Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Texas Braid in Wichita, KS!

Look who came by to see me yesterday!

This is my friend Brenda, from Alberta, Canada!  And her lovely mom who I am so excited that I got to meet.  How cute is she?

Brenda drove her mom down to Olathe, Kansas to meet her child hood pen-pal, a cousin she had never met face to face.  They’d been writing each other since they were little girls!

I just love this story, and as we were able to chat about the experience, it was great all around with many photos and genealogy facts being passed from one to the other.  Oh, what a tangled web family stories and family lines can be, and isn’t that what makes them interesting?  Brenda’s mom’s maiden name is Webster.  Yep, she is a direct descendant of THE Webster who compiled the Webster dictionary!


Lunch out with the guild girls!  Ole!

After lunch was over, Brenda and her mom set off to do some quilt shop hopping while we got back down to sewing our brains out in our Texas Braid workshop, pattern from my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.


Cutting up the pieces!




Chain of rectangles with cornerstones!


Rocketeer!  Sweet!


You ladies keep sewing, I’m going to snuggle with Smokey Joe!

Smokey Joe belongs to Paula-Jo and I was so happy to see them both in class. Isn't he sweet?


Who can sew faster??


Miles of braids!


She who dies with the most fabric is not sewing fast enough!


Looking good Donna!

Donna came all the way from California to visit her son, only HE thinks she only came to quilt with us! Hahaha!  Why not do both?

This is try #2 with the Youtube slide show.  The only comment negative I got for it was that some folks like to stop and look at the photos a bit longer.  There is a PAUSE button for that reason.  All of the others gave a thumbs UP because you don’t have to go to the photo album to view if you are on a moblie device.  There is always a bit of give and take, but I think this is what we are going to do with slide shows from now on.


The Keeper of the Plains.

After the workshop was over, I met again with Brenda and her mom and we went and toured the Keeper of the Plains monument and enjoyed the evening – windy and a bit chilly, before going to dinner and dropping me back to my hotel.  So good to get to see them both!

Today is a double duty lecture day – one at 1pm, and another at 7pm.  HOME tomorrow!


Did you catch this?

Yesterday while all of this busy stuff was going on I was also a guest author on the C&T blog!  Come read my article on Making the BEST Cut!  You just might learn something. 

Please leave a comment on the post over there letting them know you read it, enjoyed it, learned something and also what you would like me to write about in future posts.  Your question or topic could be featured in a future post.  I’ll be guest-posting there once a month, on the second Monday of every month. Isn’t that fun?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage tumbling blocks quilt circa 1940 shared by a student at our Naperville cocoon last week.

Look deeper, praise and uplift others more, criticize less, and remember that how you say something is often more important than what you say. As an instructor I am always trying to keep this in mind with students- and I realized it applies to everyone in life.
Say something that makes someone feel good about themselves today!
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Looks like everyone is enjoying your class and projects!! Your classes are so much fun! Texas Braid is on my "to do" list!

    Great reminder on how to line up the ruler for cutting!! Thanks for the detailed pics on C&T!! Sometimes when quickly cutting lots of strips I know my ruler will drift slightly so the cutting line isn't quite right where it should be - I definitely will have to watch for it!!

  2. I love the new slide show. The music is great, too!

  3. Love the new slide show!!!😊 Can't wait till Sioux City

  4. Comment on the new U-Tube slide show. 1. I really liked the way you played the second time with different entrance styles, 2. The music was cool, but... I usually keep my computer on mute. 3. I LOVED that I could watch the slide show without loosing the post. That is what happened with Picasa, so it was lovely to watch, then continue to scroll.

  5. The video slide shows are awesome. Thanks for going the extra mile again for all of us. Paula from Omaha

  6. The braid looks easy enough to sew, but the rows to sew the braids together look like a lot of work, are they?

  7. Bonnie: I love the YouTube videos. Much better than a Picassa slide show or having to look at each pic separately. Thank you for coming up with something different that should work for almost anyone these days!

  8. Your personal philosophy of including every kind of scrap of fabric is also true of how you include every kind of quilter; the fast, the slow, the determined, the distracted, the young, the old, the proud and the humble. You are a beautiful person!

  9. I, for one, love the new slide show!

  10. as always i love and learn from your blog. I love the CnT blog too Thanks Patsy


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