Monday, February 15, 2016

Show & Share at Quilt in a Day!

We had some really special show & share after our lunch break at Quilt in a Day in San Marcos, California!

I love it when antique quilts are brought in, but this one is extra special.

It belongs to Sue who related to us the story of how it came to her.

If I have this right – ((Correct me if I’m wrong, Sue!))  This lovely Delectable Mountains quilt belonged to Sue’s hubby’s Great Great Great grandmother, who was married in 1829.

She’s got the family tree, the who, the where, the when.

This is an incredible piece of quilt history and she brought it to our Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop to share another version of the Delectable Mountains pattern, the traditional rendition that starts as a medallion in the center and radiates out in rows.


Fabrics are so delicate, and some are shredding.


Lovely prints, very much a scrap quilt!


Imagine the hands that stitched these triangles!


So very special.

Sue was teary-eyed when telling us the story of the quilt and how it came to rest in her hands.  She has decided to recreate it with reproduction fabrics rather than trying to repair it.  There are places on this quilt where the fabric is too far gone, and yet she wants to preserve the integrity of the original quilt as it is, not applique pieces or patches over shattered areas.

I agree.  I think this quilt should be left as is.  She could delicately stitch some tulle to the areas where fabric is really shredding to help hold things in place, but I would not consider this repairing this quilt.  it needs to be kept original.  This is just MY thoughts on it, someone else may have a differing opinion, but I think it is a wonderful idea to find reproduction fabrics and make a new version in honor of the great great great grandmother who likely received this as a wedding gift.

Thanks for sharing this beauty with us, Sue!


How about some POW with an Easy Street finish?


Jill finished her Garden Party!

The pattern for Garden Party is found in the May/June 2015 issue of Quiltmaker, and is also shown on the cover.  Didn’t Jill do a great job? She started this with me at the retreat I did in Vegas with Debbie Caffrey and Charlotte Angotti last August.

If you missed THAT round of fun, come retreat with me, Pepper Cory, Pam Holland and Mark Sherman in Naperville Illinois in April!  The retreat is just a few days prior to the big Chicago quilt show, so you can do both!  More info under the Craftours Cocoon tab at the top of the blog.


Lovely Lozenges made during our Leader & Ender challenge!
Did you finish yours?
Pattern from the free patterns tab.


Another Leader & Ender finish!

Happily Scrappily Irish from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Oh, Allietare!  Hooray!

I have seen several Allietare quilts during lectures and workshops – some as blocks, some as tops, some completely finished and bound and I am so happy that you love this pattern as much as I do. I think this year’s mystery was THE BEST ever!  And if you liked this one, just wait until NEXT YEAR’S!


Chunky Churn Dash Baby Quilt from the Free Patterns tab!


Collette’s Scrappy Trips from the Free Patterns tab!

Every time I see one of this I can’t help but smile.  Such a great use of scraps!


Collette’s Pineapple Blossom also from the Free Patterns tab.


Wasn’t this a great round of Show & Share?  And to have them shared at Quilt in a Day was just such a wonderful gift to me.

If I am coming to teach in your area and you are either visiting the guild meeting or taking a workshop with me, BRING your quilts.  I don’t advertise that you should, if EVERYONE brought their quilts we’d never get back to sewing, but this is an open invitation to bring your show and share so we can get to know you better and we can share in your accomplishments.  If you are taking a workshop, don’t forget your show & share!

Enjoy your evening, everyone!

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  1. I love that antique! Lucky her has a family quilt.
    Amazing quilts come out of your workshops!! No surprise to me!

  2. Love Sue's family heirloom quilt. Making a reproduction of it is a great idea. Thanks for sharing, Sue!

  3. It was a joy to see photos of that beautiful antique. It must feel wonderful to stand by it.

  4. My first two quilts were Eleanor's Log Cabin, Quilt In A Day! I was working at Golden State Fabrics in Mission Valley Center in 1979 and she was just starting to teach her method. In 2000 I attended her Quilt Camp for the first time with a co worker who told me about she and her sister's going. Had a blast!

  5. That is a stunning antique quilt. What a beautiful thing to bring to share and thank you for sharing Sue and thank you Bonnie for posting the photos for us all to see.


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