Monday, March 14, 2011

Across The Smokies!

Hello from Franklin, NC!!

I’m just dipping back into my home state for a few days before heading down to Pelham AL! I’ve never been in Franklin before…..but it is just on the other side of THIS view from TN

Driving through the Smokies yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect. Temps dropped about 10 degrees from the bottom in Pigeon Forge where I entered the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the Summit….there was still some snow up there, but not as much as there was last Monday when I went up there with Dad. Lots of people out enjoying a Sunday drive and I could see why! It really is breath taking…rivers were running with all the snow melt, and the waterfalls were quite spectacular too!

Yesterday was just a half day class, Hidden Spools….such a cute quickie! This is one of the first designs I uploaded to my website back in 1999..we had just moved from Idaho to Texas..and I get a kick out of looking at the pics in the pattern because I’ve caught Jason as a Junior or so in High School along with one of his friends, getting them to hold the quilt for me so that I could take a pic!

I’m glad they chose this one for a 3 hour class….because even in a short period of time we were turning out block quarters and sewing them into blocks like this:

I had to laugh at the way some of us sew…..I got such a kick out of this “dog ear catcher!!”

pigeonforge2011 174

Just use your skirt!!! Winking smile

Of course…if you FORGET you have dog ears in your lap and you stand up to go iron or to cut some more you’ve got this:

pigeonforge2011 176

Weeee!!! Dog Ear Confetti! I’m sure glad that I don’t work as Convention Center Clean up! We were talking about all the sewing going on in the hotel rooms too…I’m just sure that the housekeeping staff is NOT happy with Quilt Fest Week!

I’ve got two lectures in Franklin this morning and this evening, followed by two days of workshops: Pineapple Blossom and Cathedral stars…and it is so beautiful here in the mountains I just love the time I am spending here!


  1. That's a glorious photo :)

  2. What a great way to live life!! Travel,quilting and good people...........Way to go Bonnie...enjoy

  3. I'm so disappointed I didn't sign up for your classes at PF this year :-( I have several friends who did, and were happy they did. And I didn't get in to the lecture, either. I hope you'll be back in two years! Darlene Zimmerman read your "How Many Quilts?" at her lecture, which I just loved! We must think alike -- my husband asked how many quilts was I going to make, anyway? I asked him that was like asking Van Gogh how many pictures was he going to make? That got his attention. And that was years ago, before I saw yours!! I've copied it (with kudos to you). Thank you!

  4. And I'm now officially homesick! Quite a contrast to what we're experiencing here in windblown New Mexico! Please continue enjoying it for those of us who can't get back for springtime in the Smokies!

  5. Add another home sick Carolina Girl to the list!
    One of the most beautiful drives I have been on was maybe 8 years ago when my parents and I went to Paducah for the Quilt show and classes and the drive home was meandering through the Smokies and environs! I took tons of photos but it was one of those you "have to be there" moments most of the time!
    Thanks for the great reminder

  6. I wish I could be there for the Cathedral Stars workshop. I am making that quilt right now! I was scared to do the star points until I got the Tri Recs rulers and learned (from you) how to use them. Makes it so much easier!

    Debbie in WV


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