Friday, March 11, 2011

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

Do you ever wonder about the signs you see sometimes?

Some of the signs seen around Quiltfest here in Pigeon Forge have been interesting to say the least….and we KNOW there is always an event or mis-hap that happens FIRST….to require the NEED for such a sign to be made in the first place!

Take this one for instance:

pigeonforge2011 103

IRON on WALLS?!? Really?? It seems that in a previous year, someone didn’t want to wait their turn at the ironing board, and decided any flat surface would work with a hot iron!! Bye Bye plastic coated wall paper! Surprised smile

How about THIS one:

pigeonforge2011 105

Okay..this I can understand too, and instead—they supplied us with nice carpeted design walls for each class room to pin to. It was very helpful!

But this one? Who would do THIS in the first place?

pigeonforge2011 101

Yes, this is on the back side of the stall doors in the women’s restroom! I have to admit when I first read this….I thought it said “FLUSH CLOVES!” I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to flush CLOVES in the first place, but then I couldn’t figure out why CLOVES would be hard on the system? Maybe it is a TN thing? It’s a clove-free-zone? And then it hit me..they meant the plastic gloves that the quilters are given so they can “touch” the quilts. Still…WHY would anyone flush them in the first place? As I’ve heard it said before….It only takes ONE idiot, to require a sign for ALL!

Then there is a sign that you have been asking for since I posted about the FWs yesterday…

pigeonforge2011 120

Calico Cupboard is out of Mountain View Missouri. I don’t believe he has a website, but he has been vending here for years and is sort of an icon! I had to snap another pic of this wonderful display:

pigeonforge2011 121

Such beauties! And those who asked --- These are not “new” machines, they are reconditioned “old” machines with new hot paint jobs. Sometimes when a black machine’s finish is worn and chipped and beyond help, a new paintjob is a way to give an “ugly” machine a face lift and a new life! Price wise, these machines are much more expensive than the original black ones, just because of the time it takes to strip all the old finish off clear down to the aluminum, and apply a new finish and reassemble the machine. It’s much like getting a new paint job for your car…..but they sure are beautiful, aren’t they?

Today’s workshop was My Blue Heaven! I loved teaching this class with the easy angle rulers and the companion angle rulers….especially fun since Darlene Zimmerman is here teaching as well, and there is her name, right there on the Companion Angle! I’ve told her before how much I love these and teaching with these….

Most everyone in the class was doing BLUE of some shade or another, but there were a few renegades in the bunch:

Dad left back for AZ today….and I’m now on my own! It’s not quite 9pm yet, so I might just get a bit of sewing at the machine in! Whadya think? Should I go for it?


  1. Ohhh I would love that purple machine!!! Cute signs LOL

  2. HAHA! This is great Bonnie! Thanks for the much-needle chuckle today. . . Your "My Blue Heaven" workshop looked like a success to me!

  3. I love those colourful featherweights! I have a black one. I'm amazed at the scroll work done on the coloured ones. Just how does he do that?

  4. oh my...I am thinking someone went to the bathroom and forgot to remove their gloves first, then decided they needed to just flush the evidence...lol
    Love the "no ironing on walls"...

  5. There is a sign in our town outside a clothing store for larger sized women's clothing called PRETTY WOMEN...but the sign outside says 'Pretty Women Parking Only"
    So does that mean ugly women can't shop there?

  6. I cannot stop laughing at that first sign. :)

  7. Some of those signs are classic!
    I think those old machines are gorgeous, I would love a blue one! lol

  8. I'm at Quiltfest too!!!! Our first ever and I'm having a blast! :)

  9. Yeah, I'm reading the sign to say "GLOVES" not CLOVES. That'd make it a little more understandable. But why a sign that just says it has sharp edges--take the sign down and then problem resolved, right? HAHA

  10. Oh my goodness... the signs are too funny... I love the reconditioned featherweights... both the bright shiny newness and the "recycling" of a wonderful machine!

  11. Love all the different signs. Great to get a laugh first thing in the morning.
    Great blocks on the slideshow.
    Happy stitching

  12. Oh, that first sign. So much importance given to the danger of the sharp edges and in such tiny letters, "oh and by the way, there's no bridge up ahead" LOL.

  13. The signs are hilarious! There will always be idiots! :)
    Have a beautiful drive.


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