Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Time for a bit of Creative Mojo!

I forgot to include some details in this morning’s blog post! Actually, truth be told…I wasn’t sure if this show was live or pre-recorded, and until I got my email back from Taryn, I wasn’t sure! It’s LIVE! Oh boy!

You know my schedule has been crazy, and we’ve been trying to work this out for the past couple weeks, and every OTHER day they wanted to fit me in I was off doing something somewhere else….you can’t do a phone interview for a live radio show in the middle of a workshop! So..since it is a designated stay at home day for me, LETS DO THIS! Rolling on the floor laughing


Mark & I a couple years ago for the Quilters Unlimited Show, VA!

What is Creative Mojo you ask?


The show today will be aired live from 3-5 PM EST And you can go here to Mark’s Blog for the links!

You can also get to toginet.com directly and log in! They have lots of great shows and podcasts there that you can listen to or download to your ipod!

So listen in live, or listen in later…your choice chickadees! See you there!


  1. EEeek! Live! That sounds so exciting! I hope you can find time for a nap before 3:00!! Will you be on with him talking the whole 2 hours?

    So glad to hear that I can go back anytime and listen to the show b/c I won't be at home during that time... but even on the go, I'll be thinking of ya girlfriend! I'm sure you and Mark will share a lot of laughs together!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  2. His shirt would look great in your next quilt, Bonnie!

  3. I agree with Betty....shoulda got a snip of his shirt for my plaid collection!

    Will definitely listen!

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  5. Really enjoyed hearing you chatting away, Bonnie, and I love the whole "recycle, repair, re-use" vibe - as someone said, "We have to save the planet, it's the only one proven to produce chocolate!".

  6. Thanks Stephen! It's always a hoot to talk to Mark, he has more energy than even *I* can fathom!


  7. Bonnie
    Can you post a list of the magazines you have articles in?
    Thanks Paula

  8. Hi Paula! I tried to reply to your comment, but couldn't. Currently I have a running column in Quiltmaker called "Addicted to Scraps"...I've also got a quilt in an upcoming issue of Australian Homespun.


  9. Oh my! I just listened to the show you were on, and I must say.....YOU are the only sane one on it! Mark is a crazy nut....way too much caffeine, and the other guests were dry, dull and boring! You, my dear, are a shining star! I just wished I didn't have to listen to that whole dang program to get to your segment, which was way too short in comparison to the others! I mean, a guy who embezzles and ends up in a prison that used to be a leper colony....who wants to read THAT book!?! Or hear him talk about it? Sheesh!

    Anyway, your segment was great! Well done!


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