Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A little bit of THIS!

Doesn’t THIS make you smile?

I know it does me…I got home from Germany and the trees that were still in “winter sleep” when I had left first for Texas, and then for Stuttgart….were just about ready to pop just a few days ago!

I know this season passes so quickly, this budding into blossoms, and then into leaves….I wish I could slow it down! I’ve watched the trees in the parking lot here at the Convention Center where the classes are in Pigeon Forge--every day, watching their progress! I won’t be home until the 20th, and I had to be told by phone that our trees were covered in pink at home! I know the pink will probably be gone by the time I get back there to see it.

pigeonforge2011 001

I just love SPRING! Bring on the longer days…let it get dark later at night! I feel like I get more done in a day when it doesn’t get dark at 5pm! I know I’m not the only one.

Bring on GRILL weather! Bring on mornings….waking to the sounds of birds chirping happily in the yard. Frogs and peepers making their own sounds down by the creek…Nights of crickets, spring rains, blooming bushes and gentle breezes.

pigeonforge2011 003

I’m ready for this winter to be LONG past! But let’s just slow down the spring part so we can enjoy more of it before it’s time to turn on the A/C and complain about the humidity crawling up beyond unbearable. It all goes to fast…every bit of it!

On Monday, when dad and I drove up through Smoky Mountain National Park….we went up and up and up…and before we knew it we were at the frost line! We had to stop and get some pics….the temp changes were THAT obvious. Below this level..things were just damp..above it..everything was completely white! It was almost eerie, in an awesome way!

pigeonforge2011 042

Here is dad, playing Japanese tourist! LOL No..actually, we were the only non-asians there at this turn out…all these “BIG” cameras, and we were trying to catch the views on our little cams.


Here’s a pic dad caught of me…can you see where the frost line starts behind me…all of a sudden the mountains are completely white!

pigeonforge2011 043

Here we go..same view…minus me In love

We drove farther up the mountain and IN to that white area, and you should have seen the trees overhead..everything was laden with frost…the sun was starting to shine through it, and the whole countryside took on an ethereal feel..

pigeonforge2011 049

Can you see that the trees are all frosted, but the ground is NOT? Is this cool or what?

pigeonforge2011 048

More Frosting. Of course, the air was colder up here….and the silence was amazing, only being broken now and then by passing cars….

We continued our way up the mountain, finally stopping at a rest area that had a lookout….

pigeonforge2011 053

can you see the mountain range in the distance..? It was a gorgeous day!

pigeonforge2011 050

I love this kind of frost….and knowing that it was this cold up at the top, with trees blooming in spring back at the bottom was so interesting! It won’t be long until all of this snow/frost is gone for good in the smokies, but it is still cold enough at night up in those higher elevations to keep things frozen for a while longer.

pigeonforge2011 052

This pic was across the road in the OTHER direction…I just love being in these mountains!

pigeonforge2011 051

Isn’t this cool? It was like a magical fantasy wonderland up there……((Even though I am really really tired of cold and snow and ice and longing for warmth…))

pigeonforge2011 044

One more of Dad in between taking photos! I have no idea whose pick up truck that is! It’s been a great week so far, and I’m glad that I have a couple more days with Dad before he heads back to AZ on Friday!


  1. beautiful frost photos - looks like you had a good visit with your dad.

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM EST

    So Pretty! My husband and I are talking about retireing in Tennessee. We have looked around Knoxville. Love the views!

  3. What gorgeous mountain/frost photos! Its amazing!!

  4. Really great photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Wow! I love it! Very very beautiful place!

  6. Beautiful photos, Bonnie! I agree, those winter scenes are gorgeous. I love the Smokie Mountains, too! Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy your time with your Dad.

    Our trees aren't blooming yet either. Just a tad big cold here.

  8. Looks like you both are having a great time...love the views! That is one of my favorite areas of the country. Still trying to talk Dh into retiring around Asheville....

  9. Magical.......nature offers such beauty everyday....... what beautiful pictures!
    of course here in pokeytown.......still feet of snow everywhere.....but I did spy some little bulbs just starting to push up through the earth....there is hope :0) of Spring to come.

    Goodness you must be so ready to get home......its been a long trip!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  10. Gosh! What beautiful pictures - I have to admit I couldn't figure out what was "in" the tree in the first one. I couldn't imagine why someone would throw a basket up there. Oh duh, Donna, it's a McDonald's sign!

  11. I wonder if you've picked up any "quilt names" during your trip in the Smokies? Sounds like you've had lots of great things going on around that something might have creeped into your scrappy mind! Sandi

  12. Beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing them and your Dad with us.

  13. Try to get your DH outside to take pictures from the trees in blossom that you'll miss when coming home again! It sounds that you do have a good time, you should just not miss out the trees at home!
    Hugs to your dad as well,
    Irene from a now dark Amsterdam

  14. Those photos are beautiful. I read a book about the Appalachian Trail (A Walk in the Woods) and although I've never been anywhere near the east coast, I have always wanted to see the beautiful area around the AT. Is the Appalachian Trail near where you were? Maybe one day I'll go on a retreat out that way. Have you thought of hosting a retreat on your home turf? If you do, sign me up. (I'll bet we can talk Subee in to coming as well!)

  15. We have a couple of those pink blossom trees in our yard and they smell divine! If there's not a lot of wind, the blossoms stay on pretty well and you should be able to see and smell them when you get home! Thanks for sharing your roadtrip with us...wonderful pictures!

  16. Awesome pictures. The frost on the trees is just beautiful. I am with you though.... ready to be done with snow,, ice, frost, cold!
    Enjoy your dad for a couple more days.

  17. Great photos! Your dad looks so young!

  18. These pics of the Smoky's in frost are beautiful!

    What did your dad think of the quilt classes? Did he sit in? Did he try sewing? Did he enjoy being surrounded by women? (I know my dad would have loved every minute of THAT!)

  19. I live about 15 miles away from the highest peak in Arkansas and I experienced this exact thing seven or eight years ago. But the wondrous sight is etched firmly in my mind.

  20. Amazing beauty! Enjoy your days together!

  21. Love the AWESOMES views, never been there. Your photos are so great.


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