Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quilt-Cam, 4/27/2016!

This is Kevin’s Gracie!

Obviously, she is more interested in KEVIN than what is going on during Quilt-Cam! LOL!

I was sent this photo a couple of months ago, or what feels like it and I came across it today in my files.  What a sweet face!

The dog!  The dog!  The dog has a sweet face!  As for me, I’m just feeling old and road weary…focus on the dog!

I’m really glad to be home.  It’s a ton of fun getting to hang out with quilters and do two back to back retreats, but you can’t stay at retreat forever and the pull of home is strong.

I have cleaned!  I have done laundry!  I even grocery shopped a bit, and made Jeff what he said he’d been missing for dinner.  Throw in a hair cut and a massage and massive amounts of book orders off to the post office and you pretty much have my past couple of days.

Plus this:

All of the “A Little Bit Hexie” kits for the Grand Hotel are done!

I sent them ahead today along with class samples.

No room in my luggage to take 40 kits!


Wide Angle CLEAN studio!

Or as clean as it gets anyway.

Some emails had come in saying that you’d like to see more of where Quilt-Cam is broadcast from, and this is it.  It’s a long narrow basement room.  You can see the walls on both sides here.


A bit from the other corner.

And yes, those quilts on the walls become bulletin boards as I pin papers to them so I don’t lose them!


I’m sewing HERE tonight!

You can see my giant monitor that also doubles as a TV!

It’s not a “magazine beautiful” type of studio space, but it is my happy place and I’m grateful to have the room that I do down here.


Some Garlic Knots blocks!

This block was featured in a past Addicted to Scraps column, and I’ve always loved it..I had SO much fun making these blocks, but haven’t had the time to do them.  I’m in need of a baby quilt.  Guess what that means?

I have pulled out strips and parts intending to make some.  If you want to follow along, you’ll find the issue linked under the Addicted to Scraps column at the top of the blog.

Let’s Sew!  We’ll see how far we can go!

TRY TWO! We lost sound!!

And there is no sound.  I can't get it to work. Something funky with Google Hangouts, nothing on this end to do about it.

We'll try another time. SIGH.  Sorry it didn't work out!

Thanks for joining me tonight!

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  1. Anonymous9:11 PM EDT

    Can't hear you!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Not for me either. Logged out, went back in. Still nothing. It just cut out mid sentence.

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    No sound here either...wish I could read your lips...

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    Oh,no! We lost the audio just when you started telling the story about your new friend Joyce.
    Juls in FL

  6. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    No Sound

  7. Glad I'm not the only one who can't hear you. Misery loves company 😈

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oregon - no sound :(

  10. I lost sound as well here, rebooted and still nothing.

  11. Best laugh I've had in a while. Hand to your ear saying "No Sound". We are all yelling yes, that's right. So funny. Hope you can fix it.

  12. Anonymous9:19 PM EDT

    Still no sound with TRY TWO

  13. There is no sound. I am sorry, we can't go on tonight. I tried to reconnect, but it's something with hangouts.

  14. :( Have a great trip to Michigan!

  15. Can't wait to hear what you are saying!!

  16. Thank for trying Bonnie.

  17. FUNNY how probably ALL 400 plus of us were talking back to her telling her , "No, we can't hear you!" When it was obvious she was asking us! Hahaha!

  18. So sorry tonight didn't work out. Will catch you next time. Thanks for trying. Have a great trip!

  19. Anonymous9:27 PM EDT

    So sad that we lost sound. I really wanted to hear your story!


  20. Sorry, Quilt Cam did not work out tonight. Thanks for trying, looking forward to watching next time.

  21. Hope you tell the story again when there is sound!. Glad you're back!
    Aileen in Florida

  22. Anonymous9:39 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, It went as you had crossed your arms and was starting to tell your story,,as you said the words Wi fi it went out. Do you wear a microphone of some sort?

  23. So funny we lost you in the middle of the sentence. yes please tell that story again sometime

  24. I really like the Garlic Knots blocks.

  25. LOVE Kevin's Gracie! Would that be Kevin the Quilter? I met him recently at the show in Paducah... recognized him from your blog! He filled me in on the status of the quilts we donated blocks to. Hundreds were made and now they are being quilted.

    It's funny how we look like our dogs... Kevin and Gracie share that similarity (in a cute way!).

  26. Hey Bonnie love the Garlic Koots as the pattern on your blog describes the block. I got a laugh out of that typo.

  27. Proves you don't need magazine beautiful studio to make magazine beautiful quilts! Love your big functional space! Sometimes I wonder about people who spend so much time and money on making their studio beautiful. I'd rather spend that time and money on making quilts and buying more fabric. All I really need is a sewing machine, a tub of scraps, a rotary cutter, an iron and good lighting. The rest is luxury!

  28. I absolutely love Boston terriers - have owned a few - and that is one extremely cute little Boston up there!

    Sorry QuiltCam didn't work, but thanks for the peek at your studio!

  29. Wow, Bonnie, I love your studio. What a great space to sew and quilt - love it. I can see why it's your happy place - it makes me happy just looking at the pictures... :)


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