Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Off to Iowa!

I’m off to Iowa this morning!

I’m spending a few days with the Pieceful Spirit Quilters near Spirit Lake, Iowa and then moving on to Sioux City to spend the rest of the time with the Siouxland Sampler guild!

It’s going to be a bit of a round about way to get there –can you believe I’m writing this in between flights in Atlanta? This flight gets me to Minneapolis, and from there I fly to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I pick up a rental car and make my way down to Spirit Lake.

The hard part I tell you, will be getting the luggage to the rental car from the baggage claim in Sioux Falls!

I had some time to spend with the machine yesterday afternoon, and after having some fun with the QOV auction quilt back, I decided to piece a back or my on-going grey string project as well.


So much stringy fun!

The yardage I have for the back is just not wide enough and I decided that a panel of string blocks down the back would be fun.  And I can share it with you!


Over flowing with grey gifts!

And it’s not like there is any shortage of grey around here.  So much fun!  Every time I see this basket I smile –you gave m e a gift that keeps on giving!


Trimmed and ready for de-papering!

I got this far before it was time to turn my attention to getting packed and ready to go.  I spent my evening with this:


Kitting up for A Little Bit Hexie!

I have close to 40 students in my “A Little Bit Hexie” workshop at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac island durning the Needle Art Seminar!  These will be paired with background squares, thread, needles, pins, and other items in the kits that will go to the students for the class.  The only thing they need to bring is a thimble!  I can’t wait!

The boarding door is about to close so I’ll end with this light hearted funny:


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Thank you, Oscar Wilde!  Vintage quilt top from my collection.

Next stop, Minneapolis – catch you later, everyone!

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  1. If i knew your arrival time in Sioux falls, I'd come out to the airport and help you load the car! See you Saturday in Sioux City :-)

  2. Wish I wasn't working today. I'd meet you in Sioux Falls for the load in and play follow the leader to the retreat center!

    SOOO looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

    oh.. and there will be caramels......

  3. Love the vintage quilt pictured under today's quote. I am trying to figure out how it is pieced. Can you explain it?

  4. Safe travels Bonnie. I know everyone will have fun. They are a lucky bunch.

  5. Have a safe trip. I'll be thinking of you in Sioux City....but I'll be 100 miles directly west of there on Hwy 20. Those gals are a lucky bunch. I think hubby's cousin might be a member of that guild, I wonder if she will be in any of your classes. If she is I'm jealous!!

  6. Sally, I had the same thoughts! Would love to figure that block out.

  7. Sally and Lilac Joan, I'm pretty sure this quilt can be pieced with English Paper Piecing, like hexies. You can also hand or machine piece it by marking the stitching line on the back of each piece and stopping your stitching at all corners. Jinny Beyer has books on hand piecing patterns like these.

  8. Sally and Lilac Joan I just checked the EPP website www.paperpieces.com and they sell octagon paper shapes with the corresponding square! Pretty cool.

  9. I'm getting very excited to see you again, on Mackinac and get my hexie kit :).
    I am bringing my completed Little bit of Hexie from Tuscany as well as Grand Illusion, Celtic Solstice and Allietare. Need a suitcase just for quilts LOL, which is very funny because I usually travel with carry on only.

  10. Old quilter4:45 PM EDT

    If I remember right, Ami Sims had a method of piecing that ended up looking a lot like the vintage quilt in the quote - part of her "I Spy" series ? Long time ago, on Simply Quilts I think. Good luck, it's an attractive quilt for sure.

  11. Anonymous12:34 AM EDT

    Welcome to Iowa, Bonnie! Enjoy your time in and around Okoboji...the retreat center is quite lovely, and I hope you have a few minutes to enjoy the local art in the gallery where the trunk show is held. Sioux City isn't as pretty and restful as Okoboji, but you will love your guests and hostesses there. Enjoy, thank you so much for bringing the rain. We certainly needed it; and sunshine for Friday...enjoy your view of the lake!

    Linda Thompson

  12. Iowa lovingly welcomes you, Bonnie. I'm so excited to make"Jason Takes a Wife" with you. I just last Saturday finished the Alliatare quilt challenge. I will bring it to the class on Saturday, but I have some definite reservations about showing it since I have placed some pieces improperly. No one who isn't a quilter can tell the quilt is messed up, but I can. Sorry that I didn't piece the quilt properly, but I think it turned out beautiful anyway. Looking forward to meeting you Saturday. Pam Clark

  13. are the directions for your "Little Bit Hexie" in one of your books or on your site somewhere? Excuse if this info is "common" knowledge, I'm a fairly recent addition to your club!


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