Thursday, April 28, 2016

Garlic Knots Blocks and a Book Cover!

Quilt-Cam lost audio last night, so we got in only about 5 minutes of sew time!

I tried to figure out what was going on, I hadn’t touched anything, was just sewing and talking away and sound froze.  I couldn’t get it back even after a second try, so we tanked it.

However, I kept sewing because I really wanted to see what these blocks would do!

They’ve been on the bucket list for a long time, always pushed back for some reason or another.  This is Garlic Knots, from a previous Addicted to Scraps column.  (Click the link and scroll down, you’ll find it in 2014 I believe!) and they are so super cute.

I cut these pieces quickly out of strips that were sitting near my cutting table as a way to purpose them rather than put them away, and I’m on a roll.  These may be destined for a baby quilt!


And then there were nine!


There has been other progress as well.


I finished piecing this backing on Tuesday, got the quilt loaded in the machine, and spent most of Tuesday and Yesterday getting this quilted. 


Close up of quilting from the back!

No peeks on the front, though…not yet anyway!

And yes, I staggered the red/white squares because there was no way they were going to match up perfectly if I started both sides the same.  When you go for off-center-on-purpose it solves a lot of fussy problems.

Binding is ready to go on, label too.  Just need to piece a hanging sleeve.  This will come later.  Wish I could show you the front, but not yet.

I CAN show you THIS!  It’s finally up on the C&T website, so I am able to share it with you as well:



Weee haaaaa!!

What you see on the cover here is what I did with my Idaho Square Dance blocks.  I set them with swirling log cabins on point.  It’s getting closer!  Things are going to print soon!

I have had people asking about pre-orders, and I really don’t like to do them too far in advance.  I don’t want to tie up your funds when I don’t know when they will arrive on my doorstep.  So my plan is, as soon as they are being shipped to me, I’ll open up the short-pre-order status.  No need to make you wait for months.  The books will BE HERE when they get here.  And you will know.  And you can place your order then. SEPTEMBER!  It will be here before we know it.

And there will be more goodies to talk about, and more details to share as things get closer!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Or in quilt speak - friends don't care how messy your studio is, they just want to see your progress on your project! Vintage 1950s quilt from my collection.

Moby is packed – Sadie and I are headed up to the cabin.  The Hubster is in New York on business this week so it’s just Sadie and me, whether here or there, and I am choosing there!

Again, sorry about Quilt-Cam. I don’t know what happened, but after two tries there was just no way to make it work with the time given.  We’ll try again.  I’ll find out what happened (But I didn’t touch anything?!) and we’ll reschedule.

Catch you later!

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  1. The book cover is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the book.

  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to get the book! Love the cover. Love the garlic knots block...it will be fun to see how you arrange them.

  3. Love the cover. Have a nice break at the cabin, hopefully you will get to spend some more time with Mona!!

  4. Love the cover. Excited about the book. Can't wait to add it to my collection.

  5. What about Emmy Lou? I'll bet she secretly quilts away while you're gone. That's how you get so much done!!! Right?

  6. Love the book cover! Also can't wait to see the front of the other quilt. The quilting is fantastic! Waiting for your new book is hard for your fans so I'm sure it is even worse for you! Lol! Enjoy your time at the cabin with Sadie. It will be beautiful up there!
    Ellie Lively

  7. Jan Fitch9:09 AM EDT

    Love the cover,can't wait to see the inside on my copy!

  8. Tina in NJ9:12 AM EDT

    Nice cover. Love how the log cabin blocks make stars. Now I'm going to obsess about what other Addicted to Scraps blocks are in the book! Wild and Goosey? Grandpa's Star? Box Kite has been on my list for a while now. We'll just have to see, won't we?

  9. Love the new book cover! Looking forward to seeing the book! I am sure you will get Quilt Cam figured out in no time. Enjoy the cabin!

  10. Peggy Lowe9:19 AM EDT

    Wow, Bonnie! Your most exciting cover yet! I love it.

    When the sound blinked off in QuiltCam last night, I assumed it was something I had done on my end! I'm sure other folks thought so too. Sorry not to be able to get more than a few minutes of you. So glad for your blog and for the QuiltCam Archives.

    Thank you for your continuous generosity to quilters! Just last week, my sister-in-law, who isn't yet a quilter, asked how she might get started quilting, what tools must she have to begin, etc. I told her to dive into your blog! And I expect she will, and will find what the rest of us have discovered: incredible, wonderful know-how being shared. Many thanks, Bonnie!

  11. I was sad when we lost sound last night for QuiltCam, as I had to finish the binding on my table runner without you, Bonnie. Your new book cover this morning is making up for that, however. I asked you exactly one week ago about the setting for all my Idaho Square Dance blocks, and you said to wait for your new book, but I didn't know that solution would be the cover!!! Hoping I can wait until Sept. to get that quilt put together!! I want to thank you again for the lecture last Thursday in Okoboji, Iowa, as my friends and I loved the whole time!! Use your "alone time" at the cabin well, and get some rest!! Love all you do for us!! Big hugs!

  12. Thanks for sharing your new book cover! I can hardly wait to see the book itself. Have fun at the cabin.

  13. We understand Bonnie! That is the way it goes sometimes. Squeals of delight for your new book cover!! I'm so pumped and you are right, September will be here before we know it. So happy and very proud for you. I can't wait to add it to my other Bonnie books and see what I will choose to work on next from your bevy of patterns. Ooooh, Garlic Knots, I'll have to get that back out. Or, do you like you did and just cut those scraps for a new set to play with on the Mother's Day retreat in Rainbow, Texas. Have a wonderful time with Sadie at the cabin. Rest, restore, revive while there. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  14. I'm SEW excited!! I can hardly WAIT to see your new book. Why??? Because I know that it will be filled with wonderful new projects for us to make!!

  15. Hi Bonnie. Safe travels to the cabin for you and Sadie. Book cover looks great!! Can't wait to see the goodies inside!

  16. Garlic Knots is a square I've been interested in doing for quite a while--I look forward to seeing how you put it together.

  17. Have a great time at the cabin! Love Love Love the cover of your new book! Can't wait until it comes out. You are such great inspiration for working outside my comfort zone. Thanks for everything you do for us!

  18. LynneFraas11:43 AM EDT

    Perhaps your book will be ready in time for the Mediterrean cruise in August?? A girl can hope, right?!

  19. Book cover looks so fun! It will be hard to wait! Thanks for all the great inspiration!
    Have a nice quiet fun time at the cabin!

  20. OOH, Bonnie, can't wait for that book!!! Looks absolutely FAB. I will get my order in for sure. I just wish I had your skills but I will keep trying. I am working on Allitare and loving it

  21. September, eh???? Okay then, that gives me that time frame to FINISH all the quilts using your patterns that I have on the go now, and have my studio (hence, messy sewing space!!??!) so I am ready to get started on a new one!!! And, that is my birthday month so it is the best gift that I can get for myself - I can hardly wait!!!!! Thank-you Bonnie!!!! I love you and make this a great day!!!!!

  22. Love the cover, can't wait to see the rest of the book! I know you and Sadie will have a wonderful recharge in the mountains. Be safe, enjoy!

  23. The Garlic Knot is a cute pattern. Thinking about the blocks on point too.

    A friend NEVER:
    tells you are getting heavier;
    or asks why on everything;
    Understands when your heart felt wishes DON"T come true;

    But most of all a friend does love you warts, faults and failings
    and you love your friend the same way!
    As a REAL HUMAN person :)

    Hugs JulieinTn

  24. Looking forward to the new book and those garlic knots are adorable. But I really like the sneak peek of those grey string blocks. Can't wait to see the front.

  25. Ooooh, that book cover promises good things!! Very happy for you.

    The red/white deer print in that vintage quilt is totally back in style again, isn't it? Funny how it all comes back around eventually. ;)

  26. Bonnie, I absolutely love the new cover! Can't wait to peek inside! ♡

  27. Love the cover. I cannot wait for the book. Also, I am glad quilt cam lasted as long as it did because I like garlic knots and now know an easy way to make it. Would have loved more.

  28. Love that cover and looking forward to that book Bonnie.
    I finally have time to post.
    My husband was in 2 Hospitals and he was in ICU because his kidneys was schutting down.
    He just came home and has a trainer and a nurse.
    So glad he is improving hope I soon can crawl behind my Sewing machine.
    Sure misses it. One daughter came from Boston and is leaving back tomorrow.

    Love your garlic knot also and hope your quilt Cam will be fixed soon.
    Happy quilting Bonnie you are one amazing lady.
    Yoka Bazilewich

  29. Way cool. I am so excited. Can't wait. Just so you know Bonnie, I use your books so much I have taken them and had them spiral bound.

  30. I love the garlic knots I see pretzel twists for a baby quilt lol the new cover looks awesome. Have a great day!

  31. Excited for your new book Bonnie! Love that you used log cabin blocks with your square dance blocks! I know your book will be a big success, I want it just for the cover quilt alone.... though I know I will love all twelve! Take care, stay safe! Thank you! Julia, still in Missouri!

  32. I also love your book. Sorry it was stuck between other books and I finally found it again. Oh I'm so happy it's like finding a new friend again !! Love your program. Is there an audio for the courses on sewing ?? I still hear your voice in my head !!
    Louise Louvisscher@gmail.com


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