

Tonight I’ll be drawing for the winner of the November Quilty Box.  Did you get your entry in ON THAT POST?  Someone is going to win a really great box!

Tomorrow I have a date on the 100 blocks by 100 designers vol 14 BLOG TOUR!!  So there are some more fun things happening in the very near future.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Scatter sunshine not rain clouds all along your way...Vintage Spider Web quilt shared by Kevin H. 

Have a Quilty Thursday, everyone!

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  1. It melts my heart to see you such a beautiful family. It is just beautiful there.
    Enbrace and enjoy.

  2. So fun and wonderful ♥

  3. Little Emory is so cute, and I know your heart must just burst when she reaches for you. I can feel in every word of your last few posts the peace and happiness this time to soak up family fun and live has brought you. You sure needed it and you definitely earned it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Emory is one beautiful little soul. She just radiates sunshine. You need to spent more time with your family. Enjoy


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