Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pineapple Blocks...that's where I'm at!!

There are a thousand other things I should be doing...but it's Sunday, and I don't want to.

I am making a complete huge mess...playing with little scraps and sewing more pineapple blocks.

I am "NOT" showing you a picture of the floor, especially around the trashcan because there are snippets and trimmings ALL OVER...but I tell you what, I do love the thread cutter on this machine! It is so awesome to hit that button, have it cut the threads, and use the knee lift to raise the presser foot to remove my work. Amazingly fast and the tails are long enough they don't pull out of the needle when you start to sew again.

I'm up to 70 blocks now, and I need just short of 300...I know I know, crazy woman, but that's what I want.

What's the point in saving little scraps if you don't have a project to use them up? I keep looking at this stuff I've saved, and all I can think is bigger projects will use more faster :cD

I really AM loving this quilt. It will be heavy, of course..and machine quilted of course, because I am certainly not going to hand quilt with all these seams.

It's fun revisiting all these pieces of fabric and seeing where they have come from. Some are MEGA OLD...some are gifted from other quilters, some are trimmings from recent projects...I just keep working in mosaic fashion, not paying attention to anything other than value in these.

I've been watching some old movies while this stitching is going on. Any of the "free" on demand channels, love those..the hallmark movies, etc...just background noise. The binding and sleeve have not been touched on the Nine in the Middle...I have been in a piecing mood, not a hand stitching mood, so I'm going with that.

The Nine in the Middle quilt can come up to Dulles VA with me this weekend. I've got 3 nights in a hotel..good for handwork! I'm teaching 2 1/2 day classes and one full day...there will be time to do binding in between those, and see the show. I'm going to Mark Lipinski's lecture on Saturday night..I can't wait!


I have had many questions regarding the sewing table. It came with the Janome Machine as a package deal, manufactured to fit the 6500P and 6600P. It is NOT portable like the Sew Ezi table. It does not fold down, it is stationary and weighs a ton and a half. I have no further information that that. Sorry!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Can't see the Forest for the Trees!!

House, Summer 2009
It has stopped raining enough for me to take some pics of how green things are here! I absolutely love it in the summer when I can't see neighbors across the creek...everything all shady and green.

I've included pics from the porch swing, from the top of the driveway and sides of house, from the back at the gazebo where the hot tub is, of the trees EVERYWHERE (and then some) and of the view from my kitchen window....and back deck.

I love the front porch swing...we pulled out the bushes in front of the porch rail about a week or so ago...also under the master bedroom window..look how GREEN those bricks are!! There were bushes all there.....

Now I want to paint the shutters a brick red....what do you think? Right now, the shutters are the same color is the house, so they aren't that much of an accent?

I eat my breakfast sitting on that porch swing in the mornings. i love watching and listening to the birds. It's also a great phone conversation place....I can often be found in this porch swing, rain or shine! (And bugs...and humidity!)

A Thready Question...

Every once in a while a question comes into my inbox that needs a public answer :c) I know this one is something we all think about.....

Andi writes:

I know you've addressed the thread question before, but I've recently made several scrappy tops and I'm wondering what color to use for the quilting? I'm about to try invisible thread for the first time, but maybe a cream or light blue would work too. Please share your thoughts!

So here are my thoughts!

One thing to remember is there are no hard and fast rules, and many rules can be reversed depending on my mood, or the fabric, or the patchwork pattern, or the effect I'm trying to achieve.

First off..it depends if I am hand quilting, or machine quilting. With hand quilting, I tend to like higher contrast between the thread I use and the fabric I am quilting. I WANT the thread to show. My main reason for this, is that hand quilting is only half way visible as it is. As the needle and thread weave in and out of the fabric (it's a one thread process) all you really see are dimples..the thread disappears as it goes through to the backing, where it leaves an opposite little stitch, and then up to the front again.

I'm greatly inspired by antique quilts, and I love the utility style antiques of the late 1800s that were quilted with BLACK THREAD all over everything. To me, this becomes part of the surface design. I have used every color of the rainbow in my hand quilting and will continue to do so. Red, Brown, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black, Pink...just to name a few off the top of my head on quilts I can think of. You don't have to just quilt with white/cream/beige/tan.

When it comes to machine quilting I'm a bit more concerned with thread contrast. Machine quilting is a "two thread" process....and instead of dimple stitches as in hand quilting, you get stitching that interlocks the two threads between the layers of the quilt, and on each side of the quilt the quilting appears as a complete LINE of thread. You can use this to your advantage where you WANT contrast, but seldom am I wanting that much contrast in my machine quilting.

I tend to want the quilting to enhance the patchwork, add surface texture, but not come too far front and forward. I want the batting to puff a bit, the stitching to sink in, and have the design add to the patchwork, not up-stage it.

So as to what color would I use? It depends! Yesterday's quilt used a "tan beige". I wanted something that would not be too dark against the lights, and not too light against the darks...so I will grab several spools of what I think MIGHT work..be it blue...grey....beige...gold...and lay the threads across the quilt top and LOOK to see which one blends the best.

If you still aren't sure...walk away from the quilt. :c) Go do something and then come back and look again.

If I have a quilt with high contrast, it sometimes means I will need to change thread colors depending on the area. It might mean I have to change thread colors A LOT depending on the look I am wanting in a quilt.

For instance, I really REALLY do not like one color of thread on an Amish style quilt with all solids when machine quilting. It's too MUCH contraset...yet with hand quilting one color is perfect, because of the dimple effect, vs the machine quilting line-of-thread effect. It can be a pain to change thread colors all over an Amish style quilt, so I mostly choose to hand quilt those..besides..the solids are the best places to SHOW hand quilting.

You might want to do some intricate quilting in a wide open area such as an alternate block or a border and you WANT the thread to show...again, lay your thread out against the fabric. Sometimes you need to go for a color that is not even IN the quilt. I have found a grey/green that is the most amazing blender. I often use something like an antique tan or gold if the quilt doesn't have a lot of white background. Very seldom am I ever quilting a scrap quilt with white, cream or beige. It's just too stark against the darker fabrics.

Experiment. You can even sew a few straight lines on a scrap of the fabric on your regular sewing machine before you put any stitches into the whole quilt. Make a scrap quilt sandwich and try some different threads on it. PLAY!!

Andi, I hope this helps answer your questions. I also don't use invisble thread hardly ever, unless I have something that HAS to be stitched in the ditch (which I tend to avoid at all costs...because it's a lot of bother for something that doesn't show :c) )

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quilting Done!

I finished listening to "Atlas Shrugged" earlier this week. I was sad to reach the end...I wish the story could have gone on and on and on...what an intriguing plot! If you haven't read it (or listened to it) yet, put it at the TOP of your summer reading list!

I was talking to my Dad yesterday, and mentioned it..and he remembers reading it in the 60's (It was released 1957)and is going to read it again. I told him...if you think it applied THEN, you should reaquaint yourself with it NOW! Seriously. What a timely book!

So now that that is over *sigh*....I am back to listening to the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series...I'm all the way up to "Drums of Autumn" and I love these so much too. I've read them all...all the way through "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" and anxiously awaiting the next release due this fall. So in the mean time, I'm revisiting them by listening to the audio version while I drive and work on quilts.

The quilting is done on "Nines in the Middle".....and I am putting binding and a hanging sleeve on this morning in prep for doing the hand work in the evenings. Thanks for the comments on the quilting. You know, the longer I have quilted...the more I love a really good pantograph on a busy scrap quilt. It just adds another dimension more so to me than intricate heirloom by-the-block can. And when the quilt is so busy.....intricate quilting would be completely lost. I'm in awe of the designers that are out there now, and what they make available to us!

In the same way....when I play the piano...I am one of those who needs the sheet music in front of her to make beautiful music. I don't play by ear, and I don't do well by memory...so in a way, a pantograph pattern for my quilt, is like sheet music on the piano. The finished result is still beautiful, and it is no way "less" in my book!

The pattern on this one is "Wild at Heart" by Jodi Beamish and Willow Leaf Studio.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know it's not fair to NOT show everything as I'm working on it. Especially when I've done that in the past. But there are some things I want to keep to myself, so they are NEW when the next book is released!

It is so fun to post a block, or something I am working on, and have it catch on like wildfire because we all want to join in and be inspired to try something new to use up the scraps.

And pretty soon, it's gone blog to blog to blog, and people are finishing my projects before I have a chance to finish my own...*LOL* So SOME stuff is going to stay under the wire until the release date, okay?

But since I've shown this one before....here is just a glimpse of the quilting process. And I probably will not post a pic of the full thing until it is time to be released :c) It's just a hint! Somewhere in my archives are more pics of these "Nine in the middle" blocks, and Chloe perching herself....okay....displaying herself in a very un-lady-like fashion, shameless hussy!....on top of them.

I do love how this is coming out...and happy for the time to be home and actually be Quilting SOMETHING!!!

PS...you know the humidity has settled in, in the south, when your pantograph paper patterns don't want to unfurl at all, and feel damp to the touch! I think I need a de-humidifier down here. *adding that to the list*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday....feels like Monday....

I'm always this way after a holiday weekend! I feel like my week gets short-sheeted, instead of my weekend getting an extra day added to it. :c)

Yesterday was washed out mostly by the computer running around.....but i'm happy to report that it is all sorted out.

I've had many mails with people's hints and suggestions. I take them all into consideration. My main reason for taking the old puter to Geek Squad was to find out if it was worth fixing or not. It wasn't. The motherboard was completely fried. You could even smell the smoke from it blowing up inside.

That said, it was going to cost about $400 ($200 for parts...plus labor)to get it running again....and since it is over 3 years old, it would be running at a slower pace with less storage space and memory as what is available NEW. I bought an "out of the box" demo tower that didn't have to have a monitor come with it, or umpteen cords or anything I didn't need...and there was no down time, which there would have been if I had left my desktop there for fixing...I can't deal with the down time when I have so much to do, so this is what I've got. You know what they say? Even time is money! It works for me, and I'm happy with it. I still have lots of software to add, but will do that a bit at a time.

While DH was plugging me all in last night, I pieced a quilt back! The red plaid was not quite wide enough, so I dug into a box of 6" blocks and units, and pieced a stripe that will run down the back of the quilt, off center...just the way I like it :c) I'm happy to have found a place for these blocks and units to go, and it will make the back of the quilt extra fun, even though these blocks are totally unrelated to what is in the front.

The pieced stripe is going to end up wherever it ends up, completely unplanned...another way I love to work!

I've got some paperwork stuff to do, and a trip to the post office before they close, but I hope to get the top loaded and start the quilting on it by evening time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yep, it's BROKEN!!!

I'm off to Best Buy. I need Geek Squad Help. (GSH) Sometime yesterday, I went to go check my mail. The computer was already ON from checking earlier in the day. You know how it goes into sleep mode in between times? It would NOT come OUT of sleep mode. I hit the button, it just blinked..I wiggled the mouse, it just blinked..nothing would wake the comatose thing up!

I held the button down, powered off, powered back on..and it wouldn't boot...so..*sniffles* Either something has taken over and gotten past the anti-virus, fire-wall, anti spam, anti-phishing, anti-spyware stuff...or some vital part of my computer has given up the ghost and passed into another realm.

I have laptop, so I'm okay for quicky stuff, but I really like a desktop (with a big ole huge monitor) for doing design work, etc. I planned on doing a lot of that this week since I don't have to leave home again until June 5th!

Puter is in the car....and either they'll be able to fix it, or I'll buy another one....it seems a computer just doesn't last longer than 4 years around here. Bummer.

PS...I am back from Best Buy. I went from Best Buy to Sam's Club and back....and the Best Buy WAS at Best Buy. (This is sounding reduntant!!) Turns out that my mother board went up in smoke...it was going to cost around $200 for the new board, plus about the same for the installation....not worth fixing it at this point.

They had a floor model on sale..monitor not included (good because I didn't want to pay for another one because I don't NEED another one) and it has more space and is much faster than my old one. So I'm sorted. I just have to go back and pick it up after the Geek Squad has removed the demo software from it. I'm a happy camper. Really, I did look at macs..but just can't justify the $1800+ for it when All I needed was to spend $450. Maybe some day. I know people who have macs love them....but then so do people who drive BMWs. I'm just not in that category in being able to justify the price :c)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Stuff...

First off I want to thank you for the overwhelming openness sharing your "failure to launch" stories with me. It is an INCREDIBLE thing to know I'm not alone, that you are praying for me, (my sanity), and my son!! I even told him that I had people praying for him all over the globe, and you should have seen the look on his face....it was a combination of "uhoh! Busted" and the "Their here!!!" heebee jeebies from poltergeist! Just letting him know that the whole quilting world is pulling for him...AND for me.

One of the comments that came really struck me. I need to put this in a greeting card to hand him when/if he does go live in his car:
Goodbye, good luck, be careful and let me know if you are sick or hurt and I'll be there.

Maybe we should submit this to Hallmark? Don't you think we could find appropriate use under many circumstances for such a card, be it a co-worker, an ex-friend, a bad relationship? *LOL*

So what did I do today?


2.Staples to get copies for Saturday's "My Blue Heaven" Workshop in Goldsboro, NC.

3.Walmart to buy a new blender. (YAY oh yes..this one comes with a food processor jar too...I'm so easily amused!)

4.Dropped off car at the Saturn dealership for it's 50k flush out appt. Got loaner car in return...Weeeeeee! It's an Outlook with all the bells and whistles. I want one. Of course they knew I would, that's why they loaned it to me in the first place! (*&@#($*&(*&! But..I'll keep my Vue another 4 years or so. I love that car.

I'll pic the Vue up tomorrow around noon when I leave for Goldsboro.

5. Ran to Sam's Club (in the loaner car) for assorted stuff.

6. Finished quilting Jared (HALLELUJIA!!!) and got the binding and sleeve on, ready for hand work this evening.

A Scottish friend in Canada sent me a DVD of "BAD GIRLS" and I can't wait to watch it.

Bad Girls was an award winning British television drama series that was broadcast on ITV from 1999 to 2006. It was produced by Shed Productions, the company which later produced Footballers' Wives and Waterloo Road . It was set in the fictional women's prison of Larkhall, and featured a mixture of serious and light storylines focusing on the prisoners and staff of G Wing.

It sounds hilarious...and great for stitching by.

So here are the pics of Jared....over my front porch rail, binding on, sleeve hanging (it's like a slip hanging below the skirt...*LOL*) and that's what my evening entails.

Thanks again....for carrying me through tough times! It's great to know we are not alone, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*singing* PRO-CRAST-IN-A-TION!!!!

Remember that Carly Simon song, "Anticipation??" And then it was used for the sound track to the ketchup commercial?? (don't remember, del monte, heinz,or hunts...whichever...I just remember it was ketchup!)

Well, that's what I'm humming today as once again Jared Takes A Wife gets put on the back burner as far as quilting goes! But it's only noon-thirty, so there is still hope!

A box came from Anna, and inside of it were pieces and parts and scraps and chunks of stuff she didn't want in HER sewing room any more, so they came to mine :c)

In a midst all the cute kid flannels and brights and Christmas fabrics and lots of other fabric "stuff"...there were these 16 Yellow Brick Road blocks that just needed to be put together! It niggled at me and it niggled at me, and I finally convinced myself that in about 1.5 hours I could slap those puppies together, and put a couple borders around them and call them done. Anna....thanks for the gift of the blocks! It gave me a quick surge of piecing pleasure, and I am so thrilled with this! It's helping me work through some very stressful emotional times.

I'm not sure if it's going to be an autumn table topper at my house, or be gifted to someone (I have someone in mind...but not sure of the colors she likes yet) but this really lifted my spirits today. What a way to pay it forward!

And all this....really IS helping me deal with a 19 yr old high school drop out son who wants to blame us for everything that is "wrong" in his life without taking any responsibility for the fact that HE is the one who quit school, quit the GED program, quit his job, finds EVERY job beneath him. We offered to pay him for painting the deck, but he did half a job and quit..so no money until he finishes...and now he wants to go live somewhere else.

(yes, this is my rant and I need to get it off my chest or die)

He forgets we pay the insurance on his car..and his cell phone..and he is going to find himself without BOTH very soon. He has a way of twisting things....of saying he is going to QUIT the electrical courses we paid for at the community college that just started this week, as a way to get back at us. Geeze, tough love is hard. Is it really best for my son to go live in a gutter to figure it out that he isn't entitled to everything he has, he needs to WORK for it?

Do I want my son to go live in his CAR? It's put a torture on my heart and I am hating this so much. We have all been WORKERS in this family. To have one who isn't..who just wants to slide by...is driving me nuts.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where's Bonnie?!

She's back in NC!

I got back Sunday evening from visiting the Crossroads Quilt Guild in Perry, GA. Had an absolutely FABULOUS time!

I know you think the travel has got to be killing me,but you know what? It isn't! I might not have as much time to post as I did before, but when I can drive...I find that very relaxing. Me and books on MP3, a couple antique malls to get my wiggles out and break up a long drive, and I'm a happy camper!

This time I was able to go through Augusta and had a fun lunch with Siobhan of Scraps & Thread Tales. We hit an antique Mall there, and I bought the cutest little Sew Handy by Singer....with the box in tact! It was so fun to see her, even for an hour or so.

And Sio, I didn't come back through Augusta...I went 75 to 85 instead, so I didn't make it back to get that red cabinet with the drawers...if you still want it, it's yours! *LOL* Atlanta isn't too bad to navigate around on a Sunday morning, and going that way meant I avoided all the little tiny towns and stops along the way. Besides...their antique malls were closed on a Sunday! :cD Thanks for the wonderful lunch, the batik tote bag and the gorgeous china inside! It's already in my hutch, and i'm going to USE it!

I quilted and quilted in the evenings while enjoying my time with Angelia and her hubby. We laughed and laughed, went out for Vietnamese food, BBQ....what a wonderful time.

I am nearly done with the center of the "Love in The Barn Door" quilt....then the outer border is all that's left to go, but not sure what I want to do there yet.

You can see...in the center of my hoop...the SMALL area that needs to be filled in...almost there!

I'm using wool batting in this one, wow..I love how that needles. I remember Gwen Marston saying when we had lunch in Fl with her, Tonya and I, that she didn't like wool because it beards. Maybe so....but it sure needles better than cotton, and it doesn't get the little fleckies of batting pulling through on the thread like quilter's dream cotton does either. So what's a quilter to do? It's not something that will be heavily washed or used..so I think it's going to be less likely to beard.

Besides...it was scraps of batting that needed a purpose, and using them in this cleared them out :c)

Here's a close up of what I was doing in the pieced borders before I got the center done as far as it is.

And this little ditty! I finished this one on the plane to Idaho, and the binding and sleeve are done.....finished that while watching The Biggest Loser finale a week ago :c)

Today? Jared Takes A Wife goes ON the machine. I need it quilted and bound before the Quilter's Unlimited show at the Dulles Expo center in June. That's my goal for today...get it mounted in the machine,and start the quilting.

But FIRST..I'm off to the gym!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Memories....

Hey Y'all!

I survived the Mother's Day reunion! I got back Monday night late..and as usual, so many other plates are spinning, it's hard to keep them all up there.

Would you believe we had 2 parents, 6 siblings and 3 spouses, and 7 kids 9 and under? There were 18 of us all together,and what a zoo it was! But I love zoos....so this was so worth it.

Every minute was spent either eating, cleaning up from eating,or preparing what next meal would be served. Isn't that how it always goes with huge amounts of people?

It was wonderful watching my siblings with their kids. I'd met one niece and one nephew, but the other 5 were new arrivals since the last time I had visited.

I'll give you an idea of this....there were 2 5 year olds and one 3 year old, and all of them (girls) had to be the BOSS all at the same time. Get my drift?

Saturday we found a yard sale and I found a little china tea set...tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, 4 plates, 4 cups...4 knives and 4 forks, all little girl sized, for $6.00!! Too cute....So from there the idea sprang...give the girls a TEA PARTY! We found some cheap swanky bead necklaces for the girls, and some fun hats, and we were on our way...

And the bossy girls became docile! And polite! And then after a while my nephew, age 9, joined in, and was saying please and thank you. Too cute.

We took long walks up mountain roads....every day. Most days twice. I love it up there. The air is so crystal clear. Lilacs were in bloom and my mom's garden was coming alive with spring.

I took a lot of pics of cabins I liked...I'd love to have a log cabin some day in the mountains...

and I took pics of my mom's place,not log,but still a cabin....love the smell of the pines and the sound of the wind blowing through them.

I wish I had taken more pictures. Some family had left by the time I took these. My brother Michael and his wife Nicole had gone back down to Boise where they live. My sister Mary and her hubby Kelly and two kids had left to go back to Salt Lake because Mary had to work an evening shift on Mother's Day.

But I got these!! Forever Hugs!!

Me and my mom. We are 20 years apart. My sister Mary and I are also 20 years apart.

My handsome brother Rick! Rick was born when I was 15. Since I was married at 19, I was gone most of his growing up. I felt more like his Aunt than his sister..but we reconnected, and he is a wonderful young man.

My gorgeous and talented sister Joy. She is a JOY to my life!

My brother David who entertained us with his tales of farm life and soothed us with beautiful guitar melodies around the camp fire.

There is more to post,but it's getting late....and guess who has to leave for Perry, Georgia in the morning? It's a 7 hour drive...yep. She's on the road again!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Off She Goes..

Thanks to the comments, I did some re-thinking. I'm taking the MACHINE as a carry on, and checking my clothing bag. I'm using my wheelie case for the machine so I CAN wheel it, and just leaving the case with my mom as a bonus, or if I end up buying a bunch of stuff (doubt it but you never know) I can use the machine wheelie case to bring stuff home.

I KNOW I didn't get enough sleep last night, maybe....4 hours? urgh. So I hope to sleep on the plane, but doubt that too! :cD

I'll be back Monday night! Happy Mother's Day, Even if you have no offspring of your own, we as Quilters are always mothering someone in our lives. It's in our nature!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I just got off the phone with my mom for last minute details. I'm taking her my older Viking 500 machine...SHE'S QUILTING!! And needs a machine, and heaven and all a sundry knows I have machines to spare.

I just plugged it in to clean it up and run it..the only thing missing is a 1/4" foot. I think I used my "little foot" that I also use for my featherweight when sewing on the Viking, and sorry mom....you can't have my own foot!

I'm off to the dealer to buy her a new one and see what else I can put together. This is a combo Mother's Day/Birthday gift for her since her birthday is right around the corner in June.

I'll box it up with styrofoam peanuts (another thing I need to do today) and it will be my "checked" luggage, since I'm going to have to check SOMETHING, it will be the one thing that doesn't have wheels :c)

For Chrisee..

Chrisee asked in her blog comment about what is "allowed" on planes now, and I tried to reply to her privately, but when I clicked reply, I got the dreaded "noreply@blogger.com" address. Urgh.

I still think it's a valid question, some might find interesting! I had more trouble getting back FROM Canada to the USA when I flew last month (was it ONLY last month??)than I have had going anywhere within the US or from the US to Canada.

Before going though Customs in Winnipeg, I was told ALL scissors would be confiscated. So I quickly took my sewing kit out of my carry on and put it in my checked bag, and just read a book on the way back to the states.

But travel within the US? Small thread snips are allowed, needles are no problem, and no one has even questioned my seam ripper (a tiny brass one) that I use for removing the basting stitches from my small hand quilting project.

My little travel bag consists of thread, a needle book with needles, small thread snips, thimble, and that small seam ripper. If you don't want to take the whole spool of thread due to space shortage, wind thread on a bobbin! That helps save space.

My hoop is 12". It's not huge, but it's not tiny. It's big enough for me to work with the space I'm given on a plane without it going past the arm rests and into someone else's lap, which is always a consideration when flying coach! This little quilt is only 28" square. I don't like to fly with much over 36". It's just too much to deal with.

That said, I do find lots of opportunity to quilt at layovers in between flights, during flights....if we have to be to the airport 1.5 to 2 hours early, bringing a project can really put that time to good use!

I do keep a book with me as well, because sometimes stitching does NOT work out. Right now I'm going retro..I'm reading a novel by Ayn Rand first published in 1957. The title is "Atlas Shrugged". The idea for writing the book came to her in 1943.

It's amazing the fore sight she had, because what I'm reading sounds so much like what society has done in our day! And it's fun to read the nuances and words of that time period. Gay still meant happy then! :cD And references to things like "straigtening the seams at the back of her stocking...." I love that era in movies, so it is fun to read it in this book too. Not for the faint of heart, it's about 1000 pages.....

And with the mention of this book, I must add the following question "Who is John Galt??" (Read the book if you want to know!)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Thurs morning I leave for Idaho! I'm getting very excited...I hope the weather holds out well. We have plans to do lots of hiking and BBQing and enjoying each other. I'll be meeting nephews and nieces I've never met before...one brother in law and one sister in law that I haven't met yet either.

I need a hand project to take with me...and I unearthed this top while cleaning out my studio this afternoon! I backed it with a fun gold/yellow print and quickly meander-basted it with huge stitches on the quilting machine. I was able to use up some scraps of hobbs wool batting in the process.

I plan on hand quilting it with black thread. The other hand quilting project has less than 2 sides of border fans to go, and I know I'll finish that on one leg of the trip...so this one is for working on while I am relaxing and visiting with family, and on the way home again on Monday.

It has poured ALL DAY here, which is fine with me....I've used the time to stay home and get things in order around here. It's been a productive day,and I hope tomorow will be too.

No, Jared Takes A Wife didn't make it on the machine, because the little Churn Dash Love did....so maybe tomorrow?

Oh..and this little interesting bit...I just got an email from a gal in Canada, who is distraught because she BOUGHT a mystery at a shop in Canada...10 bucks per clue...($70 for the whole mystery!!) only to find that it is my Double Delight.

Lovely. I have given permission for shops to give it out free....to teach it as a class as long as they don't charge for the class...but not to sell it with a kit,etc. It must remain FREE. But to charge $10 a clue when it is on my website for free? Couldn't they, shouldn't they design their own?

I told her to print out my email with my comments and go to the shop and ask for her money back. I hope they give it to her.