Monday, April 25, 2016

A Bit of My Blue Heaven in Iowa!

We all met yesterday morning to begin our My Blue Heaven workshop, on retreat with the Siouxland Samplers Quilt Guild and visitors from as far away as Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota….our Ohio gal drove over 600 miles to come spend the weekend with us!

Her sister thinks she came to visit her, but as a quilter, we know the truth! Ha!

We filled our day with basic units we use all of the time in traditional patchwork: Half square triangles, Quarter square triangles sewn into hour glass units, and flying geese.  the fun came when we used specialty rulers to cut EVERYTHING from 2 1/2’’ strips – something we have on hand nearly all of the time, so working with the rulers made this extra easy.

This silly group is showing off their first “Yay!” moment when their alternate blocks started falling easily together with units coming out the right size, just before lunch!


And then there were stars, too!


And I REALLY mean stars!

The news came in and filmed us in action!  How fun is this?  Our “Pink Ladies” here from Nebraska in their sewing pj’s were an instant hit!  Film at 10pm!  I caught this bit on my phone from the hotel room TV, forcing myself to stay up late enough to see it!

Click HERE to read the news story and catch our video!  They got it mostly right!  There were close to 50 attendees for the retreat, and 100 folks came to the lecture on Saturday evening, but you can’t expect non-quilters to completely understand what this quilting thing is all about, right?


I loved seeing everyone’s chosen colors and fabrics!


So great!




Chain them high, girl!


What a fun way to end retreat!


Thanks for making this such a fun time, everyone!


My thanks to all of the Siouxland Girls who pulled this together!

Of course, you can make your OWN My Blue Heaven!  The pattern is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Enjoy the rest of our day in the slide show below!


Last night’s storm

It was a bit blustery and “storm advisory” last night as this rolled on through.  Thunderstorms were raging as I fell asleep, but from what I hear, our Minnesota Contingency made it home late night safely, with this storm closely following their back bumper all of the way north of the Twin Cities.

Today it’s a bit grey and cooler, but should be easy driving for me as I make my way up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for my flights home. 

Yes, it’s just as insane going back as it was getting here – Sioux Falls to Minneapolis to Detroit to Greensboro.  If ONLY Greensboro would get a direct flight to Minneapolis I could cut out one of those legs..but this is the price you pay for not living near an airport hub.  I love my airport – it’s close, it’s quick, it’s easy.  You can even park right outside the entrance, and I wouldn’t trade that for any big hub airport anywhere.  It just means an extra leg or two on my flight home.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

You are Enough. Just As You Are. At some point we have to stop beating ourselves up for what we didn't get done. We can only do what we can only do, and no more. Vintage crib quilt shared by a student during retreat this weekend.


  1. Loved catching up with you this morning! The NEWS!! How fun is that? I hope the guy that saw you at breakfast was tuned in and realized he had a brush with quilting royalty!! Hugs and safe "switchback" travels home. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. I feel the same way when we fly to North Carolina to visit.No direct flights. I live in Omaha and always have 2 to 3 planes to catch. Only way to fly direct is to drive to Kansas City 3 hours away. Just to get to flights to get in Greenville/Pitt airport.

  3. Thank you for coming to Iowa. Learned lots & had a great time. Hope you have a good trip home.

  4. What a great weekend with you!!! Heather and I had a crazy drive driving straight in the storm had to pull off one time. So excited we made the news. Safe travels😊

  5. If only the NEWS was more about the fun of Quilters and not so much other stuff... Great thoughts. I love my Quilty friends and getting inspired.

  6. I would watch the news if it had a quilty segment,instead sports.yea!

  7. A great colour selection from all the ladies in the video - I was tapping my foot to the music and then it ended before the video finished haha

  8. You are wearing a University of Okoboji tee shirt!!! That means you must have visited The Three Sons store in Milford!!!! I am sooooo glad you went there and that you got a shirt! I have lots of them, as do all our children and grandchildren. People usually do a double take and say, "University of what?"

  9. I love a good storm. Especially after a hot summer day.

  10. Anonymous7:52 PM EDT

    How come the teachers at the workshops I have been to can only manage 12 to 15 students?
    It is terrific the amount you can cope with Bonnie, it goes to show how talented you are, also let's more ladies to come and see you.
    I am very envious, but have made more than 20 Bonnie quilts from your books.

  11. Sounds like everyone had such a good time. Fun to attend vicariously thru your daily posts & pictures. They make me wish I could attend one of your workshops, but my days of doing that are over.

  12. I still have my pink pajamas... pristine w/tags still on I think!!! Haven't been to a quilting retreat, and now will "save" them for a Bonnie Hunter retreat... by then who knows, no one will even remember!!! LOL... I think it's going to be at least two years before you come back even close to my neck of the woods (North San Diego County) and it wasn't until two days before your trip here that i even knew you were coming.... dunno how i went so unconscious as to have missed that opportunity... sigh... oh well... Love reading your adventures and admire your energy and supportive spirit, and Emmy Lou... Fondly, Cats

  13. Hmmm. This is the 2nd day that Quiltville came through as spam. Did something change re: posts, etc. Just thought I'd let you know. I do use a hot mail account for delivery.


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