Sunday, March 27, 2011

Show & Tell Sunday!

We haven’t done this in a while….and there have been some beautiful quilts showing up in my inbox over the past couple of weeks! Wouldn’t you like to see them?

But first, the TELL!

Sherrie wrote me about a news article I was quoted in!

Hey Bonnie,

I just wanted to share with you a link to an article in The Commercial Appeal about our guild going to your trunk show. I am the one that told you about telling my husband going to see you would be like him getting to go see Jeff Gordon....lol!!!

I hated that I didn't get to stay and be in the picture with everyone else, but the ladies I was carpooling with were anxious to get to the quilt shops!!  We all had a wonderful time, and your quilts are even more beautiful in person!!  You have motivated alot of us, several are trying to decide which quilt to start on first.

Here is the  Link!

Thanks for the article Sherrie! I got a kick out of being compared to Jeff Gordon!Flirt male

And on to the quilts!

This first quilt is from Fran M!


I’m not sure if this is the actual color or not, I think the pic was taken at a guild meeting in indoor lighting! But you know how nuts I am over orange, and this is just so fun to look at! Look at the striped sashings! WHOO!

Fran writes:


When I line up for Show and Tell at our guild, Shenandoah Valley Quilters Guild, they expect another quilt made from bonus triangles from your patterns and I try not to disappoint.  In fact, I try to motivate them to make something from theirs.

My latest one was made into pinwheels with a small striped fabric as sashing.  It really worked!!  When my daughter saw it she said "Wow!"  and could she have it.  She already has lots of mine (including Double Delight!) so I asked her how she felt about depriving some poor, cold refugee in a foreign country of a warm quilt and she quickly said, "I'll give you one back".  Needless to say, I'm making more for the refugees!! My dear SIL with Alzheimer's is no longer able to press my triangle seams open but she fondles quilts and smiles alot!!

I just love the stories that come with the quilts as much as I love the quilts! Thanks for sharing Fran! I am always trying to purpose my bonus triangles as well ((As you witnessed with the 600 hsts in Roll Roll Cotton Boll!!)) I’m thinking this is a good topic for a blog post this week…a little technique I’ve been teaching that gives me very accurate USEABLE sizes for my bonus units without having to square each one down individually to the next increment on the ruler so things work with the math I like. I’m making a note to myself to do that!

Our next Quilter is Karen R and her “Stars Of Hope”!

Stars of Hope 2nd place

Isn’t she a beautiful lady? And look at her beautiful red ribbon!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie!   I think I sent a photo of my finished Random Ohio Stars that I named "Stars of Hope," but not sure if I mentioned that it earned a second place ribbon in our Peace River Guild's recent Southwest Florida Quilt Show.  The quilt is now being raffled to raise funds for our Relay For Life team.  Thank you again for your wonderful designs....you are indeed an inspiration!!

Blessings, Karen

Karen, you are the inspiration…such a beautiful quilt for a wonderful cause! I know this will be a great benefit for Relay For Life..Quilt on, girl, Quilt On!

Jana M has also been very busy! And I love her use of YELLOW! ((Yes, I’m still in a bright forsythia-makes-me-smile mood!))


She writes:

Dear Bonnie,
since I received your books I have been quilting just the patterns form your website or your books. There is one of them which pleased my mum very much.
Jana (from the Czech republic)

Isn’t it fun to see the different ideas and the fabrics that are found in different countries? The colors of this quilt remind me so much of hand painted pottery. Thank you Jana, for sharing your pic with me!

Mariella L has sent a couple pics of her “Scrappy Trips Around The World!” and they are BOTH so different in the feelings they give, just by switching the use of color and placement! I love them both! She has a very fun blog called Cancun Quilter full of delicious pictures. Give her a visit, say Buenos Dias and tell her Bonnie sent you!

Many Scrappy Trips Quilt Top 30 April 2010

Isn’t this pretty!  The sashing just really draws the eye….and there is so much color play going on here!


And This one? It’s the same quilt..but look at the use of the darker blues at the edges which seem to float the quilt center a bit! Still love the random placement of colors here there and everywhere..there are lots of little surprises.

It just goes to prove that “Truly Random Does Not Necessarily Mean Equidistant!” Sometimes I think we spend so much time to make SURE that bits of color are “evenly spread” and that this fabric can not touch that one, or avoiding “too much red in one corner” that we somehow kill the spontaneity of design. We miss the opportunity to have a design element of surprise become a focal point of interest. At least that’s how it is playing in my mind with the things that I see out there. Let it play!

Mariella writes:

Hi Bonnie,
I've been coming to your website for inspiration for a while now.  I've love scrap quilts.....hey I buy fabric to make scrap quilts!!!  Anyway I've made some Scrappy Trips and would like to show them to you.  Hope you enjoy!!!
Mariella L

Thank you SO much for sharing the quilts from what looks like your roof top Mariella!

Angela has BEEN BUSY!!! You can check out her story about this quilt on her blog, Angie Quilts!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I hope she has sent this pic to Tonya too, cuz I know Ton would go nuts over this! It’s called “A Trip Down Memory Lane”

She writes:

I'm sending a photo of my quilt top to you as I used your Maverick Stars for my borders along with Tonya's letters, I had been struggling with what to do in the borders when I saw Tonya's book was soon to be released, I pre-ordered and waited for it.

As soon as it came I had a flash of inspiration and made up the words... what to do with all the open border spaces... hmmm to Quiltville to see what could help... Maverick Stars... perfect.

Thank you so much for posting the free tutorials Bonnie.. I don't know what I would do without you!!

If you EVER have a trip planned to the UK would you PLEASE let me know ... I would sell my children (they're 22 & 21 so they might be in agreement)  to have you come up to Staffordshire for a few days, he he he

Thank you again for all your inspiration

Good Wishes


Angie!! I’d sell mine for a chance to come visit you too! UK is definitely on my list of places I need to visit…

And if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen today….you need to come over to our Quiltville Friend Page! We are having a show and share of projects-in-progress! You can find the link the side bar to the right…or click directly by clicking HERE!

As for me..it’s 11:11am. 11:11 is always a time for making wishes. I wish for you a blessed Sunday and a bit of time to Sew!


  1. Oh my... all the quilts are so beautiful... and inspiring! (NO! I will NOT start another quilt, no, no, no! *lol*)

    Thanks to these talented ladies for sharing these photos with you... and thanks for sharing the photos with us!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a wonderful collection of quilt inspiration! I especially enjoyed Stars for Hope and Mariella's Scrappy Trip Around the World. Really lovely work!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of the inspiration - they are all wonderful!

  4. I was wondering what are your pros and Cons for foundation piecing with paper and material?


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