Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And Sew This Happened!

Ever need a make shift table?

This is my suitcase, on the little hotel luggage stand next to the desk where I was using a little borrowed featherweight!

My goal for this 11 day adventure was to get these units sewn, and in turn sew them into blocks if I could.

And I did!

This is the Winston Ways project I was talking about HERE. I need a 30” X 30” small quilt for a celebrity Quilt of Valor auction.

All of the 4 patch strip sets were already sewn, matched with other sets, and sub-cut and waiting in baggies for this trip.

All of the triangle pairs were matched, cut, and also waiting for their own stitching to happen.

Between the Naperville Cocoon and the time I have had here in Wichita there has been much progress!


Evening sewing time!

Watching Criminal Minds in the mirror with the TV behind me as I sew!


Another one at the ready!

Hey, suitcase! You make a mighty fine table!


And then there were two!


And oh yeah, there has been some fabric acquisition while on the road, too!

I purchased the cheddar/gold/orange bundle from Mark Sherman’s table while at Cocoon, the beautiful navy and grey fabrics were a gift from Valerie at the Quilt Merchant and are so lovely!


Before I knew it there were FOUR!


And then, the center was together!

I finished just in time to pack up the sweet machine and haul it off to the evening guild meeting for my presentation last night.  THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who can openheartedly loan their precious machines so that I can make deadlines! You make my life so much easier!

Borders will happen when i get home.  I am being picked up at 11am this morning for some antiquing and running around, including a fun lunch out, and I will be dropped at the airport at 3:30pm for my flight home.  I’ll be in my own bed by tonight.


The 1pm meeting yesterday!

I’ve been to some mighty large guilds. But I have to say hands down, this was the BEST attendance I’ve ever experienced on a day when there is both an afternoon lecture and an evening lecture.  This guild has 700 members.  700!!  And they are a force to be reckoned with!  They are deeply involved in the community, and they put on a fabulous quilt show every other year.  This year's show happens soon – in JUNE!  If you are anywhere near Wichita check the dates and plan on being there!

Find the Prairie Quilt Guild website HERE.


This year’s opportunity quilt!

Dresden Bloom!

This was absolutely the most GORGEOUS quilt and I fell in love.  I bought tickets!  I hope I win!

I’ve had a wonderful time while being here.  It’s time to go home.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Take a good look at your recent roadblocks. Be stronger and more persistent than they are! What is holding you up? Push through it!

Star Struck quilt shared by a student during workshops in Michigan.  Free pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Adding Winsron Ways mini to my list!

  2. Adding Winsron Ways mini to my list!

  3. That is a Large GUILD. We are happy to have just over 100 paid members. I am my worst Roadblock! Just getting out of bed or off the computer to go SEW! Thanks for the reminder. I love your little Winston Ways. I could do that scrappy with bonus triangles and tiny 4-patches. Resisting is futile some days! Happy Travels to your home and sleeping in your own bed tonight. Quilty Hugs from SE Washington State!

  4. Like your quote and quilt today. Unfortunately most of my road blocks are created by my own mind. I am working on it!

  5. Thank you so much for the quote today and you are right. My barriers are myself and I try my hardest to overcome them all the time. That Guild is HUGE and I love it and can't wait to visit that area someday. Thanks for all your blogs and stories I enjoy reading them before I head off to work. Safe Travels

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM EDT

    Omigoodness I'm making that 'opportunity quilt' right now! I was so surprised to see it! I hope you win too Bonnie! Margo in Ladysmith bc Canada

  7. Just wanted to add that the opportunity quilt is a variation of an Edyta Starr pattern also called "Blooming Dresden". Gotta give credit where credit is due, and the designer definitely is due credit, right?!😉

  8. Your comment of the day is SO perfect for me. You nailed it, darn it!

  9. Anonymous7:29 PM EDT

    Really enjoy your quotes and reading your daily posts. Need your opinion about a singer featherweight 211-1 that I found today. It's in like-new condition with the original case and all attachments and manuals, plus a 3 x 3ft homemade(?) table with a cutout for the machine. The last date showing in the manual was 1950. What do you think is a reasonable price? Thank you for any comments you have.

  10. I hope you are home by now and getting ready to snuggle into your own bed.

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  12. You are so creative! I'm sure you'll get your goal. I really like your way to combine colors.


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