Thursday, April 14, 2016

Showing Those Wichita Quilts!

This is truly the best part for me.  I love it when blocks, tops and quilts are brought to our workshops.  We do our showing & sharing at the end of our lunch break and it gives everyone a chance to get to know everyone else.

It’s so very nice when there are visitors from outside of the guild taking the workshops, and gives them a chance to introduce themselves and share with us the beautiful quilts they have made.

Often times workshops are extremely full and busy and we might not make it out of our own group to go visit the other tables in the room, so this is a fun way to see what others are up to!

This is Kim’s Crabapples quilt from Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Kim is on the right, Jean is on the left!  I had so much fun with these gals this past weekend.

Kim was a visitor from several hours away in some distant corner of Kansas (Ha! Like I can remember!) and it was fun to see the guild members take the visitors in, welcome them, engage in conversation, invite them to dinner.

It IS all about relationships, isn’t it – this crazy thing we call life?  We might think it’s about the quilts, but really, it’s about the PEOPLE!  Kim enjoyed a few days of respite away from her job as a 5th grade science teacher, made some new friends in the process and quilted her brains out. 

It was a very good weekend!

And I enjoyed meeting Jean as well – she is the one who picked me up at my hotel yesterday and we enjoyed hours of antiquing entertainment and lunch out.  Yep.  it’s all about connections with others and relationships.  These are the things that make life worthwhile!


Some show and share was only blocks!

But I can see a gorgeous Allietare in the making!

((And I love this smile!))


Paula-Jo’s Allietare top!

Some Show & Share has a story of terrific strength and perseverance behind it.  I have always said “if only these quilts could talk.”  Paula-Jo has had many hurdles in the past few years including the loss of her sweet husband, and all that goes with it.  She has thrown herself into her quilting, found catharsis in sewing by treadle machine and assembled her Allietare top by rocking that pedal back and forth, back and forth, healing her heart and finding that there is happiness in putting the pieces together in the process.  Since I met her in person over a year ago on a previous trip to Kansas, she has just come alive thanks to the relationships she has built with other quilters in her area.

She always has a kind word, and a warm smile and I am so happy she is doing so well thanks to the quilting community who has wrapped their arms around her. 

It’s about relationships.  We are all in this together, stitched tightly in our connection through fabric and thread.


Some show and share from shirts!

While some quilts head off to big quilt shows with big competition for big awards, some quilts are made from a husband’s shirts and given for evening recliner snuggling and remote wrangling.


They come with labels attached and personal messages!

Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.


Fabulous finishes from guild presentations!

Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling shown here.

I’ve loved them all and have enjoyed getting to know YOU through your quilts!

Here’s everything in a slide show!

I arrived home last night, walking in the front door about 11pm.  I’ve got a slow start going this morning, but the sun is out!  Birds are chirping, and oh, the world is so green!  The trees have fully leafed out in the past 12 days and all I want to do is run to the mountains and be OUTSIDE.

That will have to wait until tomorrow.  Today I’m tackling desk work and getting all of the book orders that came in while I was gone out the door.

Oh, but I want to be outside!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Like a stone dropped into a pond, every thought, every word, every action has a ripple effect. May our ripples be positive!

Vintage robbing Peter to pay Paul quilt shared by a member in Wichita Kansas this week.

Let’s get this Wednesday started!

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  1. Thanks for such a positive post this morning, or maybe I should say, thanks for the extra-positive post, since yours are always upbeat anyway. The weather is lovely here as well and after a short trip for PT (I have a persistent limp after stumbling over a tree root last year), I will be out in the yard as well. Plenty to do and lots of fresh air.

  2. Trying some positivity today and getting my sewing/quilting groove on! Finished some paper pieced blocks, going to tackle some machine quilting on a quilt and hoping to add borders and sandwich another small quilt. How's that for a list!! Waiting to see those ripples happen!!

  3. I'll be stitching some 4-Patches on my Treadle later. Watching my Grandson and he loves to cut between the chains. I'm so glad I got it for my Birthday this year. Making memories is what it is all about. He knows Grandma loves to Quilt.

  4. WoW.... just watched the slide show and loved the quilts.... and the background music. You are amazing.... thank you so much for sharing all you share with us. Enjoy your time at home. Flowers, outdoors and of course your family. So much to share... and you put so much into life. Sometimes girl... you just make me tired. LoL....

  5. I Totally Agree, "It's Not About The Quilts, It's About Relationships Formed And Deepened While Stitching Them Together."

  6. Anonymous7:52 AM EDT

    I don't know how you do it, but you are an amazing woman in all you do for our quilting community. So up lifting with words of encouragement, sharing so much of yourself with all of us. I don't know of another person who is so giving. I want to just say thank you from all of us.
    I love the new slide show presentation and the piano music is perfect.
    Diane in N. Florida


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