Saturday, March 05, 2011

Friendly Faces in Far Away Places!

I’m tucked into my hotel room in Jackson, TN! It was a 9 hour drive to get here today…believe me, getting up at 5:30am was NOT easy! But leaving the house before 7am allowed me to get here by 3:30pm…and have a bit of time to unpack and relax before heading out tonight with a couple of gals from the Piece by Piece Quilter’s guild for dinner!

It was a great day for a drive. A friend of mine said “How do you DO IT?!?” But driving days feel totally relaxing for me. I love seeing the scenery, and it couldn’t be prettier than driving across Western NC and across TN! I love driving through the smokies….and I love it when I head down I-40….((Yes, it was I-40 ALL THE WAY for 9 hours!)) and Boom…there is NASHVILLE and I see the big skyline!

Driving through Tennessee meant playing Trisha Yearwood CDs and singing a the top of my lungs!

Hard to imagine that one week ago today I was in Germany teaching 2 Cathedral Star Classes to the Schönaich Quilters Guild! Before going, I never knew what or where Schönaich was! Now I know that it is close to cities like Böblingen, Sindelfingen, Tübingen, and Stuttgart!

Birgit was one of the first people Aby introduced me to on my trip! She has a little adorable shop called Patch Com, and it is full of yummy fabrics and notions and welcome smiles!

Bonnie ich1

Here is a picture of Birgit and me in front of shelves of gorgeous fabrics!


No, your eyes aren’t doing crazy things, this is me and Aby and Deb…just a bit blurry! But you still gotta capture the memory right? I think a bit of blur does wonderful things to hide my laugh lines and crows feet! Rolling on the floor laughing

Birgit is also the one who had the brilliant idea to offer ONE CLASS TWICE to give more people the opportunity to take it, than to offer two separate classes! Classroom space is limited to about 16 students where they meet, and this way we got to have 32 students take the same class, other than just a handful for each! I think she is a brilliant woman, don’t you?


At the end of the first day, we all laid out our blocks to take a group pic! This turned out to be such a fun thing..((I think there were 20 cameras going around and we had to be snapped on EACH of them!!))


And here we are for day two!

I hope you enjoy the slide show. If you are still one of those mac/apple users who hasn’t yet downloaded silverlight to be able to view the show, you are missing out! It’s a small little add-on, and the pictures view beautifully in it! So if you click the slide show, and it tells you to install it, do it! You don’t want to miss out!

stuttgart2011 050

Now look at THIS cutie thing! You know how I love seeing what others bring to workshops? This little scrap-catcher has triangle sides with button flaps and is perfect for catching threads and snippets! I thought it was just TOO CUTE!! Who would think we would get giddy over trash containers, but I do!

So for me tonight? A bit of USA Channel and NCIS…and some piecing in the hotel room! Probably early to bed. We’ve got a morning lecture/trunkshow here in Jackson TN in the am…then lunch out to a Mexican place….and then we’ll spend the afternoon sewing away at the Pineapple Blossom workshop from 1pm –7pm! It’s going to be a fun day!


  1. All beautiful blocks!! The cathedral stars quilt I made I gave to my parents for this past Christmas so now I get to make another one for myself!

  2. Oh...you passed right by my home!!! I'm between Jackson and Nashville (I work downtown Nashville at LifeWay...did you see the big building with the cross on it?) I'm 5 minutes off I-40 at exit 163. When you are headed home and want a short detour....you should stop by and I'll show you a log house draped with quilts. My mother just passed away and we've been going through all her quilts. My father just gave me one of my great-grandmother's quilts. Today I'm finishing up some of my mother's projects. Enjoy your weekend and this wonderful area!

  3. I am off of I-40 also but down the road quite a ways in Arkansas :) you keep so busy I don't no how you do it - you must be the energizer bunny! I get tired out after driving 2 or 3 hours and six hours used to wipe me out when my daughter lived in Texas and I would go see her frequently.

  4. What fun... and what beautiful quilt blocks! The little button scrap thing is too cute! I'm gonna have to figure out how it's made....

  5. Yes, really... How do you do it ? Barely back home from a trip to Europe and now 9 hours on the road... I'm in awe. You are the one who is very brave !! Have a wonderful time.

  6. Those lucky girls.........and one of them is Forest Jane........I am green with envy!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  7. Just catching up on the last two blogs. Love all the pics of Germany. Lots of fun scrappy things too. Especially love the houses that appear european with wood crossboards. Thanks for sharing

  8. The blocks all really look good together! Goes to show how well scraps all coordinate together!

  9. Thanks for the slide show. This pattern has been on my TO DO List for a while now. I especially like #3 and #28 - the one with the green stars and the soft pink/peach and cream - absolutely GORGEOUSl!! Just goes to show that stars don't have to be blue. Thanks, Bonnie!

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    thank you for the kind words, but really it was just such fun to organize the courses with you. Looking forward to doing it again! Or maybe we meet in London, together with Karol-Ann. Part of my family lives in London and I know a lot of places worth to visit.


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