Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Time is short!

My schedule is pretty tight here in Pigeon Forge, but I am having such an amazing time already!

Yesterday dad and I drove over the mountains from Pigeon Forge over to Gatlinburg, and on through to Cherokee, NC where we had lunch at the casino buffet ((which is really good!)) Click HERE for a map!

Monday was our only day to really spend together and run around, and we filled it full. I have some more pictures to edit down….we hit the frost line, and then drove up into the snow and it was SO SO SO Picturesque! Just trust me…the Smokies are everything you have heard about, and then some!

And then of course, I had to pop John Denver into the CD player….just because. It was too perfect NOT to!

This morning dawned bright and early…..classes started at 8:30am and classrooms still had to be set up….but guess who I had breakfast with? Some of my favorite quilters! Darlene Zimmerman, Cindy Blackburg, and Charlotte Warr Anderson! It’s fun for me because I’ve taught with Charlotte at two venues already this past year..once last June for the NC Symposium, and then again in January for the Road to Calif quilt show! Darlene was also there in January as was Elsie Campbell…..who I also had lunch with.

And you can pinch me now because…..guess who sat next to me at lunch? Jo Morton Smile I left the onions off my burger at that point..LOL!

Today’s class was Cathedral stars and I am headed out the door for the meet and greet tonight at the quilt show…hope to get more time later, but even if I don’t, just let it suffice that I am having a great time surrounded by like minded quilters who also have to fondle fabric and slice it up and sew it back together on a daily basis. It’s great being amidst others who “GET ME”.

Here is a link to the trunkshow from the Schoenaich quilt guild last week! Will this tie you over a bit until I can post again? Hope so!



  1. I've been there before, it is really pretty. Glad you are enjoying it. :)

  2. What a great table to have lunch at! Have fun...I love the drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway during the spring...

  3. It sounds like a fun time. I've never been to the smokies...only through photos.

  4. I'm so happy to hear about your adventures of what it is like to be a quilt teacher. What a great bunch of Ladies to spend time with. Thanks for sharing the slide show.

  5. Rocky Mountain high is about Colorado...LOL Glad you got to sightsee a bit with your father. Nice to know I'm not the only "name-dropper"

  6. Hey there Bonnie glad to hear you are having fun. i will be there friday hope to see you there.

  7. Glad you are having fun spending time with your Dad and all those other quilting celebrities. Where do you get your energy? You make me tired just reading about your adventures! :)

  8. Bonnie. Glad you are having fun in Pigeon Forge. I tried to download the free book you listed but it was not free. How do you find the free ones?


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