Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Naperville Cocoon, Day 1!

We are all here, and having a great time – even if it was spitting SNOW yesterday afternoon.

Hello? Illinois?  It’s APRIL for cryin’ out loud.  I know I wanted a stop to the pollen infestation that had my eyes glued shut in North Carolina, but if this is your way of dealing with the situation – I take it back. Seriously.  It got up to 70 on Sunday.  Yesterday – 32.  How DO these Midwesterners deal with it?

Well, we stay in and QUILT of course!  And we did!


My busy little class room!


Midnight Flight is our project!

I love how we have set this cocoon up.  As an instructor I get to keep my same classroom for all three days that I am teaching.  Each student gets 4 classes, with each teacher teaching on 3 days, and doing a lunch lecture on the 4th day.  My lecture day will come up on  Thursday.


Look at these smiles!


Busy Quilters!


Happy piecing!

Because I am teaching the same class 3 days in a row and I didn’t want to do a blog post every day over the next 3 days about the same project by another batch of students, I’m saving my photos until the last day, and giving you a glimpse of what is going on with the other instructors!


Pam Holland, a student, Kay England and Lisa Blevins chillin’ during break time!

Yesterday’s lunch lecture: Pepper Cory!


Pepper on Cheddar!

The topic for her lecture was “Orange Quilts”  and she discussed their history and their prominence in the South.  This was so interesting to me because I absolutely LOVE this style of quilt, and she was giving the history of quilting in the area where I live, and there were so many interesting things that I didn’t know about the history of quilts in my own area.

This Robbing Peter to Pay Paul dates around 1900.

Along with each antique quilt, she showed her contemporary inspiration:


Pepper pointing out different aspects.
Isn’t this great?


Kay England and Lisa Blevens as holders and folders!

There really is no “one true shade” of cheddar, and I’ve tried to explain this to people before.  Often times the fabric was home dyed, and this would give varying results from a goldenrod yellow all the way to deep orange.  Asking what is the “real” shade of cheddar is like trying to pick out the one true shade of blue.  There are many.  But if you think Marigold all the way to school bus and a bit darker, in that yellow/orange range you’ve got a good grip on it!

Or as Pepper described it “Rat Cheese”  because it was the color of the cheese that went on the mouse traps!

I love this pine tree quilt.  The state tree of North Carolina is the White Pine.  And this is Pepper’s interpretation:




Be still my heart!

Red, Cheddar, Blue, Black and Neutral circa 1900.  Such a great combination!


See a similar color theme?

These are the colors in our Midnight Flight!  No wonder they work!


Pepper’s inspiration!

Love that diagonal stripe border!


This one!  Oh this one!

This quilt also is from around 1900, and the maker of this quilt LOVED little pieces.  Such a great quilt!  I also love how she didn’t care if the borders ended correctly or not – just go with it and lop it off where it ends.  Make it work!


Pepper’s interpretation next to the original.

As an instructor I rarely get to hear other instructors speak, and this was a real treat to be able to attend the lunch lectures of others!  I’m looking forward to hearing what Pam Holland and Mark Sherman have to say during their presentations this week as well!

After class yesterday, one of my students Pam and I went over to visit a vintage machine collecting buddy, Grant Grey of Sew Restored.  We had a wonderful time looking at his vintage machines, talking about his favorites, and how he got into the business of restoring machines for others, and just sitting around talking shop!

A quick dinner on the way back to the hotel left me with a full belly and happily exhausted after a long and exciting day, it was early to bed for me and I’m excited for round 2 of Midnight Flight today with a whole new batch of students.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage baskets quilt found in North Carolina

We all have days where we don't feel like it. Sometimes, the simple act of starting is all I need to get me in the groove! Just start, and the inspiration will find you!
Tonight I’m having dinner with my friends Valerie who owns the Quilt Merchant in nearby Winfield, and our friend Randy who is flying into Chicago today on her way to a retreat in Wisconsin.  It will be great to visit with them both!
Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. You must be careful what you ask for...no allergies or sniffles...just cold and snow!! We are expecting 6-8 inches in the next couple of days here in Ontario too. That is the nature of Spring in these parts.
    The cocoon looks like a lot of fun even for the instructors. You get to see what others are doing too.The added bonus of getting to see other friends always makes a trip fun. Enjoy your time teaching and catching up with friends.
    My best quilting buddy is on her way home from Florida, we can't wait to get together and do some catching up and sewing too.

  2. Thanks Bonnie for today's quote! After 2 sleep disturbed nights my ambition to get things done is pretty low. But if I start at least I will accomplish something. Thanks for all you do. I am trying to see how I can reach one of your workshops from far away Canada. Hopefully be able to track you down in 2017!

  3. Alice Kane10:01 AM EDT

    Today's quote was meant for me, it seems. We lost our grandson in January and it's been a slow slog to getting back to doing much of anything. I needed the prod, for which I offer you many thanks.

  4. I really enjoyed your photos of Pepper's lecture. Those quilts! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you!!! And I must try Midnight Flight!

  5. Ooooo....looks like so much fun!! Sorry that I couldn't make it this year. Always next year I hope!! Just an FYI Bonnie....I am in Maryland and it is 27 here and my daughter is in Va Bch VA....just heard it is freezing and snow flurries at the Beach!! Sounds like all around has once again become a winter wonderland. Just hope it spares us here in the DC area as the cherry blossoms are still at a full bloom. So happy to see everyone having so much fun!!

  6. Yesterday I was kitting up my fabrics for Midnight Flight in Michigan. Glad to see the close-up of the block. Weather in Alaska has been all over this past week as well. Trees are greening up though, so I have hope for spring. Love that you get to see the other lectures.

  7. I live in Aurora (next to Naperville) but, I drove down to Texas for the NETX TOGA and got to finally meet Allison in person. Wish you could have been there. Sew much fun. I'll see you in May, when, hopefully Illinois will be warmer.

  8. Rose Zapel11:15 PM EDT

    Grant Gray is just the best guy. I am lucky to live close enough to have him work on my machines. He has helped me so much and it is always a treat to be able to talk "shop" with him. He saved my beautiful 66 Lotus treadle from death; she was frozen and he fixed her. I saw your picture posted on his FB page today; I recognized you, and then, not realizing it was Grant's page, thought, wow, that guy looks like Grant. And of course it was him. He was thrilled to meet you finally. So nice for you to go over to meet him.
    Rose Zapel

  9. I would have loved to attend this gathering, but the next best thing was this blog. The opportunity to have different teachers at one venue is a great format, and it was fun to see the variety of cheddar quilts. The daily quote was spot on for me, and the daily quote is a wonderful addition to the blog. As all "Bonnie followers" say from the heart, "Thank you for all you do."


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